Red Rover, Red Rover - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon walking into an old bulb factory and there is a terrible stench all over. Cho leads them to a mummified body in a box. There are hand cuffs on the victim’s wrists and ankles. They also find some metal piece in rib cage. Lisbon sends it for testing. Looking at the scratches on the box, she infers that the victim was alive when he was put inside the box. Just then Jane calls Lisbon and she asks him to hurry up. But when Jane approaches his car, he finds a note on the windshield and it says “Happy Anniversary”. Next, he visits the graves of his wife and daughter. It is the anniversary of their murders. Just then a little girl approaches Jane. She tells him that one of his friends has sent her to him and he wants to know whether Jane has given up yet.

She has also has a Red John’s mark on her hand. Next, Lisbon and Wainwright meet Jane at the cemetery. Lisbon wants the note sent for DNA testing. Lisbon meets Hailey, the small girl. He tells her that once her mother arrives, he would like to talk to her about the man who sent her to Jane. But she doesn’t remember anything. Lisbon realizes that Jane hypnotized the Hailey, so that she doesn’t remember anything about this incident and Red John’s mark. Jane tells them that he did this to protect her. Next, at the office, Rigsby tells the team that the metal thing they found in the dead body was a surgical heart valve and the victim is Antonio Castro. Castro’s fiancée had filed a missing complaint and it appears that he was missing for around a year now.

Castro worked as a financial broker in a firm. While Rigsby educates the team about the victim, Jane seems to be lost in his thoughts. Next, Jane and Lisbon go to RF Victor, the firm Castro worked for. They meet Dennis Victor, the boss. They next meet Ian, Castro’s mentor and Ben his supervisor. Dennis tells them that Castro was loved by everybody, but Ben’s expressions weren’t in sync with Dennis’ statement. Jane feels Ben is telling the truth whereas Dennis and Ian aren’t. After they finish questioning, Jane tells Lisbon that he is going to take the day off. He then goes to a restaurant and gets drunk. After that he goes home, and burns the Red John files. Next, Wainwright tells Lisbon that he wants to know what the exact issue is. He tells them that it is time to give up. Red John will only stop when Jane stops playing.

So he has decided to give up and move on. So, Jane has his focus back on Castro’s case. Jane and Lisbon go to meet Marcy, Castro’s fiancée and Dennis’ niece. Marcy is still upset about Castro’s death despite him having gone for the past 11 months. Jane finds this weird and asks her what she is guilty about. Jane asks her if she is having an affair with someone. At first she denies, but later she tells them that she is dating Ian. Lisbon tells Rigsby that Ian conveniently forgot to tell them about this. They bring in Ian for interrogation. Ian tells Cho that there is nothing significant about his relationship with Marcy. Jane believes it, but he is more interested in the secret Ian and Dennis are keeping. But Ian doesn’t talk about it. He is tensing up and is finding it difficult to breathe. He has asthma.

He searches for his pump but to Ian’s surprise Jane has it with him. He managed to flick it from Ian’s pocket! Jane tells him that he wouldn’t give him the pump till the time Ian tells them about the secret. Ian succumbs and tells them that Castro was a thief as he was stealing from the firm. They didn’t find out till he disappeared and Mark took over his account. Lisbon asks Cho to bring in Ben and Dennis. Meanwhile, Jane is at the cemetery and asks the manager if he could use one of the graves for a small police operation. He says that he cant disclose anything else about the operation. In the end he says that he might need a coffin as well. Next, Lisbon interrogates Ben and Dennis. Ben tells them that Castro has been stealing from the firm and the amount is around seven million. But they have no idea where the money is and it is untraceable.

They did not inform the authorities about the theft in order to save the company’s face. Meanwhile, Grace comes to Jane with a note that she found on Castro’s desk. It has 19:24 written on it. Jane tells her that it is from the Bible. Matthew 19:24 and it is about rich people not getting into heaven. But he immediately leaves and stops Dennis and Ben before they could get into the elevator. He asks them about the numbers. Ben tells him that it is a private club for the rich. Ben also tells Jane that the charity event on the night which Castro disappeared was held in this club. Jane tells the team that they need to go to the club to solve the case and that he has called for a private meeting with the people from the firm. Jane notices a crib monitoring device on Rigby’s desk and asks him about it.

Next, at the club, Jane addresses to the crowd and tells them that they are here to investigate Castro’s murder. But he also tells them that the murderer is present amongst them. This creates a stir in the audience. But as he continue with his line of questioning, everybody leaves. Jane tells Lisbon that his idea was to scare the killer and to catch him while he tries to make a run. But it backfired. Next, Ben is leaving the hall and Jane tells him that they could go for a drive and discuss Castro’s murder. Ben agrees. In the car, Jane tells Ben that he is the one who murdered Castro and that he is a very good liar. Not many people have managed to fool the Mentalist. Jane asks him to stop at the cemetery. Jane tells him that he can prove it to him and asks Ben to walk with him. Jane tells him that Castro had figured out that someone was stealing and so he came and reported it to Ben as he was his boss. Before Castro could find out that Ben was the thief, Ben killed him.

Jane tells Ben that he had planned Castro’s murder very brilliantly. Castro was about to join the club and the on the night of the charity event, Castro would be initiated. But before that Castro was supposed to be hazed. Ben took Castro to the factory, asked him to remove his clothes and cuffed him. He then asked Castro to lie down in the box and Ben closed the box. Ben tells Jane that there is no proof. But Jane tells him that he is going to confess to him. While they were talking, Jane had led Ben to the empty grave at the cemetery. Now, Jane strikes Ben with a shovel and he falls into the casket at the bottom of the grave. The next morning, Lisbon arrives at the cemetery. He tells Lisbon that it is Ben is the killer and that he is going to confess. He then turns on the baby monitoring machine, and Lisbon is shocked to see Ben locked in the coffin.

Jane tells him that he is giving him the taste of his own medicine. Lisbon wants Jane to get him out but Jane says he wouldn’t until Ben confesses. And Ben does confess. They get Ben out. Lisbon and Jane go to see Wainwright. Wainwright tells them that there would be no case against Ben as that confession will hold any good. But Lisbon tells him that Cho has found proof to incriminate Ben. But Wainwright tells Jane that he tortured the guy and it reflects badly upon the CBI. Wainwright suspends Jane. Jane retaliates by calling him a mama’s boy. Jane is fired! He walks out with a smile. Lisbon wants to help him and tells her that she is sweet. He leaves. The episode ends.