War of the Roses - Recap

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Patrick arrives at a crime scene . Reporters are relaying news that no suspect has been reported yet, but they know the victim – Natalie DeBecky. However, cops are still keeping the cause of death under the wraps. Wayne has already discovered the woman was strangled, and that she worked at the youth rehab center round the corner. Jane reveals much more to the story. He spots her heels in the handbag, smells her D’ajour perfume, notices her freshly done make up, and deduces she was on her way to meet her lover – someone married most probably. Before long, Patrick receives a call from Erika Flin, who says she knew Natalie very closely since her enrollment at the matchmakers. In fact they grew very close, and she could tell him about the murderer. After the conversation is over, Erika hands over the phone to the jail guard, who appears to be unusually polite.

When Patrick goes to the prison, she is being honest about Natalie’s career, and the possible lover she could have had. Erika claims to have been close with Natalie, and probably knows a lot, but Patrick wants to know what this is about. Erika lets on she is seeking a little freedom. She wants to dine at her favorite restaurant, go to the spa – just harmless indulgences – in exchange of helping to catch Natalie’s murderer. How does Patrick know she is saying the truth? He said he could look through her. What does he say now? She only wants temporary freedom. Back at CBI, Theresa wants to know if the detectives have a heads up on the boyfriend Patrick said Natalie was seeing. Kimball replies they haven’t found anyone like that. Wayne is off for some personal work, which he is not revealing, so Theresa picks Grace for it. She happily conforms.

Later, Kimball and Grace get to the youth rehab facility, where two officials say that Natalie never had an affair with anyone in the facility. However, they do find something bizarre about one of the officials. He is short-tempered, hard on the kids, and distracted from the questioning. However, the other female who is cooperative, lets on they have a kid missing. Trent. He was convicted for possession of drugs and assault as well. However, the short-tempered official keeps butting in saying he had nothing to do with Natalie’s murder. Although Theresa sees any good in letting convict Erika out for providing information on Natalie’s killer, Patrick has Luther see the synergy in it. Meanwhile, Wayne, at a pregnant parent’s facility, receives a call from Kimball. He is calling back, but Wayne doesn’t remember calling him at first. There is a heads up – Trent, the boy escaped from the rehab, was enrolled in a school nearby.

That was where he got convicted on drug charges. At the facility, Wayne has a weird experience – stranger, conservative and cushy than he thought it would be. Meanwhile, Kimball and Grace are near Trent’s school, looking on as an fray starts unfurling. Before long, Kimball arrests Trent. Meanwhile, as Erika is released from prison. Theresa is skeptical about Erika’s release, and when they walk out of the prison gates, Erika is already behaving hard to buy – she never said she knew the killer’s name. And when the detectives show up for her custody, she has a car service of a friend. It would be rude not to take the service. So is Patrick coming or not? He follows her into the limo, but following him inside is Theresa, to squeeze Patrick between what he suggests looks like fun.

At the police station, Erika is getting the best possible treatment, while one of the cops brings her lemons for her tea, and tapes for investigating Natalie’s murder, enviously enough to throw Theresa into an ego issue. Suddenly Erika complains about a missing video – and that is about Natalie’s prefernces of the perfect man. She blames CBI officials for misplacing it, and in comes Theresa to say that Erika is going back to prison if she is not helping. Patrick intervenes saying that a missing video cannot mean she is trying to screw around. Before long, Erika reveals that Natalie is a busy worker, which means that her lover is obviously working in the rehab, or her previous workplace – an NGO. Now since they have no clue about any lover at the rehab, it must be the NGO. Theresa is surprised at the helpful deduction. Later, Erika and Patrick arrive at the NGO, and get talking with the people. One of the them is the CEO. He is not aware of any affairs, and the receptionist is trying to deny.

Before long, Patrick figures out there is something one is trying to hide about Natalie’s involvement with a married man. They canvas the floor, and Erika suggests a man of Natalie’s liking could be the lover. Patrick promises dinner if she can get him to confess. She pries on the man – who introduces himself as Richard. He is denying he ever knew Natalie, but Erika is able to trick her quite easily – saying she would never tell anyone, and that she cannot begin to imagine how Natalie’s death would devastate him. Soon he reveals he didn’t think she had told anyone. Later, Patrick and Erika are in a hotel room. Although the detectives are waiting outside, she wants to know if he would actually block up against her seduction, had the detectives not been outside the room. Patrick leaves, but with a kiss. Later, when Richard is interrogated, Theresa suggests evidence proves he was probably the killer, and that she hopes he would forgive her if she was sure he was the killer.

However, he would never hurt Natalie. He wouldn’t, and he couldn’t. Without any hard evidence, Theresa has to let him go. Besides, she also wants Erika back in prison as her help is not proving worthy enough. However, Patrick lets on he needs her. Patrick and Erika arrive at the NGO’s dinner convention, where the CEO is supposed to release his book. However, Patrick has an event planned. He takes to the mic, and announces a noble program that will help many homeless orphans with education. The dinner crowd applauds generously, after which he introduces Erika has his lovely secretary. Wows are discernibly heard, after which Erika picks four brave soul from the crowd, who will have to perform a lucky draw, after which the proceeds will apparently go to deprived kids in Mexico. Patrick lets on he has four people on stage, out whom at least one is holding a deep dark secret.

He brings Richard on to choose one of the four boxes in front of him. It turns out that it contains a diamond pendant, which he bought for Natalie. He loved her with all his heart. The crowd applauds Richard’s commitment to his lover. Next on is the CEO, who claims he has nothing to hide, but when he chooses the box, it turns out to contain the picture of a building in Mexico. He doesn’t realize what it is, but soon, Patrick is able to prove that the CEO has been fraudulently using pictures that he claims to be schools and hospitals he has resurrected in Mexico under the NGO. Before long, he is arrested, and moves out of the dinner convention through a sea of jeering attendees.

At interrogation, he reveals he killed Natalie after she met him in a car, and showed him pictures of the false facilities in Mexico. He strangled her, as he was scared about his reputation, and ending up in prison. Now it is time for Erika to returns to prison. Patrick shows optimism. It is just another 15-20 years. Before long, they have her handed to a cop. Luther signs the discharge from CBI custody, and off she goes. Before long, arrive another group of cops. And then it is revealed that Erika is not going to prison. She has chosen to be free. Theresa announces she has all airports under surveillance. However, for Patrick, that is no measure worth taking now. Erika calls him and lets him know she somewhere warm, as he sips coffee looking at the night rain. Patrick promises to find where she is, but she would only love that to happen.