There Will Be Blood - Recap

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The episode begins with Lorelei hiding inside a house. A woman enters the house and Lorelei attacks her. She cuffs the woman to the table and beats her up. The woman’s name is Julia, and Lorelei wants some information. Julia tells her that she doesn’t know anything. Lorelei decides to torture her further, and Julia agrees to talk. She tells Lorelei that she was involved in her sister’s death. We see there is a small camera hidden inside the wall clock and someone is watching everything that is going on in the house.

An officer from the Sacramento PD shows the tape to Jane and Lisbon. He tells them that Julia had this hidden in the clock because she suspected that the nanny was stealing. Lisbon thanks the officer for showing them the footage. Jane watches the tape and sees that Lorelei shoots Julia. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the crime scene, and Cho tells them that Julia used to run a shelter for battered women. Jane doesn’t share his thoughts on this case, and decides to stay back at the crime scene. Lisbon arrives at Bertram’s office and finds Officer Kirkland waiting for her. Bertram tells her that Kirkland and his department are interested in the return of Lorelei Martin.

Lisbon wonders why Homeland Security is interested in Lorelei. Kirkland tells her that they have a wide range of investigative interests. Bertram tells Lisbon that Homeland Security will have full access to their investigation. Lisbon tells Jane about Homeland Security’s involvement in this case. She tells him that she knows that he helped Lorelei break out of prison, but she assures him that she would not tell anyone. She tells Jane that she wants him to be honest with her and, if Lorelei tries to contact him or if he has any insights on this case, she wants him to tell her. Jane agrees.

They go to the shelter and meet the trustee, Kevin Rome. Kevin takes Lisbon to meet the rest of the trustees, Jason and Melissa. Jane decides to take a look around. Lisbon meets the other two trustees and they tell her that they are more into fund raising, and Julia ran this place single-handedly. They have never heard of Lorelei. The fourth trustee, Steven, is flying down from LA. They are trying to find a replacement for Julia. Jane sneaks into Julia’s office and goes through her emails. He finds a receipt from Cleaning Upholstery and he pockets it. He then asks one of the trustees if Julia lived in Sacramento. She tells Jane that she has known Julia for the last 8 years and, all that while, Julia has been living in Sacramento.

Jane leaves. He arrives at the address on the receipt and enters the house by unlocking the door with a bobby pin. He checks one room and finds a small wire, which he puts it in his pocket. When he comes out, he finds Lorelei waiting for him. Jane is upset about the fact that Lorelei tortured and murdered Julia. Lorelei tells him that Julia was involved in her sister’s murder. She tells him that Julia did not work for Red John, but she now knows who to go to next. Maybe that person works for Red John. Jane wants to help her. He knows that the “next person” could be someone from the shelter. Lorelei tells him that she is going to do this on her own. At the precinct, Rigsby tells Lisbon that Julia has a house in Davis, 1309, which is the same house where Jane met Lorelei.

Rigsby tells Lisbon that Julia couldn’t have bought a second house on her salary. Lisbon realizes that Jane found out about this house and that is why he questioned the trustee about Julia living in Sacramento. Lisbon arrives at the house and finds Jane sitting on the couch. Jane tells her that Lorelei was there too and that she confirmed Julia was involved in Miranda’s murder. He thinks that Miranda was staying at the shelter. Lisbon is pissed to learn that Lorelei left. Jane tells her that if he would have stopped her, then he would never get to Red John. Bertram calls Lisbon for an update. Lisbon tells Bertram that they have made some progress, but nothing substantial.

Bertram tells Lisbon that they cannot fully trust Jane when it comes to Lorelei because he has had sexual relations with her, so his judgment can get clouded. Lisbon tells Rigsby to check what is going on in the shelter because Miranda was staying at the shelter and Julia was involved in Miranda’s murder. Next, we see that Lorelei is keeping a watch on the trustees. She then gets out of the van and walks towards the trustees with a gun in her hand. Someone from the crowd sees the gun and alerts everybody. The four trustees escape. The guard comes out and Lorelei shoots him. The other guards arrive and a gunfight ensues. Lorelei gets shot, but she escapes.

Jane and Lisbon arrive at the crime scene and the officer tells them that the gunman was Lorelei Martins. He also tells them the things they found in Lorelei’s car and Lisbon deduces that Lorelei was planning to abduct someone. Jane looks at the trustees and it see,s like he knows who. They question the trustees and the four of them have just one answer to all their questions: “I don’t know”. Rigsby finds something. He tells the team that Miranda’s name is missing from the original records, but the shelter also keeps a daily tally for the State records and the tally shows that a woman is unaccounted for.

This means that someone was doctoring the records. Jane tells them that it was Julia who was altering the records. Rigsby says that he has found out that there are five women unaccounted for. Lisbon decides to release the trustees, but she wants them under surveillance. Lisbon keeps a watch on Melissa, Rigsby keeps a watch on Jason, Cho watches Kevin, and another officer is asked to keep a watch on Steven. Lisbon tells Jane to stay in the office, and refuses to take him with them. She feels that if something goes wrong, he will be in danger. Jane goes through some files kept on the table. He pulls out a file on Jason, the trustee, and goes through it. He learns that Jason is an angler and he is reminded of the string that he found in Julia’s house.

Jane immediately leaves and calls Rigsby to tell him that Lorelei is going after Jason. He says that he knows it because of the fishing line. Just then, a car comes from behind and rams into Rigsby’s car. Rigsby is unconscious and Lorelei cuffs him to the steering wheel. Jane calls Lisbon and tells her that Lorelei is at Jason’s house, and that Rigsby might be hurt. Lisbon leaves for Jason’s. She radios Cho and Karl, and also calls for backup. Jane arrives at the house and finds Lorelei torturing Jason. He then tells Jason that he knows that Julia was his partner and that she brought those five women to him, who were vulnerable, and he raped them and killed them.

Jane then asks him about Miranda. Jason tells him that he works for Red John and that John had some interest in Miranda. That is why Jason told Julia to counsel Miranda and get her to the shelter. Jason took Miranda to Red John and Red John killed her. Lorelei hears what she wanted to and gets ready to leave. Jane asks her Red John’s name. She tells him that she will not say it and that she is going to kill Red John on her own. She then shoots Jason and she kisses Jane. She tells him that she is breaking the deal and leaves. Lisbon arrives finds Jane trying to revive Jason. The paramedics arrive and take Jason to the ambulance. Homeland Security arrives and takes over. Jane is pulled out of the ambulance.

Two weeks later, Lisbon arrives at the loft. Jane asks her about Jason and the case. She tells him that the doctors are still keeping Jason in a coma and that she is trying her best to get the case back. Jane senses there is more. Lisbon takes him to a crime scene. Lorelei has been murdered and there is a Red smiley painted on the wall. Jane tells Lisbon that Lorelei had this coming. He walks away. The episode ends.