Days of Wine & Roses - Recap

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The episode begins in Judge Davis’ Chambers. Lisbon tells the Judge that she needs a warrant to check Volker’s personal and financial records as she believes that Tommy Volker was involved in the death of a reporter, Cassie Floods, who was investigating Volker’s involvement in the massacre of a South American village. Also, he killed Amanda Shaw, who worked for him as she was ready to testify against him. She knows it is ruled as suicide but Lisbon has got a second autopsy done and the reports show that the ligature marks are not consistent with a suicide. The Judge agrees to issue a warrant.

Next, Jane and Lisbon are on their latest crime scene; it is a Jane Doe and there is no form of ID on the body. Even the wallet is missing and the murder was reported by the sanitation workers around 6am. Jane gets to work and says that deduces that she is a model and that she is wearing an expensive perfume with a top notch of jasmine. She just shaved her legs and it looks like she was going to meet a lover. On the side, there are a few people playing chess and Jane walks up to one table and sees that one of the guys named Walter is drinking a single malt whiskey. Jane knows that he is the one who stole the wallet as he is a terrible chess player and his game would not fetch his as much that he could afford that sort of alcohol.

Walter hands over the wallet. At the bureau, Rigsby tells the team that the victim was Charlotte Coates. She is the daughter of Congressman Coates and she is an upcoming model. A couple of months back, she was arrested for possession of cocaine. She snuck out of the rehab on the 26th day; the day of her death. She had drugs on her. Cho confirms that Walter did not commit the murder as he was at the homeless shelter at the time of the murder. She did not have the phone with her when she snuck out as the rehab confiscated her phone; but before that she did text a lot of angry messages to someone for betraying her. The number belonged to a photographer. Jane and Lisbon talk to the parents. The mother, Lisa feels that she got into drugs because of her modeling and she regrets that she let her do it.

Coates, the father, tells them that Charlotte stole an expensive ruby necklace from her mother. Lisa says that Charlie wouldn’t have done that as Maria, the maid, was the only one who knew its location. Rigsby and Cho go to talk to the photographer. They learn that he was at a meeting; but the place was two blocks away from the murder site. They then find coke on him and they place him under arrest. Lisbon and Jane are at the Oasis Ranch, the rehab. They talk to Dr. Rubin. He is a psychiatrist from the Stanford medical school. Jane deduces that Charlie was sleeping with one of the psychiatrist’s patients but Rubin doesn’t divulge any name. Jane assures that he will find out the lover. Grace calls Lisbon and tells Lisbon that there have been irregular payments from the Volker industries to a Shell company and it is termed as consultant fees.

A guy named, Charles is cashing the checks. His name came up in a case in ’07 as his neighbor committed suicide and the pattern is pretty similar to that of Amanda’s death. Moreover, his picture matches to the sketch of the driver from Cassie’s case. Jane then meets Joanna Lyle, Charlie’s drug counselor. She has been up most of the nights on calls and she hasn’t slept well since Charlie’s disappearance. Also, she is a recovering alcoholic. Jane asks her if she smokes and she says that she hasn’t smoked in years. Next, Volker is at the office and he is pissed about the warrant. He tells Lisbon that if she wanted to see his financials, she should have asked. He has nothing to hide. Joanna leads Jane and Cho to Charlie’s room where they meet the roommate Suzie. Jane goes through the stuff in the room and finds a card from Coates that was sent to his daughter.

He also finds the perfume. He then goes to the group therapy session that is going on. Jane then infers that in the group there are two guys, Armando and Phoenix, who are intimately familiar with Charlie’s scent, which proves that she was sleeping with the one and the other was hoping. Soon it is clear that Charlie was sleeping with Phoenix. During the interrogation, Phoenix tells Cho that Charlie and he were supposed to meet at their spot but she did not show up and he freaked out. He has an access to a car; thanks to his dad, and so he went for a drive and then to a liquor store. But he has no alibi. He also mentions that few nights ago, when they were at their spot, he saw someone spying on them. But he could not see who it was. Cho relays this info to the team.

Jane is worried that the Volker case has gotten to Lisbon and he warns her to be careful. Just then Grace tells her that Davis has refused to issue the warrant on Charles. Lisbon meets Davis and realizes that Volker paid her a visit; that is why h came by at the bureau and acted as if he wasn’t scared. Jane learns that some reporter has tweeted about Charlie’s affair with Phoenix. Phoenix is that son of an actor and so it is big scoop. Jane and Cho go back to the rehab and go to meet Suzie. Jane knows that Suzie is the reporter and her real name is Margaret. She says that she is undercover so that she got get some juicy scoops. But she doesn’t know where Charlotte was headed to on the night of her death.

She was the one who Phoenix saw spying; but that was just once. She then states that Charlie had got a card from her parents and she got very emotional and started crying. She then wrote a letter in Spanish but tore it into piece. Margaret dug it out from the trash; but she doesn’t know Spanish. The only thing she figured out was that one sentence said, “I am sorry”. Jane then enters Armando’s room while he is not around and goes through his stuff and finds the expensive watch that Armando was bragging about in the group therapy. At the office, Jane tells Lisbon to let the photographer and Phoenix go. He then tells her that Charlie did steal the necklace from her mother and when she received a card from her parents, she felt bad and wrote a letter to her maid Maria to make amends.

He also tells her about Margaret. He says that Charlie confided in killer and the killer stole it from her. Just then Rubin calls and tells Lisbon about the robberies at the rehab. Jane heads out to the rehab while Lisbon goes to the poker game and talks to Judge Manchester to sign the warrant against Charles Milk. Jane and Cho go to the rehab and they help with the search. Jane pockets an expensive watch and Ch catches him and asks him to put it back. They all reconvene at Rubin’s office, along with Joanna, and Lisbon arrives. Jane tells Rubin that his father taught him to pickpocket and steal from safes and banks. Rubin thinks that Jane is trying to please his father. Just then Lisbon gets a call saying that there is a ruby necklace found in Jane’s car.

This is now police case and Lisbon asks Rubin and Joanna to leave them alone. We then see Joanna enters a room and tries to find something behind a pile of wood. She pulls out the ruby necklace that belonged to Charlotte’s mother. Cho arrives. Busted!!during the interrogation, Joanna tells Rigsby that she was a gambling addict and that she ran into debts with some dangerous people who were about to hurt her. When Charlie was upset, she told her that she had stolen. Joanna convinces Charlie to return the necklace to her parents and drove Charlie. But when she arrived at the park, she lied to Charlie that she had a flat and when Charlie got down to check, she hit Charlie on her head several times and killed her.

She then left Charlie inside the park and drove away with the necklace. She knew that it would look like Charlie was there to score and things went south. Case Closed. Next, Lisbon is about to leave to meet Grace and Volker calls. He knows about the warrant against Charles and he tells her she would not find what she is looking for. Lisbon hangs up and Grace calls. She tells Lisbon that they are too late. Lisbon arrives at a murder site where there are three bodies found near the tracks; a married couple and Charles are the victims. The cops say that it was some random drive-by shooting. Lisbon tells Jane that she needs his help. The episode ends.