Cherry Picked - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane questioning a prisoner transport vehicle driver about Lorelei. But she says that she didn’t see her and Jane checks her pulse to see if she is lying. He lets her go. Lisbon calls Jane and she asks him to come to a crime scene. Jane arrives at River Park. The victim is a community security guard; Casey Boris and he was shot twice, on in the arm and the other in the chest and it happened about an hour ago. Lisbon talks to the neighbors and Jane notices one man busy doing something on his cell phone and walks up to him. He wonders why he is in a hurry to get out of here while the others are trying to help.

He is Isaac Goodwin and he isn’t from this neighborhood. His brother and his wife do. But they are out of town and he is collecting their mail. Jane states that Isaac is a hedge fund manager and he doesn’t do favors on anyone unless there is something in it for him. Jane then goes to Isaac’s brother’s house as he suspects something. He knows that he will find signs of struggle and he is right. Isaac tells him that the mess was made by the movers. Jane then walks into the kitchen and finds that there are two wine glasses in the sink and concludes that there was someone else in that apartment with Isaac. Just then the phone rings and Jane grabs it to answer the call. But Isaac tells him not to as “he” doesn’t want the police to be involved. He then tells Jane that his brother, Marcus and wife, Pella have been kidnapped and this is the kidnapper’s call.

Well, actually it was Jane calling and he only wanted to find out what was going on. Lisbon briefs Cho and Rigsby about the situation; it seems that the security guard tried to intervene during the abduction and got shot. She wants them to do everything to get an id on the suspect. Inside the house, Isaac says that he is Marcus’ financial manager and he is hesitant to pay a ransom of 5 million. This ransom demand was sent as an email to Isaac. Isaac is not ready to give up his phone. he doesn’t want the cops involved. He locks himself in the room. Lisbon threatens too breakdown the door. Isaac has called his lawyer. Brenda arrives and tells Lisbon that they need to handle the Goodwin case with great care as Marcus is a valuable asset to the Pentagon and if Lisbon doesn’t comply then she will have to call Bertram.

Lisbon gives in. Jane notices that they have coupled a pizza with a classic red wine; that is odd! Jane then notices a mat with a bowl on it and it has the name Howard on it. Jane calls out to the dog. Jane finds the dog with a neighbor and says that Howard usually never wanders away from his property. He then tells Jane that the gate Howard ran out from has a funny latch and it is difficult to handle unless one is used to it. Jane asks the old man to watch Howard for a while. Jane goes back in the house and plays the record and the music system. Lisbon is still struggling to get Isaac out of the room. He knocks on the door and tells Isaac that Marcus and Pella weren’t kidnapped. Just then the Goodwin couple walks in, wondering what the hell is happening.

They tell the cops that they were out hiking with no cell reception and their best friends, Sloan and Gary Dietz were staying at their place. Jane figured this out by looking at the wine-pizza combination and also how Howard was let out through the gate. The kidnapper calls; it is a video call. Jane tells the kidnapper that he knows that his original plan was to kidnap Sloan and Gary as he knows that had he kidnapped Marcus and Pella then he would have to deal with Isaac who wouldn’t part with the money easily. On the other hand, since Marcus is a nice guy, he would be guilt ridden and he would pay to free his friends; this means that the kidnapper knows Marcus well. Jane bargains for 3 million. Later, the kidnapper calls asking for 4 million and Marcus agrees. He asks Isaac to get the money. Jane declares that Isaac doesn’t have it.

Isaac admits that he put in the money in the market and now if they need to arrange for the money, they need to liquidate their assets. Cho and Rigsby track down a van as they see it in the security camera footage three blocks away from the Goodwin house. Next, Jane is questioning another driver, Walter and he says that he hasn’t seen Lorelei. Judging b his body language, Jane knows he is lying. But Walter leaves. Cho and Rigsby arrive at a house and a woman opens the door. It was her van that was reported stolen, which the duo saw on the camera footage. They then notice that she has an expensive television in her hall. Things don’t seem to add up! She admits that she sold the van but it was still in her name. She was given extra money and so she bought the TV.

But she reported it stolen as she wasn’t sure what the man would do with the car which was still in her name. they take her to the office to get a sketch made. Meanwhile, the kidnapper calls again and this time Jane makes a deal that he has to release one of the hostages as an act of god faith; else he wouldn’t get a dime. Moments later, Sloan calls. Sloan isn’t able to help in any way as she didn’t see the face or remember anything as to where she was kept. They Goodwins are falling short of a million and Isaac says that it would be difficult to arrange. They ask Isaac to chip in. the kidnapper tells them the location for the drop and says that Sloan will bring it to them. Jane leaves and Lisbon follows him. She realizes that the driver he interviewed knows something. Next, Jane goes through Walter’s house and his belongings.

Rigsby drops Sloan off to her place. Once he leaves Sloan makes a call. It is the same guy from the sketch the black woman sold the car to. It seems that he is her boyfriend and she is in this whole thing with him. But the guy seems nervous as he didn’t want the guard to be killed and for her to be released so early. She tells him it will be fine. The guy says that he doesn’t want to kill Gary. She knows that. She talks to Gary and tells him that he wasted ten years of her life. She bids him goodbye. Next day, the team wires Sloan and sends her to the location. Cho and Rigsby are around her. In the parking lot, Jane makes Lisbon act as if she is shot and there are more shots fired. They then pretend that they have taken down the kidnapper. Sloan is hearing all this through her earpiece and she gets up and leaves.

She then goes into the basement of the mall and enters a dead end where Grace cannot keep a track of her movements. But she directs the team where to look for her. The cops enter the mall and a disguised Sloan walks out with her victory smile, as she goes unnoticed by anyone. Cho and Rigsby finds Sloan’s clothes and phone with her accomplice’s number in it. They ask Grace to trace the number. She locates the kidnapper; he is in the storage basement. He is arrested. He tells them where to find Gary. Sloan is at her hotel and Cho and a team break down the door. She is arrested. Cho reveals a tracking device hidden in between the notes. Gary is safe. Lisbon tells Brenda that Jane realized that the kidnapper was discussing the negotiation with someone and that had to be the mastermind behind all this and also someone who knew the Goodwins well.

So, whoever was released is the brains behind the kidnapping. Next, Jane waits foe Walter to arrive home. He pours them a drink. Jane tells him that he knows that Walter raped an inmate and the FBI used that information as leverage to have him take Lorelei on a mystery tour. Walter is shocked as to how Jane knows about this. He says he is sorry. He says that the guy who called him was FBI Agent Nemo. Cute! Walter says he is ready to tell where he took Lorelei. Moments later, Jane walks out from Walter’s house. The cops are waiting outside. He is all yours!! The cops enter the house and Jane leaves. The episode ends.