Blood Feud - Recap

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The episode begins with a knock at Rigsby’s door; two officers Jurmain and Webber are there to take him to the Bureau. Jurmain is about to cuff Rigsby when Webber tells him that Rigsby is a cop and that he shouldn’t be cuffed in front of his kid. At the Bureau, everyone looks upset. To add to that La Roche arrives and Rigsby is taken for interrogation. La Roche warns Rigsby that if he doesn’t like what Rigsby is going to tell him, he will charge him with murder. Rigsby begins telling La Roche his story which begins in Carson Springs a week ago. Rigsby says that he got a call at around three in the morning about a shooting at the edge of town.

He reached the scene at around five and Jane and Lisbon arrived twenty minutes later. Cut to the scene, the victim’s name is Andy Hoff and there are three shotgun shells found at a distance. Lisbon notices the victim’s ride and Jane observes the shattered window glass. Rigsby tells them that he is a barber and owns his own shop. Lisbon looks around the place and notices that it is a strange place to stop by. Rigsby says that there is a large gang that deals in drugs and Lisbon says that Hoff doesn’t look like a gang member. Wonder if it is a drug deal gone wrong! Well, Jane says that they should ask the other guy. He then points out to a rope with towels hanging and one is missing. There is blood on the ground. They follow the trail. They hear some noise coming from a building. Rigsby kicks open the door. He is stupefied when he sees that wounded man is his father!

He is rushed to the hospital. Later, the doctor tells Rigsby that his father has stabilized but there is a bullet in his pericardium that cannot be removed as an open heart surgery isn’t advisable in his condition and the bullet could cause a stroke. Lisbon and Rigsby go to meet Steve as they need to ask him few questions. But Steve doesn’t answer anything. Lisbon then tells Rigsby that he cannot solve this case and asks him to go home to his kid. At the CBI office, Lisbon and Jane are interrogating Samantha who went to the same barber school with Hoff. Lisbon shows Samantha Steve’s picture and Samantha tells them that she hasn’t seen him before. Jane points out that Samantha did not react to the fact that her business partner, Hoff, was moving around with a violent criminal. She says she doesn’t want to get involved.

Lisbon assures her that she wouldn’t get into any trouble if she tells them what she knows. Samantha tells them that Hoff was having family troubles. Hoff’s father is Tom Overton; from “The Overton family”. When Hoff’s mother found out what kind of a man Tom was, she moved away and raised Hoff honest, without taking a penny from the Overtons. Hoff wasn’t close with his family. Next, Grace tells Lisbon that half the town is run by Overtons and the other half by the Low Riders. Hoff and Steve were shot in Low Rider territory. But things have been quiet between the families lately and so there is no reason someone should start trouble now. Lisbon asks Cho and Jane to talk to Steve while Grace goes to the gym to find out more about the gang feud. She meets Fletcher Moss. She learns that the gym is a neutral ground for the rival families.

Grace tells Moss about the situation and Grace asks if the Low Riders would have shot Steve and Hoff for just being on their territory. Moss says that looking at the present situation, he finds that unlikely. Cho and Jane arrive at the hospital and they find the bed empty. The nurse arrives and Jane asks her, ‘There was a man attached to this needle; have you seen him?” Cut to the present, Rigsby tells la Roche that he insisted that he be on the case and so Lisbon put him back on it. He tells la Roche that after getting out of the hospital, Steve got in touch with his girlfriend who is called Rocket. They got in touch with Rocket and learned that he was supposed to meet her at a bar. So, Rigsby went alone instead of going with Cho as Steve didn’t like cops much. At the bar, Rigsby tells his father that he should go back to the hospital.

But Steve says he won’t and Rigsby joins him for a beer. Jane and Lisbon go to the Overton house and meet the alpha, Sue. She introduces them to her son Kyle. Sue is Tom’s sister and she says that she did not kill Hoff and they are in the business of dry cleaning and hence she isn’t aware of any drug deals and Low Riders. However, her calm and cool expression does change when Jane mentions that her husband was killed by the Low Riders. Grace once again meets Moss and tells him that her boss is on her way to meet the Low riders and they know that it is run by a guy named Beltran. Moss says that Beltran is a bad guy. Appears that Beltran killed Sue’s husband and in turn they killed his brother. Jane and Lisbon talk to Beltran and learn that one of Beltran’s guys was beaten up by the Overtons as they had a small dispute over a new turf. But he says that he did not kill Hoff.

Jane feels that someone wants these two families to go into war. At the bar, Steve tells Rigsby that someone called Hoff and threatened to burn down his barber shop. He went to help Hoff and that is all he knows. He then asks Rigsby to show him Benjamin’s pictures. He then wants to see his grandson and as they are about to leave, Steve has a stroke because of the stuck bullet and he dies. Everybody is upset for Rigsby’s loss. Lisbon tells Jane about Grace’s meeting with Moss. Jane finds something leery about this guy and they go to meet Moss. Jane gets Moss to agree to let them conduct a meeting between the Overtons and the Low Riders at his facility. Moss was basically a small time crook who is now trying to be a better person by pulling out crooks off the streets.

Jane then goes to meet Sue and convinces her for the meet by telling her that there is a Low Rider who is ready to give up his whole gang to the CBI; but he needs a job with the Overtons. He also says that the Low Riders have ordered a substantial supply of guns. Sue wants to meet the informant and asks her men to check about the supply. This is the supply that Grace has sent on Jane’s orders. The guys spy on the Low Riders. Jane then meets Beltran and tells him that the Overtons are spying on him. He gives them the same informant story. The two gang leaders arrive at the gym for the meeting. They begin to blame each other. Jane feels that both of them have been misinformed. Beltran was told by his source that the park was an open turf and Sue was told by someone that Beltran killed Hoff. Both of them realize that it was Moss who has been fueling up a feud. Once these two are dead, Moss could take over.

So Moss killed Hoff and Steve. While the talk is on Rigsby arrives and Cho isn’t sure it is a good idea for him to be here. But Rigsby assures him that he will be fine. Moss draws his gun and runs. Rigsby follows him. Moss fires at Rigsby and Rigsby gets his shot and Moss is on the ground. Moss asks for help as he isn’t able to feel his arm. Rigsby goes forward to help and just then Moss tries to shoot at him again. This time Rigsby fires his final shot. Cut to the present, it is time for La Roche’s report. He tells Jane and Lisbon that his report would say that Rigsby acted appropriately and he will be cleared. He however feels that Jane facilitated this legal revenge for Rigsby; however this cannot be proved.

La Roche also will state in his report that Lisbon was wrong in calling Rigsby to the site. Jane says that he was the one who called Rigsby. At home, Rigsby cradles his son. Benjamin has a pacifier in his mouth; but Rigsby is in tears. The episode ends.