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Red Hot - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon and Jane arriving at the Bajoran Helicopter Company. Lisbon tells Jane that the Director called her at 4.30 in the morning and asked her to handle it personally. Just then Garth Drucker, the CEO’s head of security arrives and greets them. He tells them that his boss, Uri Bajoran got a call around midnight telling him that he would be killed in the next 24 hours. Bajoran didn’t want the police involved. Jane figures out that someone rich and powerful had pulled some strings to get them here. Just then Walter Mashburn, the billionaire arrives. It appears that he is buying over Uri’s company and did not want him to die before that.

They meet Uri. He says that he isn’t worried about the threat but Jane does not believe that. In fact, Jane draws certain inferences about Uri, showing off his skills and Walter is impressed. He figures out that Uri is some ex-KGB and Walter and Uri don’t like each other. Uri asks Walter to come into his office to sign the papers. Walter follows him, but comes out to talk to Lisbon. Just then the office explodes behind him; knocking the three of them to the ground. Next, the cops and the med team are at the scene. Rigsby tells Lisbon that there was a giant bomb under the conference table. There are enough remains found that can be used to ID Uri and Drucker.

Had Walter been in the room, he would have been killed as well; flirting with Lisbon saved him. Jane says that Walter hated Uri; just enough to kill him! At the office, Lisbon talks to Walter. He tells her that he didn’t need to kill Uri; he had destroyed him by taking over his flagship. But he died before signing the contract. He hated him so much that he wanted him alive. It also appears that Walter had been engaged to Marie, before she married Uri. Next, Jane and Cho talk to Marie. She tells them that people have a different opinion about Uri; but he was a loving person. Jane excuses himself, to go to the washroom, but instead he snoops around a bit.

He goes to the bedroom; everything is rich and there is a giant portrait of Marie and Uri together. In the wardrobe, he finds a collection of Bajoran’s toupee; but a couple of them are missing. Just then a maid arrives and Jane leaves. Meanwhile, Marie tells Cho that Walter tricked Uri by getting Markam Shankar, a software wiz to secretly buy shares so that he could take over the company. At the office, Grace is unable to find much info about Shankar. Lisbon states that Shankar feels that Bajoran cheated him out of $6 million a couple of years ago. She then tells Jane to hand over the toupee that he had flicked from the wardrobe; the maid called. Jane tosses it over to Lisbon. Grace then finds out that Shankar lives in a country club when he is in town.

Lisbon and Jane arrive at the Chapparal Glen. But the doorman doesn’t let them in without a warrant. Just then Walter arrives. Jane had called him; he is a member there. Walter tells them that Shankar is obsessed with celebrity deaths and has an extensive collection of death memorabilia. As they are taking a walk, shots are fired and Lisbon fires back. At the office, Rigsby tells Lisbon that there is no info about the sniper; even the dogs couldn’t pick any trail. Jane infers that maybe no one wanted to kill Uri; the real target is Walter. Jane borrows Walter’s “fancy credit card” to find Shankar. Lisbon wants to know if there was any reason that Shankar would be angry with Walter.

Walter admits that Shankar must have thought that he would be getting shares from Uri’s company and might be mad at him. Walter finds a bullet hole in Lisbon’s collar and he realizes with shock that the shot was really close. Next, Jane is at an auction. Rigsby finds out that Shankar has a yacht and it is set to sail tonight. Grace tells Lisbon that there is a possible suspect Walter forgot to mention; his ex-girlfriend, Elsa, a German supermodel. She was angry at Walter on their breakup that happened two months ago. Lisbon asks Grace to talk to Elsa. Cho is assigned for Walter’s protection. Walter isn’t allowed to go out much. Just then Jane calls and tells Walter that he should throw a party tonight.

He wants him to get the word out that he is celebrating. Jane disconnects the call and starts bidding; he seems to be at war with a blonde in a red dress. She walks up to him and asks him who he is representing. Jane tells her that he is bidding for Walter and he wins the bid for $260,000. At the office, Grace is looking at the stories about Walter and Elsa. Grace arrives and tells Lisbon that she had gone to Elsa’s house and she found a picture of Walter in her bedroom which has “I will kill you” written all over it. Lisbon wonders why Walter didn’t mention Elsa as a possible threat. Lisbon arrives at Walter’s house and she finds that he party is in full effect. Walter wonders about the wrapped object in his lawn.

Jane tells him that they are the fragments of the Porsche Spyder, James Dean died in. He congratulates Walter for having bought it. Just then Shankar busts in and he is angry at Walter for outbidding him. Jane tells him that it was he who did that to lure him in as he was too difficult to track down. Lisbon wants to talk to him and Jane announces Lisbon as Walter’s new girlfriend. Jane and Cho talk to Shankar. Cho asks him about the rifles Shankar owns and also his tiff with Uri. But Jane asks him whether he had an affair with Marie. Shankar tells him that he enjoys luring other men’s wives; but Uri and Marie were madly in love. Next, Walter and Lisbon are having a talk and he leans to kiss her. Just then they are interrupted by a blonde carrying a knife and rushing towards him, saying something in German.

Walter blocks the knife and Lisbon cuffs her and takes her away. At the office, Elsa tells them that she would never hurt Walter. She actually wanted to kill Lisbon for trying to kiss Walter. She does not co-operate with Lisbon. Jane then tries to talk to Elsa and acknowledges the fact that Elsa tries to protect Walter from women like Lisbon. He knows that she documents his protection. He wants to check her cell phone. Rigsby finds over 300 photos of Walter on Elsa’s phone. They come across a photo in which Walter is having a drink with Drucker. Lisbon wonders what Drucker is doing with his boss’ arch enemy. Next, Lisbon tells Jane about the $50,000 Drucker received every month from Walter. It also appears that Walter was in Uri’s company a few days ago; Drucker let him in.

But Walter had told them that he had never been to Uri’s company. Lisbon now suspects Walter behind Uri’s murder. But Jane feels that Walter wouldn’t let the sniper so close to Lisbon; at least he believes that. Next, they talk to Marie. They ask her if Walter was jealous of Uri as she had broken his heart. But she doesn’t think that Walter could have been involved with the bombing. Jane has a plan; he wants Marie to confront Walter and get him to confess. Lisbon leaves saying that she is going to talk to him first. She arrives at Walter’s and Walter is talking to Shankar. He is ready to give away the Spyder fragments to him. She asks him about Drucker and he tells her that it was industrial espionage. She tells him that if he has killed Uri then it is just a matter of time and they will have enough proof to arrest him.

Jane arrives with Marie. He goes in to talk to Walter. Minutes later, they hear Jane calling for help. We see that Walter id driving away and Jane is hanging on to his car. Walter then punches Jane in his face and drives away. At the office, they show Marie a note they found in Walter’s car. It seems to be some sort of an address. Later we see that it is he address to an airplane hangar. We then see a man walking up to the airplane with a gun in his hand. It has a silencer. It is Uri! Another man is walking on the other side of the plane holding a bag. He tells Walter to turn around. But just then Lisbon points her gun at Uri’s back.

The man with the bag is Rigsby and Jane comes out of the plane. Uri realizes that Jane staged all this to lure him out. They realize that Uri’s ego could not stand Walter’s victory and so he planted the bomb to kill Drucker and Walter and leave with Marie. But calling the CBI about the fake death threat screwed his plans. Flash back to the day when the bomb exploded; Uri had planted his blood under the table and set the timer for the bomb. He then left the room. But Walter stepped out to flirt with Lisbon. Uri wants to know how Jane knew that he is alive. Later, we see Jane explaining to Walter that out of five, only two toupees were there in the wardrobe, which means that apart from the one he is wearing, he had packed two of them.

Jane thanks Walter for his help. Next, they find Marie at the Canadian border. They bring her to Lisbon, but Lisbon isn’t in the office. She is getting dressed in a hotel room while Walter is lying on the bed. He is flying off to Europe. She kisses him goodbye. He says that he can’t believe that he is a one night stand for Dirty Harry. Lisbon leaves the room. The episode ends.