Bloodsport - Recap

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The episode begins at a Mixed Martial Arts fight in Oakland. Rigsby is watching from the crowd with a date, who is super into it, cheering for one guy. Under the stage, a worker finds blood on the floor. She follows the trail to a locker where she finds a woman's body inside; dead. She screams. Later, the team arrives at the scene. The victim’s name is Charlotte Mitchell and she is a book writer. Lisbon tells Rigsby to question all the possible people present at the venue during the match. Jane stares at the promoter, Leonard Artash, as he tells them that Mitchell was writing about his fighter Manny Flaco. It appears that Mitchell was shot sometime in the middle of the fight. The promoter then asks Jane as to why he is staring at him.

Jane apologizes and tells him that his mind was elsewhere. He thinks her death had something to do with the fight as there are no signs of robbery or sexual assault. Upstairs, they talk to Manny the fighter, who seems genuinely upset at the news. His wife Bea and trainer Lima listen in and they don’t seem to be too happy with Jane’s questions. Jane then goes to talk to the losing fighter, Roddy Merriman. Merriman is in a bad mood. He claims Flaco had the ref in his pocket. Jane tells him about the murder and he asks him whether Charlotte was raped as well as she was hot. "Either you're a genius manipulator complicit in the case, or you're a dimly-lit clown," Jane says. "Which is it?"And then he runs.

Back at CBI, Grace arrives with the ballistics and it seems that the gun used on Charlotte was also used in a 2001 murder committed by Joe Reyes who just got out of prison for the crime. Lisbon asks Grace to take Rigsby and talk to Joe Reyes. Meanwhile, Rigsby is interviewed by J. J. La Roche. It was regarding the murder of Todd Johnson in the CBI custody. La Roche knows that Rigsby was in the arson division and that he can handle complex fire systems. Rigsby is uncomfortable when La Roche brings up his dad Stephen Michael Rigsby, who was part of the Iron Gods Motorcycle gang. He has a long rap sheet, including manslaughter. Rigsby says he doesn't know where his dad is. Lisbon busts in, upset that La Roche didn't inform her he was talking to one of her people. Rigsby and Grace visit a church led by ex-con Joe Reyes.

He says he gave the gun to a woman he knew back then, Dawn May, but he hasn't seen her since. He says he's turned a corner and found religion. Lisbon and Jane visit Charlotte's dad, Tom. Jane looks at her journalism awards. Lisbon's getting Tom water when he collapses due to heart attack. At the office, Jane watches video of the MMA fight. Lisbon says Charlotte's notes say she was looking at a fight fixing angle. They go talk to Flaco's fight promoter Artash. He's closing a deal for Manny to fight for the title in six months. He denies fixing happens and says Merriman wouldn't take a dive because he's too stubborn. Jane finds Floyd Benton, a former fighter, watching a fighter sparring.he realizes that Jane is a cop and he is also aware of the murder.

Benton says there's more to Manny Flaco that meets the eye; a vibe. Next, Cho and Rigsby find Reyes' old girlfriend Dawn. She is now a crossing guard. She says that she gave the gun to her cousin Bobby, but he died in Iraq. Rigsby is interrupted by La Roche calling to talk more. In the office, La Roche tells him that he has the call records of 2008 where there have been six calls made between Rigsby and his father. Rigsby says he forgot his dad called for help with a parole officer and he forgot about it. He storms out of the room. Grace tells Lisbon that Charlotte was in the arena an hour before the fight; this makes Falco and Merriman suspects too. Lisbon has the fighters brought in. Merriman accuses Flaco of using plaster in his gloves. Jane provokes them and a brawl breaks out.

Rigsby interrogates Lima and he tells Rigsby that Merriman did not get what he wanted from Charlotte. Cho interviews Merriman, who claims "bitches like to get slapped." He admits Charlotte rejected him. He says that Flaco was sleeping with Charlotte. Lisbon meets with Manny and Bea Flaco. He says he wasn't sleeping with Charlotte, but Bea says he was. In fact, she begins to list all the affairs he has had. She says she was backstage during the fight. They leave but then she stops and says that Charlotte was going to write about Floyd Benton doping his young fighters. Lisbon asks Benton about it, and he admits it, but he doesn't think it's a big deal. Jane reads through Charlotte's notebooks.

Joe Reyes comes in to the office and tells Rigsby he lied and has seen Dawn lately. He says Dawn didn't give the gun to Bobby. Rigsby and Cho go talk to a guy, Frank Lopez, who Dawn gave the gun to. He says he lost it four years ago at a club called Narcissus. He has an alibi. La Roche calls Cho and wants to meet him. Rigsby confesses about the call from his dad and also adds that he offered an alibi for him, and said Cho was there, too. Cho says he has never lied to another cop and won't lie for Rigsby. Jane watches a video of Artash, who talks about how he went from owning a few parking lots and night clubs to being a fight promoter. Jane scribbles in Charlotte's notebook. Jane and Lisbon go talk to Artash. Jane questions Artash about his Armenian background; Benton is also present.

He shows them some code in Charlotte's notebook and says he doesn't know what it says but thinks her dad will when he wakes up in the hospital. Cho meets with La Roche, who asks about his Ranger Special Forces back ground. He shows Cho Rigsby’s affidavit about giving his dad an alibi. Cho listens as La Roche asks him to confirm Rigsby's story. He says he was there. He clenches his fists as he says it. La Roche wants details, but Cho has none, saying only that he'll swear to it. Cho tells Rigsby what he said. Just then Lisbon comes to take them to the hospital. They team stakes out Tom's room and watches as Joe Reyes arrives. Cho and Rigsby take him away.

Later, Flaco's trainer Lima sneaks into Tom's room, holding a pillow. But when he pulls back the curtain he sees a dummy in the bed and Jane and Lisbon are waiting for him. Lisbon finds a gun on him, the same gun that was used to kill Charlotte. Jane tells Lima that Charlotte died because she discovered a secret. Later, Jane and Lisbon give Tom the notebooks back. In the gym, Artash asks why Lima did it. Jane asks the name of his night club: Narcissus; where the gun was lost. They arrest him. Back in the office, Lisbon meets with the Flacos.

She tells them Lima and Artash faked a blood test for him a year ago. It showed cranial bleeding and spinal leakage. Cut to Charlotte calling Artash and telling him Flaco could die unless he stops the fight. Artash tells Lima they have a problem. Lima confronts Charlotte and he shoots her. Next, Rigsby walks up to Cho and says only "thank you" and Jane hears it. The episode ends.