Bloodstream - Recap

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The episode begins at Mount Stantz Golf and Country club, which is the crime scene and the victim, is Micah Newton. Lisbon and Jane arrive at the scene. Jane checks his bag and looking at it contents he infers that Newton is a doctor. Just then La Roche arrives; he is looking for Hightower. Cho reports the victim was a doctor. He had a radiation badge to measure his exposure. La Roche talks to Lisbon and thinks that she is disinterested in his investigation. Lisbon is irritated and she tells him that the moment Hightower’s replacement is announced; she will put in a request to keep La Roche away from her.

That moment La Roche tells her that he is Hightower’s replacement and he tells Lisbon that she no longer will be in charge if the investigation. He puts Cho in charge. At the office, Cho tells Lisbon that she should lead the investigation like usual and he would report to La Roche. But she says a no and Cho then takes on the lead. Lisbon reports that Newton was an administrator. There were no prints on the golf club. Rigsby says there are questions about his radiation exposure according to his badge, he was over his limit. Cho sends Lisbon and Jane to the hospital to investigate. At the hospital, Jane declares that based on the single blow that killed Newton; it appears that a doctor did it. They then meet Newton’s assistant, Francine Trent.

She shows them Newton’s schedule and Lisbon sees that he had a lecture scheduled for the first year med students. She does not know why his radiation levels were off the chart as they all wear shields. Jane looks at the wedding picture of Newton and his husband. He then looks at another picture and wants to know who those people are. She tells Jane that they are people from the transplant program that Newton started. He was a good leader but now Dr. Quick is in charge and they are in the middle of a meeting now. Meanwhile, Cho and Rigsby go to a banquet center to meet Newton’s husband. He saw Newton yesterday morning. He says that Newton called as he was stressed and said that he was going to the driving range. He then shows them a letter that Newton received last week from Byron Jordan.

He threatened Newton if his wife didn’t get a transplant. Meanwhile, Jane and Lisbon are at the meeting. Quick is reorganizing the transplant schedule. Jane interrupts the meeting with some ridiculous question. Lisbon tells Quick that Jane cannot be stopped. But just then Jane tells the room that Quick wants to put Siberia on the top of the list for transplant as he could be some VIP with a lot of money. Quick's surgery fellow Dr. Watson says that, Quick was at a dinner last night. Jane asks about Siberia, the kidney transplant candidate. Grace meets with Byron, the man who wrote the threatening letter. He says that his wife Enid had to go through a lot to get on the transplant list and every time she was moved down the list as there was someone else who got to the top.

He was taking care of his wife who was spitting blood when Newton was killed. Jane picks up a hospital phone and has Watson paged. He then sneaks into the unit where Siberia is. Jane is immediately thrown against a wall by a body guard with a gun. There's a giant Rubens painting in the corner. Jane infers that Siberia is some sort of a Russian crime lord. Jane tells Siberia about Newton's murder. Quick and Lisbon arrive. Jane tells her about the gun. She takes the gun and the bodyguard. As they're leaving, Jane asks Quick what the going rate on a kidney is. At the office, Lisbon says Galenka, the bodyguard, has an extensive record. She is ready to go talk to him. She doesn't know why Newton's radiation badge was so high and is still not able to cover all aspects.

Cho tells Grace to figure it out and it sort of irritates Lisbon. Lisbon talks to Galenka. He tells her that he was with Siberia when Newton was killed. Next, Francine takes Jane to the nurses’ station and asks him to stay out of trouble. He talks to the head nurse. Just then Byron arrives saying that his wife is in a lot of pain after her declotting surgery. Dr. Giddry, the anesthesiologist arrives and says that Enid has exceeded the limits of her pain medication. Jane suggests that she should try screaming. At office, Grace says that Newton’s badge was swiped at 9:05 p.m., when he was supposedly talking to med students. He couldn’t be at two places at the same time! Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jane is getting friendly with the nurses.

The head nurse tells him that Newton was sweet. But they also tell him that Watson is the nicest and the sweetest doctor around. He learns that doctor Watson had stopped by last night and brought donuts for everyone; but he wasn’t working a shift. Jane finds it leery. Next, Rigsby and Jane follow Watson. Later, Rigsby and Jane follow Watson into a dark alley. He gets a bag out of his trunk and goes into a building. Rigsby goes inside. He hears moaning. Watson is holding a woman down and he is wearing gloves. He tells Rigsby that he is reversing an overdose. He says one of her smack buddies called him. Jane infers that there was an addict in Watson’s family.

He says that his mother died of an overdose when he was 12. He says he was moonlighting at a mobile clinic last night, which is a violation of his hospital contract. He says Newton came to the clinic, too. At the hospital, Lisbon runs down the hall and Grace times her. It took 7 minutes. There were five minutes between when Newton started his lecture and his badge was swiped in radiology. Either Newton was faster than her or else someone else was using his badge. At the office, Lisbon reports that over the last month, Newton's badge was used three times in radiology, but the people there didn't see him. They find a photo from his lecture; he is not wearing his badge. They doubt his assistant Francine. Grace went through her credit card details. She just bought a bus ticket.

They find her at the station. She has a suitcase. She tells them it has nuclear pellets in it. She says she didn't kill Newton and was with her boyfriend when he was killed. Cho calls for a Hazmat team and he believes that Francine is not their killer. At the hospital, Jane watches a man screaming in pain. A nurse says the patient is pumped full of drug, it doesn't make sense that he is in pain. Jane visit Siberia, who is knocked out before surgery. He takes out a pen and writes on him. Jane serves Watson, Gibbry, Quick and two nurses, coffee and tea. Quick, calls in the security guard to escort Jane outside. At the office, La Roche tells Lisbon Francine has been selling nuclear materials for a few months but she has a solid alibi. La Roche says it was a good catch. Lisbon gives credit to Cho. He puts her back in charge.

Jane gets an urgent page to an OR. They find Siberia has writing on his chest saying they have to call Patrick Jane. He arrives and informs Quick and the team that they have all been drugged. He says it was in his special coffee blend. He says he used the drug he found in Watson's duffel. Then he announces that someone in the room is an addict and has been stealing pain relievers from patients before, during or after surgery. He cites the screaming patients have been given enough of the good stuff and hence they are still in pain post surgery. He thinks Newton figured that out. Lisbon arrives. Jane says someone is about to go into detox. They notice Giddry is missing. Lisbon finds her in the bathroom; she is ready to throw up.

Lisbon tells her there was nothing in the coffee. Back at the office, Giddry is really having withdrawals. She admits she stole drugs, but says she didn't kill Newton. She started it in med school to stay up for days. Cho assures to get her the required help for her withdrawals. She says Newton found something last week in her records. He fired her and was going to report her to the state medical board. She followed him to the driving range, and tried to convince him. But he didn’t listen; so she whacked him in the head. Cho reports to Lisbon. Galenka is being deported. Quick got fired for trading an MRI machine for a kidney. Lisbon tells Cho he did a great job. He knows.

Next, Byron meets Jane at the hospital and tells him that his wife is going to get operated. He feels that Jane might have helped. He gives Jane his St. Sebastian medal. At first, Jane refuses saying that he is not a believer, but later he changes his mind and accepts it. The episode ends.