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Redacted - Recap

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The episode begins with a masked man snooping around at La Roche’s house; he is caught by La Roche. La Roche sees that his safe had been opened. The man throws a small figurine at La Roche and runs. La Roche fires; the cops arrive and the masked man is arrested. Meanwhile, at Sterling Electronics, Cho and Rigsby are trying to talk to a man to get some information; but he wants money to help him remember. Inside the store, we see a dead body and Grace thinks that it is a robbery gone bad. Jane thinks that there is more to this place that what just meets the eye. Jane feels that the killer did not get what he was looking for as the whole room has been torn apart and if he had found it then at least some part of the room would have been untouched.

Jane leaves to go to the office. La Roche tells Lisbon about his house being burglarized. He says that on Monday when the court opens, the man will be very sorry for what he did. Jane meets the burglar; Donny Culpepper. He tells Jane that he needs to get him out of here before he is taken to the Judge; else he will tell everyone how Jane hired him to rob his boss’ house. Jane had paid him well to not get caught; but Donny blew. He also didn’t find what Jane wanted him to. He tells him that the safe had some old coins and a Tupperware kind of thing. Donny tells Jane that his clock is ticking. Meanwhile, Grace is discussing about the victim killed at the store; Ted Fisher. He owned the repair shop for a year and a half and volunteered work with underprivileged kids.

Lisbon asks Grace to find out what he did before he bought the shop. Rigsby arrives to tell Lisbon that Fisher’s girlfriend is ready to talk to them. La Roche arrives and tells Lisbon that a year ago she had investigated Donny. Jane tries to distract them. Lisbon is dubious. Lisbon and Rigsby arrive at Fisher’s apartment and meet Heather Blue; his girlfriend at the gate. Lisbon suggests that they should talk inside the house. But Blue is surprised to see that the door which she locked and left is now unlocked. Rigsby enters first and sees that the whole apartment has been rummaged. Jane was right; someone is looking for something! Blue finds it weird as there is no material thing in their house and that Fisher was into the Peace Corps thing for eight years.

The lady who lives upstairs arrives and Lisbon asks her to give her a call just in case she remembers something about the burglary. Lisbon feels that they are being followed, but later the car moves away. Jane tries to hypnotize the security guard who is guarding Donny; but it doesn’t work. He leaves. Grace runs a background check on Blue; she is clean. Cho pulls a message off Fisher’s cell phone; it is a threat with a weird accent. Cho has sent this to forensics to identify the same. Grace all tells Lisbon that the Peace Corps have no record of Fisher being a member with them. Rigsby has got a hit on the car that was following them; it was found around Fisher’s repair shop two days ago. They then go to Fisher’s store once again.

They hear some noise coming from a room and when they enter it, Lisbon is surprised to find the lady who lives upstairs Fisher’s apartment and the black guy who Cho and Rigsby were questioning earlier. They were pointing their guns at each other. At the office, Rigsby talks to the guy, Cole Ruger and he has a license for that gun. Fisher was his buddy and they were at a security firm together. Rigsby asks him whether they were mercenaries. But he corrects Rigsby by saying that they were “private security contractors”; mostly in Iraq. It appears that Fisher called Cole two days ago and said that he was in trouble; but he couldn’t talk over the phone. But by the time he arrived, Fisher was dead.

That’s when he disguised himself as a homeless man to get close to the crime scene. He wanted to find who was the killer and hence was staking out the place. He heard a noise inside and so he went in as the backdoor was open. Grace talks to the neighbor, Vivian Grisworld. She says that the client hired her six months ago to observe Fisher. She works for a company that provides corporate intelligence. Fisher was involved in a theft from his client two years ago. She says that at the night of the murder she was led to believe that Fisher would be at another location; she was there. This evening, she heard a noise from inside the store, and the back door was open. She went in and saw an armed man standing inside.

She drew her gun; she has a license for it. Jane watches both the interrogations and infers that they are both professional liars; beyond that he can’t read either of them. Cho says that the accent they heard in the message is Iraqi; probably from Bagdad. La Roche arrives and tells Lisbon that the State Department is interested in Fisher’s case and he needs something to tell them. But she has nothing. Grace arrives and tells Lisbon that Blue is frightened as she found someone prowling around her apartment. They talk to her and say that she will be given protection. But Blue has nothing about her intruder. Jane goes to meet Officer O’Donnell once again; he has brought him a chair this time and Jane flicks his ID. Lisbon wonders why Jane is disinterested in this case.

Rigsby says that Fisher’s phone has been ringing; it is the same prepaid number. The phone rings again and Rigsby asks Jane to answer the call and talk for two minutes. But Jane is quick with the call and asking the caller to meet him at the store to get whatever he is looking for. Rigsby is waiting for the caller. One guy wearing a hoodie arrives but he starts talking on the phone. Meanwhile, someone else is hiding behind a car and draws a knife, ready to attack Rigsby. The attacker runs towards Rigsby and Cho suddenly opens the door of the car and pins down the attacker; Cho arrests the guy. Cho interrogates the guy, his name is Omar Hassan. They were working with the American Government to establish a free and democratic Iraq.

His father was killed in a bomb attack and Fisher had promised that he would take care of Omar’s family if anything happened to his father. After his father was killed, Fisher quit his job saying that he wanted no more of killing. He said that he would help getting the family to America and that the two million dollars would be waiting for them. This money was Omar’s family fortune. Omar says that Fisher arranged for the visas and they were supposed to meet two nights ago. But he never showed up. He thought Fisher double crossed him and so he tried breaking in. Jane tells Lisbon that the killer was looking for the two million dollars. Jane wants Lisbon to get Blue, Cole, Vivian and Omar to Fisher’s store.

Lisbon tells him that Cole bought a ticket and is flying out of the country and Vivian disappeared despite being tailed. Jane thinks that these two will be trying to get into the store as they are speaking. Jane tells her to hurry and asks her to call if they need anything. Cho, Rigsby and Grace go to the store and find Cole in a truck. Grace goes inside the store with him. On the phone, Jane tells Cho to write a message on a piece of paper asking Vivian to meet at the repair shop. She sees the message. Jane manages to get O’Donnell away from the door he is guarding. He is carrying a bag. He goes inside and hands over the bag and O’Donnell’s id to Donny. But Donny doesn’t want to escape; Jane should get the charges dropped. He leaves.

Jane then arrives at the store and has few men clear the store so that they could find the money; but they don’t find anything. All of them leave except Blue and Jane. Jane then says that he has it figured out; the money is the rug that is lying on the floor. It is an old one, finely woven silk and a very expensive one. He is about to call it in when Blue suggests that they could split the money. She had offered the same deal to Fisher; but he was foolish. So, she knew about the money and Fisher’s real identity. Jane is about to call the cops; but she points a gun at him. She says that Fisher had caught her searching for the money and that he treated her like a criminal. She was angry that he lied and so she killed him. She feels that so much money can save a lot of animals. Just then Cho comes in and Blue drops her gun.

Lisbon arrives and she says that Cole has disappeared and Vivian is working for the State Department and Omar’s family has been given rights to the rug. Jane tells her that he has a serious problem; Lisbon knew that there was something wrong. He tells her the whole truth; the list of four suspects that La Roche has besides Hightower is what Jane is looking for. He feels that if none from the list is a suspect, then La Roche is Red John’s insider. Lisbon agrees to fix it.

She goes to meet Donny who is with his lawyer. She walks in and Donny starts making fun of her. She punches him hard on his nose. Next we see, Donny leaving the building with his lawyer. La Roche suspends Lisbon for a week and six months of Anger Management. Jane thanks her. The episode ends.