Little Red Corvette - Recap

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The episode begins two months ago, a young boy is playing with his remote control car, when he hears some noises and he hides. Two men are dragging a beaten up guy into the room and puts him on the floor. Tommy Volker is there as well. The bleeding man tells Volker that he will not say anything; but Volker orders his men to kill him. They strangle the man with a thin wire and the boy is watching all this from his hiding place. Volker leaves and the two men dump the dead body in a tank and are about to leave when they hear the noise made by the remote controlled car.

They find the boy and one of them tells the other to finish the boy as he is a witness and leaves. Cut to the present day, the team arrives at the warehouse where the victim’s body is found but not identified and they also know the estimated TOD. Jane examines the surroundings and asks Rigsby if someone else had access to the building. Jane then finds the remote control car the kid was playing with. Rigsby tells them that the victim’s name is Horatio Jones and Lisbon and Jane know him. He was a geologist who worked for Volker and he was supposed to testify against Volker two months ago; but he disappeared. Lisbon tells Jane that Volker wouldn’t get his hands dirty and she thinks Charles Milk killed Jones for Volker. But Milk died a week ago. Lisbon wants Volker’s DNA.

Jane is sure that a young boy left his car behind for some urgent reason and infers that he must have witnessed the murder. Lisbon goes to confront Volker and tells him that she knows that a Grand Jury was convened to investigate and Jones was going to be deposed. But then Jones disappeared and the whole thing was shut. She then asks Volker for his DNA, who as predicted by Jane, readily gives it to prove that he has nothing to hide. At the precinct, Jane and Grace manage to narrow down the list of missing children; they circle in on one, Marvin Pettigrew. Lisbon is sure that Volker’s lawyer got all the documents on the tribal massacre sealed off. Jane thinks that she should talk to the DA. But just not talk; she should find something on the DA which would force him to help her dig out those documents.

Lisbon talks to Brenda. Jane talks to Marvin’s mother and she identifies the car as Marvin’s. She also knows the warehouse Jane is talking about as it is on the way to Marvin’s school. DA Ardiles arrives to meet Lisbon and she “blackmails” him into getting the sealed deposition for her as she does know about a particular case that concerns Ardiles. Ardiles has no option but agree. Rigsby tells Lisbon that the deposition states that Jones was visited by one of his college friends in Brazil; Annabelle Sugalski. They could get some information from her. Cho questions Annabelle. But she does have any useful information. Later we see Volker asking Annabelle if the cops believed her and she tells him that they did. She assures Volker that no one will ever see her again and she leaves.

Cho informs Lisbon that Annabelle left the country last night. Lisbon is upset. She tells Cho that Jones had said in his deposition that he had given written evidence against Volker. Maybe, Jones gave it to his employer. Rigsby tells Jane that ME has found DNA evidence that Milk was one of the killers. The second set of DNA is not Volker’s. This means there was a third person; who was it? Jane goes to meet Volker at a children’s gathering and figures out who the third man was at the warehouse. He gives Rigsby a heads-up on their third guy. Rigsby who is waiting outside, clicks picture. Lisbon arrives to meet Judge Davis for a warrant against Volker. But she says that there is not enough material which can prove that evidence against Volker is in VNX Industries.

Lisbon calls Jane and this time she decides to adopt one of Jane’s methods; she goes back in and tells Davis that her office has conformed information that there is evidence against Volker at VNX but time is of the essence and so she needs the warrant. Davis signs it. Rigsby finds out about the third guy; Don Clyde and, he has no priors. But he worked as a private security contractor in the Middle East. Jane deduces that he is a mercenary. The team goes to VNX Industries, only to find that the place is wiped clean. Lisbon is furious. Volker arrives at the precinct to meet Lisbon and tells her to drop this case. Jane tells him that he is trying to pretend that he is untouchable; but the fact is that he is afraid. They then bring Clyde in for interrogation. Jane does most of the talking and he deduces that Clyde hasn’t killed Marvin.

He simply handed him over to a person he trusted. But Clyde refuses to say a word as he knows that he will be a dead man if Volker finds out that he spoke. They let Clyde go and Lisbon tells Cho to tail Clyde as he might lead them to Marvin. She warns them that Volker should never know that they spoke to Clyde. Rigsby drops off Clyde and they watch him. Clyde is across the road and calls for a cab. He then receives a call and it is Volker. Volker knows that Clyde spoke to Lisbon. He tells him that he is a dead man. Clyde is exasperated and he walks in front of a running bus. Rigsby and Cho rush to him. We then see that Brenda is Volker’s informant. Brenda tells Volker that she did not agree to do this. Volker is surprised and takes the envelope from her. Inside he finds a pamphlet about a missing child; Marvin.

She tells him that Marvin is a witness to Jones’ murder and she doesn’t know where he is. Volker then makes a call. Jane and Lisbon deduce that Volker has an informant and that now he knows about Marvin. They need to hurry before he kills the child too. At the precinct, they go through Clyde’s phone list to check who he left the kid with. They figure out that Clyde left the kid with his cousin’s ex wife and they are sure as Clyde sent her a big amount last month. They head to that address. But Volker is there before them with his assassin. But the man refuses to kill a child and so Volker goes to the apartment to do the job himself. There is no one inside the house and he finds out that Marvin has a field trip to the zoo.

He leaves for the zoo. Rigsby and Cho arrive and Rigsby too notices the pamphlet that says about the field trip organized by the school. He informs Lisbon and Jane. Volker reaches the zoo and finds Marvin. Marvin recognizes him and tries to run; but Volker grabs him by his hand and takes him. Marvin shouts and asks Volker to let him go. Lisbon and Jane hear Marvin’s screams and they follow his voice. They find Volker. Volker is distracted and Marvin frees himself and runs away. Volker draws his gun at Lisbon and Lisbon shoots him in his shoulder. Jane runs after Marvin. Game over Volker! Next, Jane brings Marvin to his mother and they both hug each other. The episode ends.