Red Dawn - Recap

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The episode begins several years ago, when Jane arrives at the CBI office to meet Lisbon. She is surprised that Jane is at the office as the cops had lost track of him six months ago. Jane’s wife and daughter were killed the previous year. Just then one of the cops arrives and says that there is a body found and Lisbon asks Rigsby to check it out while she talks to Jane. Lisbon meets Jane and he asks her about the developments in the Red John case. Lisbon asks him to come another time, after taking an appointment. Jane says that he will come after three hours. Lisbon asks Steve to show Jane out.

Jane provokes Steve and Steve socks him. Jane says that he deserved it. Lisbon arrives and takes Jane into the office and asks for some ice for Jane’s bleeding nose. Later, Lisbon’s boss talks to Jane and Jane wants to know about the leads on the Red John case. He asks Jane to ride along with Lisbon and she would answer all his questions. Next they arrive at the crime scene. Jane is introduced to Cho and Cho tells Lisbon that the victim’s name is Vincent Dellinger and he was shot three times. The coroner estimates that he was shot around midnight. Jane takes a look at the body and he feels queasy. Jane then tells Steve and Lisbon to find the lady Dellinger was on a date with. Steve mocks him, calling him a psychic.

Jane says that Dellinger smells of alcohol and mint and cologne; all of these points out that he was on a date. Cho finds out that Dellinger had dinner at a restaurant last night. The victim’s father is a Judge and Lisbon goes to meet him. Jane decides to go with her. They arrive at the Judges’ house and the Judge doesn’t want to talk to Lisbon inside the house as his wife is distraught. The Judge tells Lisbon that he thinks that this had nothing to do with his son; he feels that it is an act of revenge as he has sent lot of people to prison. Jane states that Dellinger was an alcoholic and the Judge doesn’t appreciate it.

Lisbon tells Jane that she could get into a lot of trouble if the Judge gets pissed off. Cho calls and tells her that Jane’s inference was right about Dellinger being on a date. He says that Dellinger got so drunk that the woman left. His date was Kelly Burbage and she is coming in tomorrow. Lisbon tells Jane to come to the office the next morning for the files. The next morning Jane is at the office and Cho and Rigsby are surprised to see him. Kelly Burbage is there and Cho goes to interrogate her. She works at a bar and Dellinger was a regular there. She tells him that Dellinger got drunk and then he got ma; so she left. Cho tells her that he was shot two hours after Kelly left.

She is shocked and she tells Cho that her ex-boyfriend called her after she got home and he was in a mess. He had followed her to the date and he kept telling that Dellinger was a big loser. His name is Emmet Cox. Cho tells Lisbon that Cox has had priors. Lisbon tells Jane that she feels that he shouldn’t look at the files; but he states that her boss said he could. She then agrees to send him the files. Cox is brought in and he tells Steve that he only followed Dellinger; but Dellinger was driving too fast and he couldn’t keep up; so he went home. Steve tells Lisbon that if he allowed to go out at Cox again, he will open up. But Lisbon thinks Cox is telling the truth.

Rigsby tells Lisbon that the guys who threatened the Judge could not have killed Dellinger. He also says that the ballistics shows that the gun used to kill Dellinger was used in an armed robbery 12 years ago. Cho tells Lisbon that Dellinger had killed a woman named Mia in a drunken driving. But the charges were dropped and there was no jail time. He then says that the woman’s husband, Christian Dos Santos was pissed and he made some threats. Nathaniel Kim was handling the case. Cho meets Kim and asks him why the manslaughter charges were dropped. Kim says that there was no witness to prove that Dellinger killed the woman. There was blood on his car but it wasn’t a match to Mia’s. So there was no case.

Cho points out at the possibility that the Judge could have used his reach. Kim says that he couldn’t arrest a Judge on a haunch. Lisbon talks to Christian Dos Santos along with Mia’s mother. He says that he shouldn’t have threatened Dellinger but the mother feels that Christian should have done more as Dillinger didn’t pay for his crime. Cho and Rigsby don’t have much on the case. The Red John files arrive and Jane is about to go through the files. But before he does that, Lisbon tells him that she wants his help. She wants him to go into the room where everybody related to this murder are kept and she wants him to spot the liar. He tells her that he is not a psychic; he is a fraud.

But whatever it is, he has a gift. He enters the room and asks the people who killed Dillinger. They all get pissed. Lisbon asks the people to leave and Jane tells her that he is 70% sure as to who the killer is. He then tells the group that he is going to perform a card trick with which he can identify the killer. Since there is no tarot deck available, he takes few empty cards and draws some tarot figures on it. He then tells them that the subconscious mind which knows the truth will make the right choice. He asks them to close their eyes and think of their scariest dreams. He then tells each one their dreams and they are surprised. He then identifies the killer as Nathaniel Kim. Kim starts crying.

Later, Kim tells Cho that everything he owned was invested in the bar. The bar got sued as there was a fight in the bar. It was at that time that he got the Dellinger case where he was supposed to be charged of manslaughter. Kim goes to the Judge and makes a deal that if he rules in favor of the bar at the law suit; he would hide evidence that could convict Dellinger. The Judge agreed. That night when Dellinger was drunk, he called Kim and told him that he hit someone again. Kim asked him to own up to his crime and Dillinger threatened him that if Kim doesn’t help then he would reveal about the deal. So he went to the place to meet him. Dellinger was freaked out as he could not find the body.

Kim knew this was his chance and he shot him. Cho tells him that the uniforms found a deer hit by a vehicle at a distance. Dillinger was too drunk to know the difference. Next, Lisbon tells Cho and Rigsby that the department has hired Jane. Steve has asked for a transfer and someone else will replace him. Rigsby goes through the file of the trainees and tells Cho that he likes Grace’s profile. Jane thanks Lisbon and hugs her. She then takes him to a room full of files where he can go through Red John files related to the murders of his wife and daughter.

Next, Alexa from the FBI calls Minelli and tells him that she would like to be informed about the updates on the Red John case. She also tells him that Jane has been in a mental asylum for a while and wishes him luck. She then tells somebody sitting across her that the work is done; it is Robert Kirkland. Next morning, Lisbon arrives at work and finds Jane asleep on the couch. The episode ends.