Something's Rotten in Redmund - Recap

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The scene opens at Redmund High School where a professor is found dead. The victim is Jack McTierney and he was the English professor. Lisbon finds that there was a blow to the head but the murder weapon is not yet found. Lisbon tells Rigsby to interview the people present in the campus during the time of death; i.e. between 6-9 in the evening. Jane finds a little bruising around the eye but it’s a little faded, seems he got that a week ago. The duo decides to talk to the Principal, Carl Snyder. Snyder tells them that Jack was a brilliant professor who liked to teach. On being asked about the black eye, he tells the duo that Jack had told him that he got it while playing basketball with some students. Jane knows that Snyder didn’t buy the story.

But Snyder sticks to his tale. Just then Cho walks in with a “hate letter” he finds in Jack’s briefcase. Next, there is a gathering in the auditorium to express grief on Jack’s death. But no one has much to say for Jack. Jane gets up and asks the crowd if anyone knew who wrote the hate letter to Jack. There is a murmur in the room and Jack notices a girl who seemed a little distant. He figures out that she is the one who wrote the letter. She gets up and runs and Lisbon runs behind her. Her name is Rachel and Lisbon is questioning her. Rachel tells Lisbon that Jack was her favorite teacher and 3 nights ago she saw him talking to a hooker which seemed more like arguing. She then got into his car and this went against what he taught. She has a picture and Lisbon asks her to text it to them. Just then Cho calls and informs her about a bat which is found with some traces of blood.

Also, he tells her that he finds ecstasy in Jack’s car. She asks Cho to track down the prostitute. She informs Jane about the ecstasy. Jack is still in the auditorium, when the drama teacher Austin walks in. she tells Jane that she was doing the modern interpretation of Hamlet. She tells him that Rachel is a good student and she would never murder Jack. She seems to sure! Wonder how? Just then he hears a noise back stage and finds a student named Jeremiah practicing sword for the upcoming play. He asks him how he could find some drugs around. He tells him that he wants to meet the bad kids who could sell drugs to a teacher. But he doesn’t know. Next, Jane goes to the bathroom hoping to find the bad kids, but no luck. He wanders around and sees a kid escape after smoking. Meanwhile Cho and Rigsby talk to Lindy, the hooker Jack was with. They are surprised to find out that Jack was her English teacher. Jack goes to the cafeteria and finds the boy who ran away. He follows that guy and finds the bad boys. He meets a girl named Christa who tells him Jack was a super clean guy and that he should talk to Mr. Loveland.

Meanwhile, Lindy tells Grace how Jack cared for her. She tells Grace that the drugs they found on Jack couldn’t have been his. She tells her that she had heard him arguing with a guy named Martin over the phone. Martin was one of the other kids Jack was trying to help. Meanwhile, Jane meets Mr. Ed Loveland. He asks him as to why did he punch Jack. Ed tells him that he was an alcoholic. He tried to confide in Jack as he thought he could trust him. But he was wrong as Jack reported him to the Principal and Snyder made his life hell. He tells Jane that this happened in the men’s room. Grace tells Rigsby that Jack had a meeting scheduled with Martin the night he died. But surprisingly, Martin had no history of disciplinary issues. Martin has called in sick today and Rigsby goes to check on him. Meanwhile, Jane helps Ms. Austin with the drama, including the lead actor, Billy.

But then he notices a piece of grass on Austin’s coat. He walks away with a tin of paint. Meanwhile Cho and Rigsby meet Martin. During the conversation, Rigsby smells something burning and forces himself into the house to check. They find out that he is making ecstasy. Meanwhile, in the bathroom Jane writes “SYNDER SUCKS” with the paint. He is called to the Principal’s office. Lisbon is called as well. Snyder tells her about the act of vandalism Jane committed in the restroom; a vicious personal attack on him. Lisbon apologizes and so does Jane. But Jane asks Snyder as to how did he know that it was he who had committed the act. Snyder tells him that a student told him. But Jane tells him that he had checked and there was no one around. He then declares that Snyder saw that on his unauthorized security cameras in the washroom. Jane shows Lisbon the screens that are monitoring the washroom.

Snyder tells them that these are for disciplinary reasons. They feel that Snyder is withholding information. Lisbon tells him that she wants to see all the footage from the restroom. Meanwhile Rigsby is interrogating Martin and he accepts that he met Jack on the night of his murder. But he also tells him that Jack did not know that he was making the ecstasy. He tells Rigsby that he was having trouble at school and wanted to be popular and that is why he was making drugs. Just then he receives a call from his wife saying that her water broke. He rushes and tells Cho that his baby is about to step into the world. Grace and Jane are watching the footage. He sees Billy take out something from his hair and toss it. Jane immediately leaves for the school with Lisbon.

He tells Lisbon to take a seat to watch the drama while he goes to finish some work. He goes back stage and picks up a baseball bat. Later he goes back stage and forces Jeremiah to hyperventilate. Austin is upset as there is no replacement. Jane agrees to take Jeremiah’s place. He is stage with Billy. He changes his lines, talking about Jack’s murder. He talks about the murder born of a tale of lust between a woman and a boy. He declares that the murder was committed by Billy with the baseball bat. He is stupefied and tells Jane that it was Austin who committed the murder. Austin tries to run from the auditorium. But Lisbon handcuffs her. At the office, Billy tells Cho how Austin and he started seeing each other and how Jack caught them during an intimate moment. Jack told them that he will report them to the Principal and also that Austin would go to jail as she is 35 and Billy is 13; and this is statutory rape.

She tells Billy to go after him and stop him. Billy tells Cho that she just wanted to talk to him. But while he was talking to Jack, Austin walks up from behind and hits him with the baseball bat. Meanwhile, Austin tells Grace that what she has with Billy is real and that they are in love with each other. But Grace tells her that it is wrong. Lindy comes to the office to thank Grace for finding Jack’s killer and also tells her that she is going to do what Jack always wanted her to. Grace tells her that she could help her by getting her a social worker’s number.

Lisbon asks Jane as to how did he figure out that Billy and Austin were having an affair. He tells her that both of them had leaves on them from their make-out spot. Moreover he could see that she liked him. Just then all of them get texts from Rigsby; a picture of his newborn son; Benjamin. Jane finds him gorgeous…and walks out with a smile. The episode ends.