Black Cherry - Recap

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The episode begins at the Redwind Country Club. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the club and Jane jots down the name of Harkins in his book. He is obviously working on the Red John leads. He is trying to remember everyone he has met .just then Chip Mc Gavin arrives and asks the duo when he can leave. He is the one who found the body. Rigsby informs the duo that the victim is Lemeul McVie and he was hit multiple times with a blunt object. From the looks of it, the victim was killed elsewhere ad dumped here. Jane points out to the new wallet, credit card and license, which indicates that the victim’s new life had just begun.

He also has scarred knuckles that indicate he has had a rough past life. Also, one of the victim’s cufflinks is missing. Rigsby runs a check on the victim and it looks like he was busted for marijuana possession and that he is affiliated to a street gang named ‘ten street ghouls’. Next, Jane and Lisbon got to meet the victim’s siblings and Juliana, the sister, tells Lisbon that Lem had nothing to do with the gang anymore. He was a good brother to them and that he worked as a salesman in a realty company and paid for her nursing school. Noah too misses his brother and Jane knows that Noah knows a lot about cars for his age. They figure out that Lem was driving a car yesterday and it was not found at the site the body was found. Lisbon and Jane return to the office and Rigsby tells them that the body was dumped by a car with smaller wheel base as it left tread marks on the field.

Cho still feels that this is the work of a gang. Cho goes to the CBI Gang division and meets Agent Wade. She tells him that Lem did have some clout but he hasn’t come up in their sweep for a couple of years. Cho sees an interesting weapon kept on the table and he checks it out. Wade tells him that it s for the new tactical team that the CBI is about to set up. Lisbon and Jane go to Wintergrave Realty, where Lem worked as a salesman. Tiffany tries to sell a house to the detectives and Jane shows interest. She then takes them to meet Nathan Dilmer.

Dilmer tells them that he saw Lem leave at around 6.30 in the evening. He then introduces the duo to Victor Phipps, his top man. Victor was Lem’s supervisor. Victor tells them that Lem was good at his job. Jane deduces that Victor is a disbarred lawyer. They also knew about Lem’s past. So, this is an office for second chances. What is Dilmer then; a saint or a reformed sinner? Jane infers that Dilmer was involved with some kind of fraud and Dilmer doesn’t deny it. Victor tells them that last month Lem came to work with a black eye; looked like he was beaten up. Grace tells Lisbon that the autopsy showed that Lem was beaten up with several different objects. There were fractures which were around a month old. Also, Lem visited the ER three times last year.

All of them listed as accidents. Julian had listed all of the visits. Then why didn’t she tell them? They go to meet the siblings but Juliana is not home. Noah seems to be hiding something. They ask Noah where Juliana was and he tells them. We then see that Juliana is in a neighborhood and she walks up to a group and asks about Shade. She then pulls out a gun and aims at a fight guy. The cops arrive and they arrest three from the group and Juliana. In the interrogation room, Juliana tells Lisbon that Lem had this gun hidden for protection. She feels that Shea is responsible for her brother’s murder. Shade wasn’t making enough money without Lem and he was angry that Lem quit. Shade showed up at the house the night Lem was murdered. Juliana called Lem to inform him but she couldn’t reach him.

Lisbon tells Juliana that she will be arrested for discharging a gun. Noah will be in foster care. Cho tells Lisbon that Shade’s real name is Jeron Slaughter. Cho thinks they could find Shade in one of the stash houses. But these are fortified and Lisbon asks him to co-ordinate with the response team. Jane doesn’t want Lisbon to send Noah to the foster care. But Lisbon has already informed the DA and the Child Services. Lisbon sends Juliana home. Jane goes to Wintergrove for his appointment with Tiffany. Jane takes a look at some pictures of the team at Carrington; the company’s retreat spot. Tiffany tells Jane that Lem was always running behind the big salesmen Dilmer, Phipps and Bosh.

She is about to take Jane for a tour of the site, Bosh arrives and tells her that he will take on. Jane flicks a key from the rack and then follows Bosh. Cho and Wade are staking out a house for Shade. They then barge inside the stash house and arrest Shade. Bosh takes Jane to one of their properties and Jane does a little tap dance to check the floor. He says that he doesn’t like this house. They go to the next one and Victor is showing that house to a couple. Jane seems to like this place and tells Bosh that he needs ten minutes alone with the house. Bosh leaves and Jane inspects the house and he finds a cufflink under one of the couches. Lisbon calls and tells him that they found Lem’s car and Jane tells her that he found the room where Lem was murdered. In the interrogation room, Shade tells them that he had taken the car from Lem as he felt that Lem owed him.

Jane tells Lisbon that Shade’s story confirms that Lem was at the model home when he was murdered. Grace updates Jane and Lisbon that Lem had put up alerts for the Carrington Gazette. Also his browsing history shows that Lem was looking into burglaries, missing hunter and a house fire. Jane wants to see Lem’s car and he tells Jane to keep the murder site under wraps for now. He then takes Lem’s car and attaches a note to it which says that the killer should get $50,000 cash at the murder site or else their names would go to the police. He then leaves the car outside the Wintergrove office. Later, Jane and Lisbon arrive at Catalina II where the murder took place and they enter and hide in the kitchen. They wait for the killer to arrive. Bosh, Victor and Dilmer arrive.

Jane and Lisbon come out from their hiding and confront these guys. Victor realizes that Jane had written the note. Jane and Lisbon then ask Bosh to leave. This enrages the other two and they think Bosh ratted them out. Lisbon places the three of them under arrest. The three of them are being questioned. They tell them the incident that took place in Carrington. The four of them had gone hunting and they were high on alcohol. Bosh saw some movements at a distance and thought it was a deer. They started shooting but when they went to check on the deer, they saw that they had shot a man. Lem was petrified and he wanted to inform the cops. But that was not a good idea. So, the four of them decide to hide the body.

But when they returned, Lem realized that he could not go through with it and so he tried to convince Dilmer that they should come clean about it. He was about to confess to the cops. So the three of them called Lem to Catalina II and killed him. But they don’t know who took Lem’s car. Case closed. Wade arrives and tells Cho that she wants him to join the Rapid Response team and Lisbon has allowed it as it wouldn’t interfere with his daily duties. Cho agrees. Lisbon tricks Sara into having the charges against Juliana dropped. Noah hugs Lisbon and thanks her. Jane is going through the list of names he has jotted in his book. The episode ends.