If It Bleeds, It Leads - Recap

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The episode begins at Loma Vista Point where a group of cyclists are enjoying the view and then one of them is about to click pictures of the group. Just then a black sedan speeds in their direction and falls of the cliff. A red car pulls over and a man arrives to check on the accident. He rushes downhill to check on the driver and asks the cyclists to call 911. We see that it is a woman in the black car and she asks the guy to help him. On seeing that the cyclists aren’t around, the man kills the woman by suffocating her. The team arrives at the scene and Jane doesn’t want to be round as he is working on the Lorelei case. They then go to examine the body in the car and Jane states that the woman is murdered.

He says that there are no skid marks on the road. Initially we see a bag in the car and it is now missing. Jane points out the same as he says that a woman, who is dressed like her, will definitely have a bag. So where is it? And she was also halfway eating her cheese burger. He leaves. At the CBI office, forensics confirms that Cassandra Floods was murdered. She worked on human interest stories. The last story she did was on space travel for rich people. In that show Tommy Volker from First Flight says that a ticket would cost quarter million. Rigsby arrives and tells the team that couple of months back, Cassie exposed a huge black market in auto parts and Dickie Yuntz was indicted. Lisbon arrives to meet Jane and asks him to go with her to the news station where Cassie worked.

At Nightly News 7, Lisbon talks to Ryan Kasmir. Ryan tells her that there were threatening notes for Cassie and the cops weren’t informed as it keeps happening. Ryan then suggests that they should get on air as public attention might help them solve the case. Jane asks him to sum up Cassie in one word and he says “promise” as Cassie showed great promise. Rigsby and Cho go to Belles Glen speedway and ask for Richard Yuntz. On seeing the cops, Yuntz runs. Cho arrests him. At the news station, Ed Hunt is looking for his glasses and he asks Tara Skye if she moved it; but she says a no. Jane talks to Tara and asks her about Cassie. She tells him that Cassie slept her way to the top. First she slept with Ed Hunt and then Ryan.

She also says that the day Cassie died; she heard her making plans with someone to meet in secret. Jane suggests that Tara hated Cassie because Tara tried throwing herself on Ed and Ryan and they didn’t pay heed to her but they instantly liked Cassie. Tara slaps Jane. Lisbon and Grace discuss and Grace tells Lisbon that Ryan denies romantic involvement with Cassie and calls Tara a back stabbing bitch. Grace also states that she wasn’t able to meet the guy who rushed to Cassie’s help. The witnesses spoke about him, but he seems to be untraceable. Lisbon leaves to talk to Ed. On the other hand, Jane tries to get into Federal prison but fails. Lisbon meets Ed at a charity event where the tickets for Volker’s plane are being auctioned.

Lisbon asks him about his affair with Cassie and he at once realizes that Tara has been filling her ears. He says that he and Cassie were best of friends but there was nothing exclusive. He says that they had a “moment” and they both moved on. He then shows her a picture of his and Cassie with Volker at an event. She wants Ed to introduce her to Volker. Lisbon talks to Volker and before she could learn much, his secretary arrives and takes him away for a meeting. He gives Lisbon his personal card and asks her to call him. At the office, Yuntz interrogation doesn’t yield results as he lawyers up. grace tells Rigsby that the front desk at the Tides Edge hotel told her that Mr. Floods is still there in the room. But the fact is that Cassie is single.

They bring in Mr. Flood. Lisbon calls Jane who is examining the perimeter of the federal prison. She tells him that there is a guy who says that Volker murdered Cassie. The guy they are interrogating is Steve Berman. Steve tells them that he and Cassie went to journalism school together and he is known for publishing “the truth” in his magazine. He says that Cassie came to him with a new on Volker. Volker had a geothermal project going o in the Amazon rainforest and that he was also responsible for wiping away an entire tribe that inhabited that land and blamed it on the drug cartel and rebels. Steve agreed to publish the story when no one dared. He says that there was an inside informant in Volker’s company who helped Cassie with the audit trails and they don’t lie!

Lisbon confronts Volker but he says that when he met Cassie, they didn’t discuss the project at all. His PA, Amanda, seems a little on the edge. Later, Lisbon goes to talk to Amanda in her apartment. Amanda tells her that when Cassie was killed, Volker was at a charity event at San Francisco. She then tells her that Cassie did return and asked questions about the Amazon village and the massacre. She could clearly see that Volker was lying and he was angry. She tells Lisbon that Volker is capable of a lot of things. But Amanda does not recognize the sketch that Lisbon shows her of the man who the cyclists describe.

Lisbon tells her to be calm and that they will protect her when the time comes. Lisbon calls Jane and he tells her that he has an idea. He asks her to come by the news room along with Cho. The next day, Jane tells Lisbon that he is going on air as Ryan thinks it is best thing to do. Once again, Ed can’t seem to find his glasses. Jane tells Ed that they caught the killer. The show begins and as usual, Jane goes off script. He mentions that Cassie’s car was tampered and points out that Ed and Volker have a good knowledge about cars. Ed is caught a little off guard. Jane states that Ed tampered with her car.

Jane then pulls out Ed’s specs and says that they were found in Cassie’s wreckage. He screams and says that it is impossible as he wasn’t wearing them! He runs and Cho gets him. At the interrogation, he tells Cho that he only wanted to scare her and that is why he sent those notes to portray that Yuntz was after her and that she would leave town. But all this wasn’t his idea. He says that Volker put him up to it. He says that Volker made it look like more of a dare to tamper the car and he couldn’t back down. He says that killing Cassie wasn’t the intention.

Jane thinks that Ed is a fool while Volker seems formidable. Lisbon can’t make sense out of this. She feels that Volker just got lucky as the accident killed Cassie. But Jane points out that the Good Samaritan was not only there to help, but he was there to kill Cassie. Lisbon is pissed and she says that she is going to get Amanda to get her anything on Volker so that they could bring him in. she calls Amanda. But we then see that the man, who suffocated Cassie to death, is now strangling Amanda and Volker is sitting there watching it. They arrive at Amanda’s house the next day, and find her hanging from the ceiling.

Volker arrives and tells her that Amanda left a suicide note via email. She tells him that he wouldn’t get away with this. At the office, Kirkland pays Lisbon a visit. He tells her to stop worrying about Volker as he has been taken care of. He says that Volker is a very powerful man and that she needs to step down. Kirkland leaves and runs into Jane. Jane doesn’t know him but he tells Jane that he knows him. The episode ends.