Ruby Slippers - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon questioning a pizza delivery boy at the crime scene. He tells her that he could see the glow from around the corner; it seemed as if the whole ally was on fire. Just then Jane walks in. He sees a car lying nearby; it was burnt with its driver inside it. It appears that the driver was handcuffed inside the burning car. Jane decides to look around. He finds something lying on the road; a broken red glittering heel of a slipper. Just then Cho finds two gas cans. Lisbon joins Jane. He sees that there is a door that leads to a stage and it is unlocked. They go inside and enter the dressing room full of cabaret artists who are female impersonators (drag queens).

Jane waves the red heel at the crowd and asks them if it belonged to any of them. Glenda Snow walks up to them and says that it is his; and those heels were his favorite. Jane asks him what he was doing in the ally. He tells the duo that he always smokes a cigarette before the first show. They tell the group that the heel was found next to the dead man. Glenda tells them that he was smoking around eight thirty; and Lisbon says that according to the arson investigator, the fire was set between 8.45 and 9. The other artists tell the duo that Glenda was with them by that time. The manager come in and tells the girls that the stage is calling them. Glenda tells them that he did see a man in a parked car and he was looking at her. But he couldn’t see his face clearly as it was dark. He adds that he felt his heel break when he was returning back to the club.

Next, Grace tells Lisbon that the car was registered to Archie Bloom, a local boy. They would have to check the dental records to identify the victim. Archie Bloom Senior is the local Superintendent of schools. Lisbon says that there are a lot of prints to work with and also that there is a partial print on the handcuffs. Cho has figured out the store the gas cans were bought from. Jane and Grace go and talk to Archie Senior. He feels that his son is dead as it was Archie’s car, but Grace tells him that the body has not yet been identified. Jane notices that the father wasn’t surprised on hearing about the incident. Senior tells him that his son was a target for all the trouble makers. He was very soft person and hence it was difficult to ask him to move out. Senior also tells them that Archie decided to stop college after six months.

Jane deduces that Archie was gay. He tells Senior that he wants to take a look at Archie’s bedroom. Grace is curious to know how Jane figured that Archie was gay. Jane tells her that Senior named his son after him; just like kings do, hoping for an heir. But surprisingly there is not even a single photograph of his son anywhere in the house. Grace needs to take the hard drive to the HQ, so that they can retrieve information from Archie’s computer. Meanwhile, at the office, Glenda Snow is called for fingerprinting. Cho and Rigsby are at the store and the lady who works on the register tells them that Archie works at the store. She tells them about a guy named Rick, who used to pick on Archie all the time. Cho goes to talk to Rick. Rick says that he use to trouble Archie, but he never laid a finger on him. Meanwhile, the lady takes Rigsby to Archie’s locker.

It is decorated; but she says that it is Rick who has done it. Rigsby checks the contents of the locker. Just then Lisbon calls and informs Rigsby that the dental records have confirmed that the body is Archie Bloom’s. Rigsby finds a camera roll and takes it with him. At the office, Grace finds some videos in Archie’s hard drive. They were created two or three years ago when he was in high school. The video plays and they see that Archie’s father pushes him into the room and handcuffs him to the chair. It appears that Archie had set the up the camera in recording before they walked into the room. It means that this is not the first time the father is toughening up his boy. Archie looks into the camera and says “Help Me”. They bring in Senior Bloom for interrogation. They point out that the handcuffs found in the burnt car are similar to the ones he used to cuff Archie to his desk and also the cuffs found in the car had his prints on it. Senior tells them that someone could have stolen them from his office. He says that aggressive techniques were required to get Archie to study.

Jane points out that since he wanted to be an educational giant, he could have killed his own son; as having a college dropout son would tarnish his image. But Senior maintains his stand and says that he did not kill his son. Jane tells him that he needs to go through a lie detector test and Senior is ready. After the test, Jane and Lisbon are standing outside the interrogation room, and Jane asks her about the fragrance coming from her. She tells him that it was Glenda, who was standing next to her and that Glenda is a fragrant woman. On hearing this, a thought strikes Jane and he leaves. Next, Cho goes to Archie’s last stayed address, according to his father. He meets the owner, who also has a book store. The owner tells Cho that he hadn’t seen Archie for a week, and that he left without leaving him a note or last month’s rent. Meanwhile, at the office, Rigsby tells Lisbon that the disposable camera found in Archie’s locker, did capture pictures of Rick stealing. It is possible that Archie was going to expose rick. Rigsby goes to call in Rick. Meanwhile, Jane is at a funeral home and he is there to meet Glenda.

But here he is Glen, a funeral cosmetologist. Jane asks him once again as to what he saw in the ally that night. Glen tells him that he saw a man holding a red gas can. But he couldn’t see much as it was dark. He tells Jane that he has been a target all his life and that he doesn’t want to be the killer’s target. He is scared. Meanwhile, Rigsby is interrogating Rick and shows him the photographs. Rick tells him that he knew that Archie was on to him but he never laid a finger on Archie. Rigsby tells him that his prints were found on the gas cans and Rick says that he is the one who stocks those cans. But Rigsby tells him that he is their suspect and Rick wants a lawyer. Next, Cho arrives at a shelter home, where Archie lived. The girl from the home tells Cho that Gabriel, the book store owner loved Archie and Archie loved him as well.

But Gabriel’s love had a lot of violence and meth. Archie did not want to stay at the shelter home, as he wanted to work things out with Gabriel and go back to him. She tells Cho that they had an abusive relationship. Cho figures out that the bruises Archie had on him were inflicted by Gabriel and not Rick. Cho finds Archie’s notebook in which he had written the abuse he endured while staying with Gabriel. So, he is the third suspect. Talking about suspects, at the office, Lisbon is having a tough time with the lawyers of the other two suspects, the father and Rick; and now a third suspect is the last thing she wanted to hear. Cho arrests Gabriel on suspicion of murder and also for the possession of drugs. At the office, Lisbon is going crazy with the lawyers and Jane tells her that the only way to find the truth is to get the witness to talk. He meets Glenda once again. He is introduced to all the girls and also a new member Fifi Nix. He tells Glenda that he needs to identify the killer as the boy who was killed was different, just like they were.

Glenda agrees but he tells the team that none of the suspects match the figure that he saw. Jane figures it out. He shows Glenda Archie’s photograph and Glenda’s reaction confirms Jane’s theory. He tells the group of suspects and Lisbon that it was Archie who killed himself, tired of all the abuses he endured all through his life. Next, Lisbon tells the group of lawyers and suspects that Archie left clues of their abuse; and so if they don’t go down for murder, they still have to answer their other crimes. Despite having solved the case, Lisbon is still depressed as she can’t take Archie out of her mind. Jane tells her that a little bit of cabaret could cheer her up. They go to the club, and Jane introduces Lisbon to Fifi Nix, the new member. Fifi was better known to her as Archie Bloom! They whole group witnessed what Archie was about to do and talked him out of it.

Glenda had placed an unclaimed body in the car and one of the other members of the group, who was also Archie’s dentist, had faked the dental records. Glenda lied so that he could help Archie aka Fifi to start his new life. She decides to be silent on this one. They watch Archie’s performance for the night. Lisbon’s eyes are filled with tears; and she is glad that she made the right decision. The episode ends.