Devil's Cherry - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane arriving at St. Francis wood which is a crime scene. A man is found lying dead on his couch; he is killed with an electric saw and there is blood all over the walls and the couch. The victim is Victor Mendelssohn and he is a diamond cutter. Rigsby feels that Jane seems a little off since the FBI took Lorelei. Jane walks to the kitchen and sets a pot on the gas stove. Lisbon is talking to Victor’s neighbor, Betty Fulfert. She tells Lisbon that she and Victor used to chat every morning over the fence. She doesn’t know of anyone who would try to harm him; but she did hear Victor arguing with a man last night.

She says that they were arguing about orchids. She also says that the men were in the kitchen and so she couldn’t see the other man. Jane goes back to the kitchen to get his cup of tea. He sees a butterfly sitting on a flower outside the window. Just then he hears the lid of a vessel rattling. He lifts it up and drops his cup. Cho inquires if everything is fine and he tells him that everything is “peachy”. He then opens the lid again, smiles and asks”How did you get in there”. It is a rabbit. Cho is interrogating the house maid. She says that she saw a lot of black ants in the house for the past two weeks and she knew something bad was coming (According to some South American legends, black ants signify death in the family). She then gives Jane the eagle’s claw and say t hat it would help him find the killer.

The rabbit jumps out of Jane’s hand and runs off and Jane follows it. He arrives in the neighbor’s garden where he meets a girl. It is her rabbit and she says that she was expecting him. Jane asks her if she knows something about the murder, but she in turn starts testing him. When Jane is about to leave, she says that she will help. She then takes him to Victor’s workplace as she says that Victor used to hate to go to his shop and preferred working close to home. They go inside. The girl once again starts playing games with Jane. Jane wants to know her name and she tells him that she is Charlotte and she is his daughter. He feels that Red John has put her up to this. Lisbon and Cho arrive. He asks Lisbon to run a background check on the girl as she claims she is his daughter.

Lisbon is pleased to meet his daughter and Jane snaps saying that his daughter is dead. Judging his body language, Lisbon tells Cho that he is having another episode. Cut to the scene in the kitchen, where, Jane drops the cup of tea. Cho and Lisbon rush in. Cho figures out that the tea he drank was actually belladonna (Devils’ Cherry). He knows this as he was in narcotics. Lisbon offers to go with Jane to the hospital. At the HQ, Grace tells Rigsby and Cho that the only prints found on the pot were Jane’s. So, he smudged prints and drank evidence! Rigsby tells them about Victor’s daughter, Melaina, who is on her way here. She moved in with her father last year. Cho, who is now in charge, asks Grace about Victor’s coworker.

She tells him that Victor had an assistant named Julian Gallego. Grace interrogates Julian. He is very depressed about Victor’s death and tells her that lately Victor had gotten a rare blue diamond which after cutting and polishing could be worth 20 million dollars. But he finds it strange as Victor never handled a diamond more that 50 carats. He also tells Grace that Victor took the diamond home with him and kept it on a shoulder wallet. But Grace tells him that there was no shoulder wallet found on victor. Julian tells Grace that Fahad Ranjani, another diamond cutter had threatened Victor. Julian tells her that Fahad thought that the blue orchid, which is considered to be a career breaking stone, would come to him.

Melaina tells Rigsby that only she and Julian knew about the shoulder pouch as her father never trusted anyone. She also says that she doesn’t know anything about the toxic substance in her teapot. She gives her consent to run tests on her vehicle. Next, Jane wakes up and finds Charlotte standing next to him. He knows this is not real and it is a hallucination. They have a small conversation and she asks him if anyone knows who he is. He then turns around and calls out to Lisbon. Cut to the real world, Lisbon is glad to see Jane awake. He asks her for water and when she returns with water, Lisbon finds the bed empty and Jane gone. He gets into his car and finds Charlotte on the seat beside him. Well, she tells him that he is still tripping. She tells him that he should not be driving; especially not an ambulance.

That is right. Jane actually gets into an ambulance thinking that it is his car. Lisbon did warn him that it will take some time for the hallucinogen to leave his system. Lisbon arrives and asks him to back to the bed. Jane tells her that he had a breakthrough in the case and he implores her to take him back to the scene. On the other hand, Grace is questioning Fahad and he tells her that the Maharaja of Jodhpur owns the blue orchid and he had personally called him for his services. But then Victor stole his job from him. He admits to threatening Victor and says that if he intended to kill Victor, he wouldn’t broadcast his intentions. He leaves saying that he needs to get back to work.

Betty tells Grace that the man she heard didn’t have an accent like Fahad’s. Jane then recounts the incidents (hallucinatory events) that took place after he drank the tea. But when he arrives at the neighbor’s yard, he finds a pool instead of a manicured garden. He then tells Lisbon that he is hallucinating about his daughter. He then tells her about Victor’s workshop. When they arrive at the workshop, Jane finds that it is nothing like he had hallucinated. Julian is at the workshop and Lisbon asks Jane to look around. Charlotte appears at the workshop and tells Jane that he needs to stop obsessing about Red John and he needs to deal with the fact that they are dead. He then finds the blue orchid in Julian’s bag.

Julian says that they were arguing about how to shape the diamond and he didn’t tell Grace as she didn’t directly ask him. It is time for Charlotte to go. She tells him that she loves him and leaves. At the office, Jane tells the team that he doesn’t think Julian is the murder. He then asks Rigsby about the housemaid who gave him the necklace. Rigsby said there was no maid; so she was a hallucination too. He then says that he remembers seeing the butterfly fly up to the neighbor’s window which has a clear view into the kitchen. This means that she lied that she couldn’t see the kitchen. They then go to meet Betty. They tell her that they found the blue orchid but not the killer. Jane prepares tea and pours it for the ladies.

Lisbon tells her that a smart killer took the blue orchid and planted it in Julian’s bag and took the smaller diamonds which would be easier to fence. Just then Betty feels a tickle at her feet and sees a rabbit under the table; but Jane and Lisbon say that they can’t see anything. They then start talking in a funny language. Betty is perplexed and then she looks shocked. She picks up something from the drawer and runs into Cho. The thing that she had in her hand is Victor’s shoulder pouch. She is terrified that she drank belladonna and she needs medical help. Jane tells her that it wasn’t belladonna but a similar tasting tea. They tricked her.

They find the smaller diamonds. Grace interrogates Betty. She says that she has been planning it for years and when she saw the men arguing, she knew it was the right time. She has had the belladonna on her for months for an occasion of this sort. He gave him the tea and the hallucinations made it easy for her. She convinced Victor to take his own life by telling him that the diamonds are trapped in his stomach. Next, we see that Jane takes out few leaves from a packet and makes another cup of tea and sips on it. The episode ends.