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Red Sky at Night - Recap

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Agent Jane was pouring himself a cup of tea when he got the news from Lisbon about the abduction of a high profile lawyer named Henry Dublin and the murder of his chaffuer, Pete Russo, in an alley in Sacramento. A million dollars was demanded for Dublin's release, details given as to where and when the money should be dropped. Jane did not want to take the case, but since Agent Hightower asked Lisbon to persuade him to do so, Lisbon agreed to it. Lisbon asked Jane to do her the favor of meeting someone and he said he would. Together, the agents drove to a modest house in the suburbs where Lisbon introduced Jane to Patricia, Dublin's ex wife, their teen age daughter, Patricia, and Patricia's husband, Keith. Jane asked questions of Patricia about Dublin, but nothing conclusive was discovered. Jane sympathized with the two women about the loss of their ex husband and father. Nadine said she missed him but had not seen much of him in the last two years.

At Dublin's mansion, current wife and now widow Marjorie Dublin was dressed in a skimpy tight low cut dress and heels which Agent Cho noticed while trying to talk to her, calm her hysterical crying, but she refused to be comforted. Cho said he was assigned to her until the investigation was over and her husband had been found, to keep her safe. She could not seem to stop crying and rushed upstairs to change and repair her makeup. When Jane came to the house to talk with Cho, enquiring about Marjorie's condition, Cho said all she did was cry and run upstairs to put on more makeup. Jane's eyebrows shot up as she came downstairs and began to cry in front of the agents. Jane saw through her fakery and told her to stop crying, that he didn't think she really missed her husband, that she didn't even love him. Immediately she stopped crying and said Jane was correct, that she hoped not to see Dublin again any time soon. She did not know how she was to raise a million dollars by tomorrow, though. Jane said that the jewelry she was wearing were easily worth a half million and that he thought she could scare it up. She did just that and the money containing the money was taken to a city park, put in the designated trash bin

Agents were planted in disguise all around the park as they waited for the allotted time to arrive, two hours hence. Jane and Lisbon stood on the concrete ramparts of a nearby pedestrian bridge, chatting and keeping an eye on the trash container. Jane was impatient and couldn't seem to wait for the allotted hour to arrive, so he jumped over the low concrete wall and sprinted toward the trash container holding the money. He pulled the bag out and was going to examine the money when city police burst out of hiding and with guns drawn, grabbed him and handcuffed him. He identified himself as agents Lisbon and Rigsby thundered down to him. He was released into their custody as he mentioned that this was a bust!

As usual, Director Bertram was anxious to have Jane solve this crime, notwithstanding the face that he had a lawsuit, amongst seven pending lawsuits, pending against lawyer Dublin. Bertram's lawsuit dealt with land and water rights concerning a parcel of land that the man owned. Would Dublin be found? Jane said he thought the man was dead, Lisbon disagreed. The two agents went to Dublin's office where Marjorie, a doe-eyed blond and personal secretary to Dublin, insisted that Dublin did not have any enemies. Jane told her that it must be tough to love someone who couldn't love you back,that he knew Marjorie was in love with the lawyer, though she denied it. When pressed by Jane, Marjorie did admit that every two weeks, Dublin, with his chauffeur, Pete Russo, would disappear for an hour or two, she unable to raise him via cell phone. Jane said that since the alley where Dublin had been abducted from was a favorite prostitute haunt, that most likely the lawyer had hired one for the hour or two he seemingly vanished.

Agent Rigsby and Lisbon went to the alley and found a prostitute named Sugar, complete with hot pink wig and heels, who admitted that she had seen Dublin kidnapped that night and Russo killed. She gave a brief description of it and said she knew nothing else. She was released. Jane had a hunch about Patricia's husband though.

That night he parked by Keith's house, Patricia's present husband, watching it. While there, he got a call from Lisbon and two minutes later, she knocked on his car window, smiling. She said that herself and several other agents were in a dark van just down the street, watching the house also. Jane said, the more, the merrier. As dawn came, Keith drove off in his truck, agents following. He drove into the hills and got out, walking into the trees. As the agents watched hidden, Keith dug up Dublin's body and using a pair of pliers, tore a tooth from the body's head, the tooth purported to have a valuable diamond hidden within. The agents approached Keith with drawn guns and he was arrested and handcuffed. He admitted to killing Dublin as he recounted an incident two months earlier. His step daughter, Nadine, Dublin's daughter, had begun smoking, drinking,, leaving the house late at night. Keith had tried to reason with the girl, but nothing worked. He called Dublin to get his input and the man showed up at Keith's house, insulting him, striking him in the face, getting into a fight with Keith. Keith could not forgive being insulted in front of his wife and stepdaughter and planned revenge. He set up the so-called abduction and taking Dublin into the hills, killed him and buried his body. He had not meant to kill the chauffeur.

Keith was taken to jail pending a trial. Lisbon and Hightower complimented Jane on a job well done.