Ring Around the Rosie - Recap

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The episode begins with Cho and Rigsby heading towards a protest march; Equal Rights for All Immigrants. Just then they hear a woman’s scream from a nearby alley. They rush to the spot to find a man lying on the ground; dead. They ask the crowd if they saw anything; but no one seems to have seen the murder or the murderer. The security guard of the alley arrives and Rigsby asks him to call for backup. Grace and Lisbon arrive at the scene. Cho tells them that it is a homicide; multiple stab wounds. Lisbon calls Jane. On his way to the scene, Jane notices a man standing on the pavement and Jane eyes him suspiciously. Jane suspects that this murder is a decoy.

He tells her about the man he saw on the pavement with a long overcoat on a hot day. Lisbon thinks for a while and then calls Cho. Moments later, we see Cho and Grace running towards the man. They search the man; he is carrying a semi automatic gun, fully loaded. The man is Henry Tibbs and he is also carrying a concealed firearm permit. He is from Texas. He was there job hunting. Lisbon tells the group that Henry has a clean record and there is no reason for them to hold him back. Just then Luther Wainwright arrives; he is their new boss. He thinks that their John Doe is a photographer and gives them his inference as to why he thinks so. “Sharp!” says Jane.

It is agreed that Henry should be kept under surveillance. And Cho chooses a fancy car to tail Henry. Jane accompanies him. Rigsby tells Lisbon that Wainwright was spot on about the dead man being a photographer; he is Scott Gibson. He was downtown shooting the photos of the homeless. It seems that Scott always carried a cell phone with him. But Lisbon points out that there was no phone or camera found near the body. Cho and Jane follow Henry to Sammy’s pub and grill. Jane thinks that they should go inside the pub to keep an eye on Henry. But Cho thinks that Henry might recognize him. But Henry doesn’t know Jane and so Jane decides to go in; he takes the car keys with him.

Jane finds Henry sitting on the bar counter. Jane tries to break the ice by talking about weapons. Cho arrives and sits on a table nearby. Next, Rigsby, Lisbon and Grace arrive at a house with a team. The last cell phone signal came from this house; it is a foreclosure property. They find an old man inside. The man looks familiar to Lisbon. He says that his name is Willie. Lisbon immediately recognizes him to be Willie Shubert; a well known singer during her college days. She tells him that some of the stuff he is carrying came from a dead man. Grace notices a spot of dried blood on his shirt. He tells them that he got this blood on him when he was stabbing that man in the alley. Jane befriends Henry and tries to gain his trust.

He then shows Henry the weapon he is carrying in the trunk of his car. Henry is amazed and he picks it up. He aims at a man walking his dog. Jane tells him that he knows that Henry wants to take that shot. Henry tells him that it is a human being and it isn’t right killing him. He thinks that Jane is a psycho. He says that he is hammered and will walk down home. He leaves. Cho arrives and tells Jane that Lisbon has called off the surveillance on Henry; they have found the killer. But Jane thinks that he has found his killer. Later, Jane tells Wainwright that he thinks that Henry is on the threshold of mass murder. He got all this from looking into his eyes. Wainwright is fascinated but not convinced; one can’t be arrested till he has offended. But Jane thinks it is better before that after!

Wainwright and Jane have a clash of thoughts. Wainwright thinks that following a potential offender is a waste of resources. Jane still thinks that Henry should be arrested for attempted murder. Lisbon states that Henry isn’t off her suspect list as she doesn’t believe Schubert’s confession as there is no record of violence. She feels that his confession is a cry for help. Wainwright doesn’t know what to think of these two. He tells Jane to prove his theory. Jane briefs the group. They know that Henry is hunting for a job and he had been to the Goldwyn insurance group. They need the company to lend them a meeting room to conduct a fake interview as Henry doesn’t know that his application is rejected and Rigsby is assigned this task.

Grace is assigned to find out the reason for Henry’s divorce by getting to know his wife. Cho is asked to continue with his surveillance. Next, during the interrogation, Willie admits that he did not kill scott. He only took his cell and he did not see any camera. He said that he killed as he does not have any place to go to and he thinks prison is better than sleeping in alleys. But he forgot that lethal injections are also a part of this vacation package. Lisbon says that she will get him out of this. At the company, Rigsby decides to ask Henry the questions Wainwright designed to sketch any personality disorder. Grace meets Linda Tibbs. Linda refuses to talk as no one takes her seriously. Wainwright tells Jane that the tests show no trace of psychopathy. Jane does not believe the results.

He points out Henry’s behavior pattern. Cho follows Henry to a shooting ground where he takes pleasure in sadistically shooting at human figures (mannequins) while the rest practice on bottles, worn out screens etc. He informs the team about the same. Wainwright states the four main characteristics of a sociopath. He says that they could arrest Henry for possessing felony arms; but the team feels that he could get worse when he gets back on the streets. Jane suggests that they should follow Henry and catch him in the act. Jane predicts that before the sun sets, Henry Tibbs will make his move. Next, Lisbon goes to a pawn shop looking for the missing camera. But the camera is sold. The store girl gives Lisbon the memory card. She puts it in a digital camera and shows Willie the pictures.

He recognizes one homeless man as Mike Flynn; a guy with anger management issues. Lisbon and Rigsby go to meet Mike. Cho calls Lisbon and tells her that he lost Henry; he is off the grid. Jane suggests that they should search Henry’s house. Grace and Rigsby convince Linda to co-operate. Jane and Lisbon enter Henry’s house. They find heavy artillery inside the closet. Jane notices that he hasn’t signed his divorce petition. He states that all that matters to Henry is the rush he gets by killing prominent people; for example the mayor who he is about to kill next. Henry arrives at the diner his wife works at. Rigsby and Grace are at the diner. Henry accuses the owner for sleeping with his wife. He has brought flowers for her which he throws on the ground. Wainwright has had enough and he dismisses the case.

He goes out to arrest Henry on felony weapons charges. Wainwright arrives at Henry’s with a warrant to search his house. Henry escapes. Henry then arrives at the 53rd annual Rose show. Then whole team is present there. Jane talks to Henry. Henry draws his weapon and shoots at everyone; but no one is hurt. Cho arrests him for attempted mass murder. Lisbon tells Wainwright that when they searched Henry’s house, they replaced all the live rounds with blanks. Next, Willie is free and he is offered shelter by the government. Lisbon gifts him a saxophone.

Next, Wainwright is waiting for Jane. He tells Jane that he set him up as Jane knew that he would be the stressor that would push Henry over the edge. Jane didn’t clear the area was because the plan was to catch Henry in the act. Wainwright then tells Jane that the psychopath test that he gave Henry, he also ran the same for Jane and it appears that he scores very well a a con artist. Wainwright now knows what he is dealing with and says that he would adjust to this fact. As he should!! The episode ends.