Season 4

71 :04x01 - Scarlet Ribbons

In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick Jane must prove that the man he shot really was Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon urges Van Pelt to seek counseling in the aftermath of the death of her fiance.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Gaston as Gale Bertram | Ken Lerner as Judge Benford | Nicki Micheaux as Det. Miller | Kate Norby as Sally Carter | David Noroña as Osvaldo Ardiles (DA) | Richard Portnow as Phil | Valente Rodriguez as Frank Lopez | Daniel Roebuck as Det. Wade | Catherine Combs as Debbi Lupin | Jim Jansen as Reverend Farley | Kim Robillard as Mall Security Guard |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Bullock as Jury Forewoman | Joey Diaz as Gangster | Faran Fonté as Forensics Tech | Karen Levine as Waitress | Bill H. McKenzie as Building Manager | Caroline Williams (1) as Joan
Director: Charles Beeson
Writer: Bruno Heller

72 :04x02 - Little Red Book

With Lisbon suspended and the rest of the team reassigned, Jane is reinstated as a CBI consultant and forced to work with a new team. During the investigation, Jane conspires to bring his former team back together.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Reed Diamond as CBI Agent Ray Haffner |
Guest Stars: Joshua Biton as CBI Agent Rick Tork | Matt Bushell as Mike Villanueva | Omar J. Dorsey as CBI Agent Anthony Niskin | Michael Gaston as Gale Bertram | Allison McAtee as Jocelyn Chapin | Rick Peters as CBI Agent Ed Masterson | Annie Tedesco as Ann-Marie | Vernee Watson-Johnson as therapist | Alicia Witt as Rosalind Harker | Pruitt Taylor Vince as J.J. LaRoche |
Co-Guest Stars: Carolyn Barnes as woman | Gregory Zarian as man |
Uncredited: Bradley Whitford as Red John
Director: Eric Laneuville

73 :04x03 - Pretty Red Balloon

When the son of a former client from Jane's days as a psychic is kidnapped, Jane and the CBI team are asked to help find him. Meanwhile, Jane butts heads with his former client's new "spiritual advisor."

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: David Bowe as Brady Walton | Todd Grinnell as Jonathan Flint | Brian McNamara (2) as Deke Hutton | J.D. Walsh as Nathan Glass | Kelli Williams as Elizabeth Flint |
Co-Guest Stars: Mercedes Colon as Caroline Cabrera | Miles Elliot as Conner Flint | Jake Martin as Barry Mills | Diana Morgan as TV reporter
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Ashley Gable

74 :04x04 - Ring Around the Rosie

Jane notices a suspicious-looking man carrying a gun at a political rally and sets out to prove he's a psychopath on the brink of committing murder. Meanwhile, Lisbon investigates the death of a photographer at the same rally.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dorie Barton as Linda Tibbs | Michael Rady as Special Agent Luther Wainwright | Jake Richardson as Mike Flynn | Henry G. Sanders as Willie Shubert | Elizabeth Daily as Rusty (as E.G. Daily) | Jerry Kernion as Manager | Christian Camargo as Henry Tibbs |
Co-Guest Stars: Vianessa Castanos as young woman | Stacy Highsmith as receptionist | Alan Pietruszewski as polo shirt guy
Director: Chris Long

75 :04x05 - Blood and Sand

When a body washes up on an island off the coast of California the team is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Rigsby has started dating a public defender and worries if that may make it awkward between him and Van Pelt.
Guest Stars: Jillian Bach as Sarah Harrigan | Mary-Pat Green as bureaucrat (social services) | Alex Hyde-White as Peter Upchurch | Debra Mooney as Lydia Bibb | Dwain Murphy as Dennis Kagan | Steve Rankin as Jed Stack | Jonathan Schmock as William Gardner | Zack Ward as Whit Naylor | Wade Williams as Jack LaFleur |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Peck as cowhand
Director: John Polson

76 :04x06 - Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien

When the CBI team travels to a resort town to find out who murdered a police chief, Lisbon crosses paths with her brother Tommy, now a bounty hunter, who's tracking a bail jumper.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Fernanda Andrade as Sofia Chavez | Malcolm Barrett as Officer Price | Joel Brooks as Don Hendricks | Daniel Hugh Kelly as Philip Carmichael | John-Paul Lavoisier as Chad Carmichael | Madison McLaughlin as Annabeth Lisbon | Alyson Reed as Jori Kasser | Carlo Rota as Dimitri Zubov | Henry Thomas as Tommy Lisbon |
Co-Guest Stars: Todd Eric Andrews as Carmine O'Brien | Christiann Castellanos as masseuse | John Troy Donovan as CBI Ron | Claudia Wells as Chief Marnie Green
Director: Bobby Roth

77 :04x07 - Blinking Red Light

The search for a serial killer hits close to home for Jane when he encounters a blogger who has devoted his life to finding the killer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Catherine Dent as FBI Agent Susan Darcy | William Mapother as Richard Haibach | Missi Pyle as Karen Cross | Michael Rady as Special Agent Luther Wainwright | David Carey Foster as Tom Maier | Ely Pouget as Teri Maier | Paul Willson as Paul Jenkins | David Paymer as James Panzer |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelsi Cullimore as Molly Maier | Tony Winters as Producer
Director: Simon Baker
Writer: Ken Woodruff

78 :04x08 - Pink Tops

In order to find the killer of an undercover narcotics cop, Jane and the CBI team retrace her investigation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Stephen Bishop (1) as Try Holcombe | Wilmer Calderon as Lalo Concepcion | Kamar de los Reyes as Omar Vega | Cullen Douglas as Vince Candide | Victoria Platt as Officer Bianca Trotter | Gina Rodriguez as Elvia | Dean Norris as Sgt. Don Henderson |
Co-Guest Stars: Natalia Castellanos as Yoli Concepcion | Paul Clausen as Man | Tony Ervolina as Mike | Scott Victor Nelson as Bartender | Scott L. Schwartz as Huge Bouncer
Director: Tom Verica
Songs: Nenna Yvonne -- Go Around

79 :04x09 - The Redshirt

Jane and the CBI investigate when a retired NFL star quarterback is presumed dead after his car blows up. Meanwhile, while preparing for a court case, Rigsby and Harrigan take their relationship to the next level.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Special Agent Luther Wainwright | Jillian Bach as Sarah Harrigan | Craig Bierko as Doc Dugan | John Eric Bentley as Steve Penn | Christopher Gartin as Alex Sodko | Ashley Williams as Anna Dugan | Emilio Rivera as Horner | Ray Laska as Arnold Green | Chris Owen as Nick aka Megafan | Russ Hunt as Jake Stewart | Kristen Kerr (1) as Marie St. Claire | Keith Adams (1) as Hawker | Craig Tsuyumine as Newscaster | Sarah Karges as Hottie | Valerie Wilman as Sheryl Stewart
Director: Eric Laneuville

80 :04x10 - Fugue in Red

During the search for a firefighter’s killer, Jane is attacked and nearly drowned, resulting in a temporary loss of his memory and a return to his pre-CBI con man persona.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mitchell as Tom Wilcox | Stacy Haiduk as Cynthia Satterfield | Josh Coxx as Paul Satterfield | Kelly McNair as Kim Wilcox | Rachel Eggleston as Lulu Wilcox | Edwin Hodge as Toby Rawlins | Mike Peebler as Ross Smead | Myk Watford as Cole Larkin | Doug Olear as Jeff Kirkman | John Frazier (1) as Uniformed cop | Charles Parnell as Captain Cutright | Jay Jackson as News Anchor | Meredith Giangrande as Hot Girl | David Naughton as Neurologist | Susannah Hillard as Believer | Angela Rachelle as Tamara
Director: Randall Zisk

81 :04x11 - Always Bet on Red

Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of a high-end divorce attorney, with many enemies, after he is killed on his speed boat. Meanwhile, Agent Darcy questions Jane about Red John's involvement in Panzer's murder.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Heather Mazur as Colette Santori | Catherine Dent as FBI Agent Susan Darcy | Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Don Franklin as Larry Dersh | Rudolf Martin as Brock Marx | Ely Pouget as Teri Maier | David Carey Foster as Tom Maier | Andrew Borba as Inspector Bobby Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Geoffrey Wade as Minister | Jeff L. Williams as Alton Creek | Bubba Ganter as Bouncer #2 | James Wellington as Stickman | Peter Hill (2) as Morgue Attendant
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Ashley Gable

82 :04x12 - My Bloody Valentine

With very little evidence, Jane and the CBI investigate the death of a mob boss’ son. Meanwhile, while taking an eyewitness in for questioning, Van Pelt is haunted by the memories of O’Laughlin’s shooting.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Special Agent Luther Wain | Eric Winter as Agent Craig O’Laughlin | Kristy Wu as Janpen | Joaquim de Almeida as Gabriel Porchetto | Matt Battaglia as Curtis Nett | Bree Turner as Iris Porchetto | Jeffrey Licon as Sergio Porchetto | Michael Reilly Burke as Andrew Kellogg | Jillian Bach as Sarah Harrigan | Luis Moncada as Luis Osorio | Randy J. Goodwin as Agent Bernie Westeroff | Ronnie Gene Blevins as Ellwood Spiller | Bob Rumnock as Doctor | Scott Connors as Gabriel Porchetto Jr.
Director: Elodie Keene

83 :04x13 - Red Is The New Black

Jane and the CBI narrow down the list of suspects after a disgraced clothing designer on the verge of a comeback becomes a fashion victim. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Darcy continues her investigation into finding Red John.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Catherine Dent as FBI Agent Susan Darcy | Michael Rady as Special Agent Luther Wainwright | Alicia Witt as Rosalind Harker | Lawrence B. Adisa as Morgue Attendant | Becky O'Donohue as Sasha | Cosimo Fusco as Guy Duval | Iddo Goldberg as Tony Redgrave | Sarah Desage as Jacqueline | Andrew Pifko as Wyck Theissens | Griffin Matthews as Rafe | Van Hansis as Derek | Riley Voelkel as Tristan | Nick Jaine as Hotel Clerk | Roberto Urbina as Junior Acosta | Joseph Kung as Asian guy | Yuji Okumoto as Mr. Liu
Director: Tom Verica

84 :04x14 - At First Blush

While a jury deliberates the guilt or innocence of a defendant on trial for murder, Jane tries to prove she has been wrongfully accused before time runs out. Meanwhile, Summer may have gone too far when she helps Cho make a case against a suspect.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Samaire Armstrong as Summer | David Noroña as Osvaldo Ardiles (ADA) | Bonnie Somerville as Eve Mulberry | Ian Kahn as Peter Mulberry | Diane Farr as Amy Barron | Carrie Wiita as Gretchen Zahn | James Frain as Terry Murphy | Robert Clotworthy as Rudolph Pulaski | Sara Botsford as Judge Isley Markman | Michael Kagan as Patrick Offit | Nicole J. Butler as Bailiff | Kathryn Joosten as Gloria Williams | Carlos Sanz as Det. Dan Silva | Victor Alfieri as Carlos Ruiz | Rick Chambers as Reporter #1 | Diane Mizota as Reporter #2
Director: Roxann Dawson

85 :04x15 - War of the Roses

When a charity worker is killed, Jane has Erica Flynn, a murderer he helped imprison, furloughed in exchange for information she claims to have about the case. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Sarah try to adjust to impending parenthood.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Luthor Wainwright | Morena Baccarin as Erica Flynn | Jillian Bach as Sarah Harrigan | Joe Spano as Greg Relin | Ian Bohen as Richard Eldridge | Felix Ryan as Trent Matthews | Michael Arden as Evan Kress | Greg Serano as Dion Warren | Marisa Ramirez as Sharon Vasquez | Susan Slome as Atoosa | Robert Catrini as Warden Haines |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Garver as Natalie Gibecki | Jay Pickett as Cuffed lawyer | Joe Gerety as Officer Hopkins | Joe Thornton, Jr. as Correction officer | Sean McClay as Agent McClay | John Troy Donovan as CBI Ron | Kent Schocknek as Newscaster
Director: Geary McLeod
Writer: Ken Woodruff

86 :04x16 - His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

Jane is reunited with his former nemesis, cult leader Bret Stiles, when the head of an anti-cult activist organization is murdered.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Malcolm McDowell as Bret Stiles | Louise Lombard as Dean Nora Hill | Robert Picardo as Jason Cooper | John Haymes Newton as Charles Leben (as John Newton) | Eric Steinberg as Jon Mushashi | Caitlin Custer as Jessie Meadows | Bob McCracken as Randal Parker | Eli Goodman as Frank Bisping | Jorge Pallo as Officer Downs | Elaine Loh as Devlin | Jeanne Syquia as Rose | John Zderko as Inner Circle Member | Dasha Flynn as Visualize Member | Darla Delgado as Uniformed Officer | Jake Olson as Gabe Meadows
Director: Charles Beeson

87 :04x17 - Cheap Burgundy

Jane suspects that Agent Susan Darcy has ulterior motives when she asks for his help with a homicide investigation. Meanwhile, the CBI team handles the murder of a young woman who was killed after meeting someone in an online chat room.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Catherine Dent as FBI Agent Susan Darcy | Michael Rady as Luthor Wainwright | Craig Sheffer as Gary Philo | Brad Beyer as Ranger Sam Franklin | Roxanne Hart as Shirley Bauer | Perry King as Greg Bauer | Jonathan Chase as Sandy Bauer | Gino Anthony Pesi as James Barca | Marcos De La Cruz as Manny Barca | Melissa Marsala as Lila Barca | Kelly Frye as Kati Bauer | Diane Witter as Waitress | Stephanie Ittleson as Martha Daniels
Director: Bruno Heller
Writer: Bruno Heller

88 :04x18 - Ruddy Cheeks

Jane and the CBI try to narrow down the list of suspects when a terminally ill man is found murdered. Meanwhile, Cho is forced to face his demons.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Stephanie Erb as Betsy Firth | August Emerson as Aden Braddock | Rebecca McFarland as Helen Braddock | Haley Ramm as Liesl Braddock | Richard Cox (1) as Brother Josef | Randa Walker as Wilma | Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Amy Midler as Dr. Leopold Scheck | Bruce Kenny as Archer Braddock | Marlan Clarke as Frail Woman | Catherine Brockett as Delilah
Director: Eric Laneuville

89 :04x19 - Pink Champagne on Ice

While investigating the murder of a casino employee, Jane runs into a stage magician he used to tour with during his time as a mentalist and discovers he is hiding a shocking secret.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andrew Rothenberg as Jack Hellion | Jackie Debatin as Trish | Christopher Backus as Vincent | Christopher Judge as Dante Holmes | Jay Acovone as Nicky Shaw | Rachel Perry as Holly Danvers | Rodney Rowland as Bartender | Marianne Muellerleile as Manager’s wife | E.E. Bell as Manager | Paul Haber as Cook | Niko Nicotera as Skiddy

90 :04x20 - Something's Rotten in Redmund

Jane and the CBI try to determine who would have reason to kill a popular English teacher. Meanwhile, Cho and Summer hide their relationship from Lisbon, and Rigsby gets a special delivery.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Emily Bergl as Ms. Marina Austin | Tom Maden as Billy Ryan | David DeLuise as Mr. Ed Loeland | Matt McCoy as Principal Snyder | Kristina Apgar as Lindy Hayes | Vincent Martella as Martin Klubock | Sophie Kargman as Rachel Freeman | Augie Duke as Krista | Ciera Payton as Angel | Kent Avenido as Luis | Emma Jacobson-sive as Rude mother | Jennifer Echols as Principal’s secretary | Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Lincoln Castellanos as Jeremiah | Mark Horatio as Mark Daughtery | Eric Isenhower as Marcellus
Director: Guy Ferland

91 :04x21 - Ruby Slippers

Jane and the CBI try to find the killer of a man found outside a cabaret featuring female impersonators. During the investigation they discover a list of suspects, all of whom bullied the victim.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Carlton Wilborn as Glennda | William R. Moses as Archie Sr. | Don McManus (1) as Gabriel Lamb | Wilke Martin Itzin as Rick Hughes | Shawn Ryan as Unknown | Brian Treitler as Fritta People | Candice Afia as Katie | Hillary Tuck as Kelly | Damien Leake as High Powered Attorney | David Aranovich as Low Powered Attorney | Jeremy Guskin as Pizza Delivery Man | D.J. Pierce as Shangela | Nicholas Grava as Archie Jr. | Penny Peyser as Female Lawyer | Steve Humphreys as Stage Manager | Adam Christy as Brave Student
Director: Kevin Hooks

92 :04x22 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper

While investigating the murder of a surfer, Lisbon reconnects with her former fiancé, Kenny Johnson, who she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Also, Cho questions his decision to be in a relationship with Summer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Samaire Armstrong as Summer | Brendan McCarthy (1) as Lance Gladstone | Claire Rankin as Greta Marshall | Kenny Johnson as Greg Tayback | Tim De Zarn as Arkin Shea | Brett Rice as Chief Burt Anson | Brighid Fleming as Lauren Tayback | Keram Malicki-Sanchez as Tookie Burroughs | Max Van Ville as Jeeter James | Stephanie Nicole Lemelin as Vicki Lang | Preston Jones as Tark Mitchum | Racheal Seymour as Uni #1 | Roy Joaquin as Uni #2
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Ashley Gable

93 :04x23 - Red Rover, Red Rover

On the eighth anniversary of his wife and daughter’s death, Jane receives a message from Red John, causing Jane to lose focus on his current case and put the investigation and his career at the CBI in jeopardy.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Luthor Wainwright | Catherine Dent as Susan Darcy | Aaron Lohr as Benjamin Marx | Ray Wise as Dennis Victor | David Furr as Ian Breitler | Amanda Schull as Marcy Victor | Dave Baez as Antonio Castro | Emma Rayne Lyle as Hailey | David Kaufman as Gary Wineman | Jennifer Rhodes as Wealthy woman | Scott Hoxby as Wealthy older man | Candice Candelori as Maitre’d
Director: John Showalter

94 :04x24 - The Crimson Hat

After another failed attempt to defeat Red John, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) hits rock bottom, finds a lover and shoots one of his own.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rady as Luthor Wainwright | Catherine Dent as Agent Susan Darcy | Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lorelei Martins | Rob Roy Fitzgerald as Captain Rupert | Sonia Jackson as Bean | JoNell Kennedy as Pat the Coroner | Exie Booker as Corrections Officer | Ramon Camacho as Manfreddo | Joseph Lyle Taylor as Oscar | Elaine Mani Lee as Morgue Attendant | Stephanie Simmons as Newscaster | Noel Gugliemi as Kevin Cintron
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Bruno Heller
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2008
Ended: February 18, 2015
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