The Redshirt - Recap

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Doc Dugan, a retired NFL star quarterback, is seen in his bar, Doc Dugan's Sports Bar, taking bets on an upcoming football game. He is sharing a few laughs and pats on the back with bar patrons and friends. He is seen heading outside and suddenly his truck explodes in a fiery ball of flames! His manager, Steve, and publicity agent, Alex Sarko run outside, thinking Doc has expired in the explosion, mourning the death of their friend and employer.

Jane, Lisbon and the other agents, minus Rigsby, swarm the scene, looking over the charred skeleton in the cab of the burned truck. Jane notices a ring on the skeleton's hand, decides that Doc was not in the burned out vehicle. Lisbon wants to know how he knows that, but he keeps mum. He asks Steve if there is somewhere private that they can talk. Steve takes him to a studio apartment just down the block that is used as a guest house. As Steve turns on the light, he and the others see Doc and two women sleeping in bed. Steve tells Doc about the explosion and that a dead man thought to be him is still in the vehicle. Doc is shocked, tells them that it was Jake Stewart, his young assistant, who was acting as a decoy for him. Jake was a Doc look-alike and was wearing Doc's ring and jacket, that Doc had asked him to stand in for him to deceive his ex wife, Anna Fabro. Who could have planted the bomb?

Jane suggests that he's never had a live murder victim before. How about Doc continue playing dead so they can catch the killer? Doc agrees, but isnt happy when Jane says he will be spending some time in a spare office at CBI headquarters. Jane says its necessary to set a trap to catch the killer.

At Jake's mother's home, Lisbon is consoling her about her son's death. She asks the woman's permission to hold off telling anyone that Doc is still alive, and she grants it. Jake's mother tells Lisbon that Doc had two fans: himself and Jake, that Doc is in love with himself. Lisbon arches an eyebrow at this.

At CBI headquarters, Jane and Lisbon are talking to Steve, who says that everyone loved Doc, who could possibly want to kill him? Jane asks an unhappy Doc to make a list of who might want to finish him off. At the top of that list is Doc's girlfriend, Maria. She is brought in for questioning, not knowing that Doc is still alive. Doc watches the interrogation through a one way glass, is dismayed when Jane tells her they've discovered that Doc had charged a $50,000 diamond pendant to his credit card just six days prior. Maria explodes into violent expletives, saying she just knew Doc had been cheating on her, continues to badmouth him. Jane smirks, tells Maria the pendant was a made up lie, goes back to Doc. Anna Fabro, the ex wife, is brought in for questioning next. She says she had truly loved Doc, but she was aware that he had used drugs and other women behind her back to liven up his otherwise dull life when they were married. She says she still loves the dead man, then leaves.

A funeral is being held for Doc at a local stadium. Jane and Cho go there. Jane has Cho send an insulting tweet to a man who calls himself MegaFan, an avid fan of Doc's. The post angers the man who responds to it, assaulting the would-be poster, a scalper hawking football memorabilia. Megafan is arrested and questioned. The man says he was at Doc's bar a while back, trying to get his autograph, but that Doc had blown him off, acted as if he had no time for him, but that he had not killed Doc.

The next suspect on Doc's list is Arnold Green, a mobster who tried to strong arm Doc into buying his rather expensive liquor to sell in Doc's sports bar, but Doc had refused. Green had also been involved in illegal gambling and point shaving. Jane and Lisbon, at Green's bar, introduce themselves, talk to Green, who says he had no reason to want to kill Doc. The agents feel he didn't do it, but finger one of his henchmen, Martin, who they bring in for questioning. Martin is put in a room where Jane introduces himself as a psychic who can see and talk to the "dead" Doc, sitting in that chair right there. Can't you see him, he asks a skeptical Martin. Martin can't, of course, but what he doesn't know is that Doc, in the next room, is feeding Jane, via hidden microphone, answers to the questions that Martin is asking. A convinced Martin is fearful now that Doc's spirit is really there. He apologizes to the "spirit", upsetting his chair in his scramble to get out of the room. He says that an explosives expert named Louie-Boom made the bomb that killed Doc.

Jane has Doc put on a hoodie and dark sunglasses, takes him to the one way glass room where he watches Anna talk about how much she still loves the dead Doc, that she misses him very much. A touched Doc can't stop himself from bursting into the room where she sits, teary eyed, and they embrace, kiss.

Jane and Lisbon raid Green's bar, arresting him and his gang. Steve is brought in to identify Louie-Boom in a lineup that Rigsby is part of, not having seen him before. Steve fingers Rigsby, but Jane gets Steve to admit that he killed Doc. Jane tells Steve that he just made Louie up, that he knew Steve had set the bomb that had killed young Jake. Steve said that he had liked Jake, that he'd never meant for the young man to die. A very angry Doc faces Steve, saying that he knew Steve had prepackaged Doc memorabilia in his house, to which Steve replies that all that stuff would go up vastly in price if and when Doc died.

Rigsby had been in San Francisco to testify at a court trial about motorcycle gangs concerning his father. He and lawyer Sarah went to the spare office where Doc had been sequestered, made love.

Lisbon sits talking to Jake's mother about his funeral tomorrow. Doc is there, offering his condolences, tells the woman that he will pay for the funeral. Jake's mother says she doesn't want any handouts, but the man is sincere in his offer. Lisbon has to leave, but Doc and Jake's mom sit on, talking, taking comfort in one another.

Later, Lisbon and Jane have coffee in an outdoor cafe, talking about death. Jane says he doesn't care what happens to him after he dies, even if no one remembers him. Until then, he quips, there's ice cream! They dig into their dishes of the cold stuff. Jane sighs, smiles.