Panama Red - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon arriving at the Rock Climbing Gym, where a man’s dead body is found hanging in the air; he has his harness on and he had a single shot through his back. The victim’s name is Jeremy Reese and the janitor found him. He used to have a key in his bag; it is not there now. Jane is still busy with trying to figure out who amongst the people he met is Red John. Lisbon calls him and asks him to come to Reese’s apartment. Jane infers that Reese graduated three years ago and is single. He is probably a biologist; he is from the East and like puzzle. Cho tells Jane that Reese is a botanist.

Lisbon tells him that Reese worked in the local pot farm and his last call was to Alice Burns, an old college professor of his. Jane also deduces that Reese’s apartment that appears so much in place, has actually been tossed and someone was searching for something very valuable. Jane figures out a safe behind the books and they open it and find it empty. Jane is carrying a puzzle box with him which has something inside. Lisbon wants the puzzle box cracked open; but Jane says that he will open it on his own. Alice Burns arrives at the precinct looking for Lisbon. Alice tells them that Reese called her to talk o her and he was upset as he had a disagreement with his boos, Matthew Gold, who specializes in medical marijuana. She also tells them that Reese never used to smoke.

Alice is suffering from cancer and she tells them that Reese was sort of her pretend family as her son was away. she then tells them that Reese got her the prescription medicine every two weeks. Jane shows her the puzzle box and she says that Reese had made one for her as well, but she has forgotten how to open it. They then go to the Westerly Organic farm. They talk to Gold who tells them everybody around liked Reese. He also tells them that he gave up his software career to grow this organic stuff and become a healer. He then shows them few seeds, which is a cross between two different kinds of weed. Lisbon asks him about the fight and he tells her that there were no fights. Jane talks to a guy named Carson who also works on the farm.

He figures out that Carson was loyal to Reese and that he was protecting him. Carson tells him that six months back Reese gave him 8k to fix his car and it looked like it was no big deal for Reese. Maybe he was dealing marijuana on the side. Carson tells Jane that he did not care but he also says that if Gold found out, then he would murder Reese. At the precinct, Cho tells Rigsby that Reese CC has no big purchase, but Rigsby says that Reese suddenly started getting 10k deposits in his account from some company in the Cayman Islands. Wade arrives and calls Cho for an assignment. Lisbon thinks that Reese was actually having trouble with his boss who owned the company in Cayman Islands. Jane manages to open the puzzle box. Cho, Wade and the team bust into a place where few men are making fake notes, and a man tries to escape.

Cho follows him, but just then someone calls his name; it is Summers and she is pregnant. Jane goes to JG Allen tobacco research lab. Jane has the swipe card from the puzzle box, which help him enter the lab. He is then stopped by a man along with some security guards. Later, Lisbon arrives and wonders how he managed to open the box. Francesca, who works for the company, arrives with her boss, Stuart Davis. Francesca tells them that Reese was a part of Project Turbo Wolf, wherein he was helping the lab, to produce a new string of fungus resistant marijuana. There was an argument a while ago as some seeds went missing and Davis thinks Reese is responsible for its disappearance. Jane takes a tour of the lab and he checks Reese’s desk.

There is a small box over his desk and Jane pulls out a small explosive from inside the box. In the interrogation room, Summer tells Cho that she is not involved in the counterfeiting and that she had gone for a ride with Chuck. She is supposed to get married to Marshall in two days ant that she needs Cho’s help to get out of this place as Marshall doesn’t know a lot about her past. Cho asks Wade to let her go but Wade tells him that she is charging her. Pierce, the cop from the tobacco company tells Lisbon that Reese and Davis had a spat few days ago as Davis wanted to move the seeds to cold storage and this was not okay with Reese. Grace tells Lisbon that Reese went to the lab at 8 in the evening, few hours before he was murdered. Jane flicks the counterfeit note kept on Cho’s table.

Jane then goes through Reese’s notebook from the lab. Cho and Rigsby get hold of Chuck. Jane makes a copy of note from Pierce’s apartment and shows it to Pierce. There is a name; Olivier Gans and whatever is written below is a code and Pierce offers to help Jane crack the code. On coming out, Jane tells Lisbon that he has no clue, who Olivier Gans is; he just made him up. During the interrogation, Chuck acts like a jerk and doesn’t give Cho any names of the men from the counterfeit ring. Davis is talking to Lisbon and he tells her that he doesn’t trust his employees but he doesn’t spy on them. Jane arrives with the note and asks Davis about Olivier, who is a big shot underworld pharmacist.

Now, this gets Davis and Francesca a little worried as they think that Reese was making deals with the seeds. Next, DDA, Osvaldo Ardiles arrives at the precinct. Chuck has given Cho few names in the ring and Ardiles wants to confirm if Chuck wants to inform on them. He will, for a price and that is full immunity and also if Summer is allowed to walk free. Ardiles agrees. Next day, Jane arrives at Reese’s funeral service. He tells Gold and Carson about Olivier Gans. He then tells Lisbon to meet him at The Vista in Clearlake and he tells her that this is Olivier’s hotel. Now, he explains the plan to Lisbon where Rigsby is pretending to be Olivier. He has shown the note around and whoever wants to sell the seeds, they will definitely crack the code which simply talks about a meeting at 3 pm at the Vista.

Rigsby is ready and the first to arrive is Francesca. And moments later, Gold too arrives to meet Olivier! Jane explains the plan to Rigsby. As both of them are there to sell Turbo Wolf to him, he should divide and rule. Rigsby tells them that he had agreed to pay Reese 4 million. Now, he says that he will buy the seeds from both of them and spilt the money or whoever has the real stuff gets all the money. This leads to an argument between Francesca and Gold and it is revealed that Gold was the one to steal from Reese’s safe and so now he is the one with the real Turbo Wolf seeds. So, Gold is the murderer. During the interrogation, Gold admits that he killed Reese as he back stabbed him by going to the tobacco company.

He then convinced Reese to steal it from the lab and bring it to him as he would sell it instead of letting it be in the cold storage. Reese did steal the seeds and keep it in his safe. Gold then went to the gym and shot Reese and stole the seeds. But Grace tells him that Francesca outsmarted all of them. She knew that once Reese will be told that the seeds will be going to the cold storage, he will try to steal the seeds in order to prevent his work from going to the cold storage. So she had replaced the seeds so that she could sell it in the black market.

So, he killed Reese for worthless seeds. Next, Summer arrives with Marshall and she thanks Cho for his help. She promises him that she will be good and won’t bug him anymore. He bids her goodbye and wishes her luck. Jane hides Lisbon’s keys in the puzzle box. But we know Lisbon; she takes a hammer, cracks open the box, takes her keys and leaves. The episode ends.