The Red Glass Bead - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane watching Lorelei’s DNA samples being taken for testing. Lisbon arrives and tells him that they have a case and so they have to leave; else the FBI won’t like it. They then arrive at Dupont Gardens which is the crime scene. They enter the hotel room where there are two dead bodies lying on the floor and the responding officer, Yannick, tells Lisbon that the door was open and this is how they found the body. The victims are Rex Lango and Callie Carlson. They both worked together at the hotel; convention center. Yannick thinks that Callie was strangulated and Rex got clubbed with a bottle.

There is a lipstick mark on Rex’s cheek and Rigsby thinks that maybe Rex’s partner came into the room finds theses two kissing, hits Rex with the bottle and strangles Callie. Jane has another theory. They are about to leave the hotel and the FBI arrives. Both the departments get into an argument and it ends with Cho and Rigsby getting into a fight with two FBI agents. Bertram is pissed and tells Jane that this is his last chance as he is trying his best to cover up the mess Jane had created. He is attending a press conference and Jane tells Bertram that they cannot let the FBI have Lorelei. Bertram then talks to Alexa from the FBI. She tells him that they have to give them Lorelei or else there will be consequences.

Bertram points out that the FBI messed up and the FBI agent Darcy killed Wainwright. At the press conference, Alexa and Bertram declare that the criminal charges pressed against Jane were a part of a sting operation and now there are no problems between both the departments. Moreover, the CBI and the FBI are working together to solve the double murder case at the Dupont Gardens. The two teams then go to the hotel to investigate the murders. They talk to the manager, Norris and he tells them that Callie worked in housekeeping and Rex had joined recently. He did not know much about Rex. He asks them to talk to their work mates to find out more about their affair.

Jane asks the girl whether Norris had a thing for Callie. She tells them that Norris always hits on most of the women and asks them out. But no one went with him. Jane then talks to Norris and Norris admits that he did think about Callie sexually. Jane then figures out that he is hiding something in his pocket. The FBI agents check Norris’ wallet and find Callie’s pictures in it. The FBI takes Norris with them. Jane says that it is not fair and Gabe tells Jane that if they give them Lorelei, they will return Norris. Jane tells Lisbon that no way a man like Norris could strangle a woman on impulse. Norris was just a distraction that he created so that they could get FBI out of their way.

At the office, Grace tells Lisbon that Callie called Nicola Carlson, her sister, few minutes before the 911 call was made. She then gives her information on the Carlson family and that Nicola is the elder sister, a single mother. On the other hand, there is nothing on Rex; no friends or family. Rigsby and Cho then go to the place where the murder took place and question the neighbors. An old woman tells them that she had seen a man visit Callie just before the murder. She had never seen him before as Callie did not have many visitors. She felt happy that at last Callie had a boyfriend. She then heard a small tell from Callie’s room and she thought they were having sex.

This was at ten past seven and she knows this time as the lottery results were supposed to be declared at that time. Jane and Lisbon visit Nicola. She makes them hear the voice message Callie left when she called her. But Nicola did not get the message till she got home. She has never heard about Rex. Jane tells Nicola about the vintage wine that was found and Nicola says that this was the last bottle from her dad’s cellar. Callie was saving it for some special occasion. Just then Bertram calls Jane and tells him that the FBI folded on Lorelei and she is all his. Jane is suspicious as it is unlike them. Jane tells Lisbon that they should leave. He picks up one of the bracelets that Nicola is making and takes it with him.

Jane tells Lisbon that he needs to be alone when he is talking to Lorelei; nobody listening or watching. Lisbon agrees. Jane enters to talk to Lorelei and we see that Lisbon is listening into their conversation. Lorelei tells him that she won’t remain in here for long as Red John will get her out soon. But Jane tells her that he would kill her. Jane offers to give her a new identity and get her to some place safe. She doesn’t believe him and she asks him to kiss her. He kisses her and Lorelei tells him that she needs some time to think. Jane comes out and Lisbon is furious. Jane tells her that he was playing her and he would have married her if she wanted him to. Grace tells Lisbon that the ME’s reports show that Rex and Callie couldn’t have killed each other.

Moreover they found a feather in Callie’s mouth. Now, this suggests that Callie was strangled by hand and suffocated with a pillow. But why two different methods; are there two different people involved? Grace also finds out that Rex had his name changed and Rigsby and Cho have gone to talk to his family. His cousin tells them that no one could pronounce Rex’s actual name and so he had it changed. She says that he was a nice man, never got into trouble with the law and was good with computers. But Rex’s uncle has a different opinion; he thinks Rex was sneaky and a creep. Cho tells the team that Rex left Bakersfield two years ago to escape a paternity suit. It is weird that Callie would date a sleaze like him.

Also she sent him no texts or made any calls to him. Grace is waiting for the email records. Jane says that probably he was in Callie’s room to fix her computer as he was from tech support. He then leaves to talk to Lorelei. But the FBI arrives with a warrant of transfer of custody and they take Lorelei with them. Bertram tells Lane that the FBI was pretending all this while so that they could get a warrant. Jane tells Bertram that he should get Lorelei back as they would kill her. He tells him that Red John has an ally high up in the FBI. So if Bertram doesn’t get her back, Jane says that he will tell the press about this whole thing. He has no problems going to jail.

So, both the departments are in the Judge’s chambers. Alexa presents her case and tells the Judge that Jane has had sexual relation with Lorelei and the Judge feels that this makes the CBI unfit to handle Lorelei. But Jane tells the Judge that Lorelei has told him that Red John’s men in the FBI have a sign with through which they communicate; a small red glass bead. Gabe and Reed find red beads in their pockets. They claim that Jane planted them; but the Judge points out that Jane did not touch! Gabe is furious and throws a bottle at Jane. He then runs behind Jane. At the office, the CBI team is still trying to put the pieces together and they are missing something. Jane suddenly asks for Nicola’s number.

The team then goes to the place where the Valerie Whittaker is being awarded the check as she won the lottery. Jane asks her if she knew Officer Tom Yannick and she denies. He then asks Nicola to come forward and tells Valerie that she is the sister of the girl who was murdered for the lottery ticket. Valerie is stunned and asks Yannick as to why did he tell her that nothing would go wrong. Yannick tries to escape but Cho handcuffs him. Yannick and Valerie are in the interrogation room. Rigsby tells them what happened. Callie learns that she won the lottery and Rex was fixing her computer. She is excited and she kisses Rex on the cheek, takes out the bottle that she was saving for a special moment and then calls her sister.

Rex tries to take advantage and tries to strangle Callie to take the ticket from her. But she hits him with the bottle and Rex dies. Callie then calls 911 and she faints. Later, Yannick arrives as he is the responding officer and he puts two and two together. Yannick then kills Callie by suffocating her with a pillow and takes the ticket. Next, Jane and Lisbon go to the prison to get Lorelei. But they are abashed to see that the woman that is brought to them is someone totally different. The episode ends.