Red Sails in the Sunset - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane walking into a movie theatre and meeting Bret Stiles. He wants to know if he is ready to help him and Stiles tells Jane to give up on his plans as it is impossible. He warns him that he would end up in the Federal prison just in case he gets caught and Jane is well aware of that. Next, in Chowchilla Women’s prison, Lorelei Martins is pulled off her duty and put in a truck. Jane parks his car, and leaves the keys in. he then smashes the window of his own car and leaves it there. Lorelei is dropped off on a lonely road and a car pulls up. Her delight turns into a surprise when she sees Jan inside the car. She walks away. She thought it was Red John who helped her out.

Jane tells her that he will drop her where ever she wants. She agrees. Lisbon is trying to reach Jane. She is surprised to see Kirkland in the office. He tells her that Lorelei escaped from prison and that Jane was questioning transport drivers from the prison. Lisbon thinks that Jane did not do this and Kirkland tells her that if he did, he is in a lot of danger. Lisbon tells her team to find out where Jane is. Grace tells her about Jane’s abandoned car that was reported. Lorelei tells Jane that she won’t tell him anything about Red John. She then tells him that she wants to go the ocean. Lisbon and Kirkland arrive at the site where the car is found. Kirkland infers that Jane is been abducted.

Jane doesn’t have Lorelei, Lorelei has Jane. Kirkland briefs the team. Lisbon and Kirkland talk to Dana Martins, Lorelei’s mother. Dana tells them that she has nothing to do with her. Lisbon looks at the picture of Dana and her husband who is twice her age and asks her if he is her father. Lisbon is pissed that Dana doesn’t know why her daughter is a psychopath’s mistress and how she got into all this. Dana doesn’t like her and asks her to leave. Lorelei and Jane sleep on the beach. In the morning, Jane wakes up and finds Lorelei taking a swim in the ocean. A park ranger arrives and Lorelei hides behind the rock. He tells Jane that campfires and public nudity are prohibited on State beaches. Jane tells him that it wouldn’t happen again and the ranger leaves. Jane then asks her where she wants to go. Later, Kirkland and Lisbon meet the ranger.

He called them when he heard about the kidnapping. He tells them that Jane asked him if he had a gun and that he looked nervous. He also tells them that he didn’t see the woman as she was supposedly naked. They think that Lorelei had a gun pointed at him all time and might have fired if Jane uttered one wrong word. He tells them the car Jane was driving. Jane arrives at a convenience store and picks up a hat, sunglasses, hair color and few other things. A boy stares at Jane and Jane finds it weird. He then makes some funny eyes at him and leaves. Lorelei has moved the car from where Jane had left it to another place. Jane was scared for a moment. He then tells her that she would be coloring her hair. Next, Dana arrives to meet Lisbon and tells her that she sold her younger daughter Miranda to a wealthy, childless couple.

She realized later that on that day she lost both her daughters as Lorelei never forgave her mother for what she did. Jane checks into a motel with Lorelei. Lisbon talks to the Romanian couple who bought Miranda. They tell her that Miranda was a troubled child as she remembered a lot from her childhood; especially her sister Lorelei. They later reunited the sisters and they looked happy together. Lisbon asks them about Miranda and they tell her that Miranda is dead; she was murdered. In the motel room, Lorelei tells Jane that they are going to the cabin she and her sister visited. Jane is surprised to know that she has a sister. She tells him that her sister is dead and that her death had made Lorelei realize that nothing can ever hurt her again.

She has realized her inner abilities now. Jane goes to get some ice for her. Kirkland tells Lisbon that the coroner’s report tells her that Miranda’s COD is heat stroke. She was raped and then left chained inside a warehouse. The temperature was high and she lasted for two days. The case is still open and there are no witnesses or evidence except for a photograph. Jane calls Lisbon. He asks her if she knows about Miranda. She tells Jane what happened and that Miranda left a message on the floor when she died; ROY. Jane asks her to fax the picture to the number he gives. In the room, Lorelei ears the radio where the news says that she has kidnapped Jane and the police is looking out for her. Jane collects the fax and enters the room. Lorelei attacks him and calls him a liar.

He tells her that he did not tell him everything because he wanted to protect himself. He then tells her that Red John raped and killed her sister and then made Lorelei feel like a victim and preyed on her pain. He then shows her a picture from the crime scene that was never released to the press. She is totally pissed and tells Jane that he is exactly like Red John and he takes offense to this. She says that she can now see why they didn’t become friends the first time they shook hands. She storms out of the room and he follows. This time, she is driving. Lisbon tells Kirkland that Jane called her and Kirkland briefs the team. They try to figure out where they could be going. Grace tells the team about Miranda’s cabin and that an anonymous third party is paying taxes on it; Red John.

Kirkland calls for the tactical team. Jane and Lorelei arrive at the cabin. Jane tells her that she needs to go as the cabin belongs to Miranda and so the cops might be on their way here. He tells her that he will stay and delay them. He wants her to find out the truth herself and when she does, she knows where to find him. He then tells her to take another route and take an old vehicle lying outside the cabin. He will make the cops believe that he was her hostage. She kisses him and leaves. Jane then rams the car into a tree and is hurt. The cops arrive and Lisbon is relieved to find that Jane is fine. He asks her about Kirkland and she tells him that they can talk about it later. At the office, Lisbon arrives to meet Jane. Jane knows that she suspects if he engineered all this himself.

Lisbon knows that he did this but she has no evidence; else she would have cuffed him herself. He tells her that it paid off. He tells her that Lorelei told him that he is very much like Red John and she wonders why they weren’t best friends from the moment they shook hands. This means Jane has met Red John; Red John is someone he knows. The episode ends.