The Crimson Hat - Recap

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The episode begins in Las Vegas where Jane is at a bar and a girl recognizes him. She tells him that she has seen him around and thinks that he is a magician. But he tells her that he is a con artist and he steals from people. He too remembers the girl, as she has served him drinks a couple of times and her name is Lorelei. Their talks begin to get philosophical. Just then a man arrives asking for his money. It appears that Jane had conned him and taken ten grand from him. Jane tricks him and escapes. But he is caught and they beat him up. Just then the cops arrive and Jane ends up hitting one of the cops. He gets tased. Meanwhile, in California, Lisbon, Grace, Cho and Rigsby arrive at a crime scene. The victim was shot with a shot gun in the face.

But instead of discussing the case, the cop tells Lisbon that she is sorry to hear about Jane and his arrest. Grace thinks that they should help him. But Lisbon tells her that Jane was given a a lot of chances and they have to concentrate on the case. Next, Jane is bailed out of jail. Jane thinks Lisbon is the one who got him out. He returns to his motel. At the office, Grace tells Lisbon that SAPD has managed to get an eye witness and they have also recovered the murder weapon. Lisbon and Grace leave to meet the eye witness. Meanwhile, at the motel, Lorelei visits Jane and she has got him some soup. She tells him that she bailed him out because she felt there is some strong connection between them. Jane agrees. Next, Grace and Lisbon are talking to the eye witness. Bean tells them how the killer tripped and his shot gun fell off his hands. She also describes the killer’s appearance and the logo on his t-shirt. Meanwhile, at the motel, Lorelei and Jane have sex.

The next morning when Jane wakes up, Lorelei tells him that his freedom, their night together was a gift from Red John. He wants Jane to think of him as a comrade and work with him. She tells him that he needs to start a new life but he asks Lorelei to leave. Next, Grace tells Cho and Rigsby about Kevin, the guy who was seen at the scene. Grace goes to interrogate Kevin. Meanwhile, Lisbon is at the church. Suddenly, Jane pops up from behind her. He tells Lisbon that he was putting up an act to prove to Red John that he had backed out. He tells her about the message that Red John sent him saying that he could he Jane start with a new life. So faking the breakdown did get Red John closer to Jane. He tells Lisbon that he is going to take John’s offer and he is going to let him lead. He wants Lisbon to help him. She agrees. He gives her a phone and tells her to keep the whole thing a secret and not a soul should know about this. He disappears.

Next, Cho is interrogating Kevin. Kevin tells Cho and Rigsby that the man shot himself and he did not kill him. His friend who was with Kevin says the same story. They only stole the gun and the bike the victim had. Next, Wainwright tells Lisbon that they should help Jane. Lisbon tells him that it is best that Jane is left alone at the moment and they could think about helping him later. Meanwhile, Jane meets Lorelei. He tells her that he is ready to accept Red John’s offer. She tells him that he has made a good decision. But he needs to do something to win Red John’s trust. He should kill Lisbon and take her dead body as a gift for John. Jane goes to the office. He meets the whole team. He goes into Lisbon’s office and he fires his gun.

Next, we see, Wainwright entering the office with some cops. Cho and Grace are kneeling next to a dead body lying in a pool of blood. They tell him that it is Rigsby and that Jane has taken Lisbon’s body. Next, this incident is all over in the news. Lorelei sees the news and is happy. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Lisbon are with Jane; sound and alive. Rigsby knows that his wife will be freaking out after this news. But Jane tells him that she will be happier to see him alive once she sees him. Just then Lorelei calls. She tells him that her friend is happy and that he is ready to meet Jane. She gives him the time and location. She tells him that he shouldn’t forget the gift; but instead of the whole body, he just needs to get Lisbon’s head. Meanwhile, at the office, Agent Darcy stops by and Wainwright tells her that when he offered to help Jane, Lisbon said a firm no. he doesn’t know what to make out of it. Meanwhile, Cho and Grace join the rest in Jane’s plan.

Jane is trying to make Lisbon’s head with a melon and wig etc. they all leave for the meeting. Meanwhile, Darcy goes to see Rigsby’s body in the morgue. She instantly realizes that this is not Rigsby. She makes a call and issues arrest warrant for all the team members. Next, Jane arrives at the address and the others are tracking his moves. Jane sees a bicycle in front of the house with a note on it. The note asks him to reach another address with Lisbon. Jane rids to the new address. And there is nothing, but desert. Just then a limo arrives and an armed man gets out of the limo. With him is Lorelei. Lisbon tells him that they are moving in. but as the start their car, a black car blocks their way. it is the FBI. They are not allowed to leave. Meanwhile, Lorelei walks towards the limo with Jane.

She knows what’s in the box and she asks him whether it is a football or cabbage. Jane tells her that it is a melon. Jane knows that he is doomed as his friends will not be able to arrive to rescue him. Lorelei tells the armed man to frisk Jane and then beat him up; but a little. They then put him in the passenger’s seat. Just then a voice talks to Jane. It is Red John. Jane asks him as to how did he know about the plan. He tells Jane that he has a good friend in the FBI and that’s how he saw through his plan. He asks Jane to be his friend but Jane tells him to go to hell. He tells Lorelei to cut two of Jane’s fingers. Just when she is about to cut them, the cops arrive. Lorelei and the guard toss Jane aside and try to escape.

But the FBI fires at the limo and it stops. The driver is dead and they arrest Lorelei. As for the man in the back seat; it is a dead man and there was a cell phone taped to him and it was on speaker! Next, Lisbon is interrogating Lorelei. She tells Lisbon that Jane and she were lovers. Jane tells Lorelei that she will have to answer their questions and she tells him that she won’t. But Jane affirms that she will and walks away. The episode ends.