Red, White And Blue - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane and Lisbon arriving at St. Sebastian’s Church, the latest crime scene. The officer from the local PD tells them that the victim’s name is Lucy Greene, and her throat was slit. Lucy was a corporal, and posted at Fort Runyon. The officer tells them that the TOD is around 11. Jane notices that the coroner isn’t around, and wonders how the officer knew about the TOD. The officer tells him about the 911 call that reported the crime. However, the caller did not leave his name. Lt. Lewis arrives on the scene. He wants to take the body with him, but Lisbon tells him that this is their case. The victim has a tattoo on her ankle, which appears to be the notes of the song “Kansas City”. Jane infers that Lucy was a fan of the Blues, and wants to know if there is a Blues club around. Jane figures out that she was at Cat’s Blues bar.

Rigsby and Cho tell Lisbon that Lucy was a good soldier. She saved two wounded soldiers from the insurgents, and hid them until they were evacuated. She received a commendation for the same. Cho tells Lisbon that Lucy’s emergency contact is Rose Sutfin, and the liaison officer is Lt. Lewis. Lisbon and Jane arrive at the base. Lewis tells them that he took command 2-3 months back, and he did not know Lucy well. He takes them to meet Rose Sutfin. Rose tells them that Lucy was very strict about discipline, and that did not sit well with some of the guys. She also says that Lucy used to look out for her. Rose also states that Lucy received flowers from the health clinic, a placed where she worked when she is not at the base. She suggests that they should talk to Dr. Bowman, Lucy’s supervisor at the clinic. Lisbon gets a call and she leaves. Jane joins Lisbon, and Lisbon makes him listen to the recording of the 911 call. They infer that the caller knew Lucy, and seemed worried about her. It was strange that he walked away. Jane knows that the caller is a soldier.

Cho goes to the bar and talks to the bartender. She tells him that Lucy came to the bar 2-3 times a week, and that some soldiers used to hassle her a lot. Last night, she got into an argument with them. The woman does not know their names, but she knows that they were the night wolves and had a patch on their arm. She also says that the night wolves’ guys are trouble, like their sergeant, Sgt. Hawkins. Cho goes to talk to Hawkins. He tells Cho that his men never got into any argument with Lucy, and that they did not have any bad feelings for each other. Cho tells him that he wants to talk to his men. Hawkins agrees.

Jane and Lisbon go to meet Wilson Bowman at the health clinic. He tells them that Lucy used to help him treat returning soldiers suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury). She was a battle buddy, where the medic is paired with one patient for the course of treatment. Jane asks him if he and Lucy fought, and Bowman tells him that there used to be occasional fireworks. A Code Red is declared, and there is a fire. Bowman’s team acts as an EMT for the base. Bowman gets up to leave and a soldier, suffering from short term memory loss, asks for directions. Jane decides to go after the soldier. He tells Jane that it is possible that the caller who called 911 could have forgotten about it. They go to a group therapy session and play the recording. One of the guys, Pete Cohen, tells them that it is his voice.

Jane and Lisbon interrogate Pete. He tells them that, during the war, there was an explosion. He woke up three years later in Germany. He says that he needs a PDA to remind him of whatever he needs to do during the day. Lisbon tells him that there is a taco truck ticket found in his pocket, which is close to the crime scene. He says he goes to the church because he likes the church. They then talk about Lucy, and Jane knows that he was the one who sent flowers to Lucy. Pete tells them that he thought that there was something more between them, but he was wrong. Despite that, Lucy was very nice with him. The interrogation is interrupted, and Pete forgets what they were talking about. He then learns about Lucy’s death. Later, Jane tells Lisbon that he wants to go back to the crime scene.

Cho arrives and tells Lisbon that the guys from the platoon said that everything between them and Lucy was great. He knows they are lying. Lisbon then tells Cho to check on Lucy’s last patient, Jacob Lettner. Jacob tells Cho that his program ended a while ago, and he saw Lucy six days ago. He tells Cho that Lucy had filed a sexual harassment complaint against one of the guys and, when the others found out, they gave her a tough time. He says that he doesn’t know any names. Cho brings in Hawkins for interrogation, and Hawkins tells him that the accusations were false. He insists that he did a thorough investigation. He also refuses to give out the name of the officer who Lucy complained against. Lisbon finds it weird and she feels that Lucy was trying to protect someone, by taking the heat on herself.

Rose is called in for interrogation. She admits that Lucy was protecting her. It was Rose who made the anonymous complaint, and the guys thought that it was Lucy who did it. She does not want to disclose the name of the officer. Lisbon figures out that it is Lt. Lewis. Rose does not confirm anything and leaves. Rigsby checks Pete’s vehicle, and he finds a blood-stained jacket in it. Lisbon wants to take Pete to the office for questioning, but Jane asks her to get him to the church in less than an hour. After Lisbon arrives with Pete at the church, Jane uses some tricks to jog Pete’s memory. He remembers that he heard a noise, so he walked to the parking area. He saw a man standing over Lucy, who was on the ground, and her throat was slit. He says that he was blinded by a flashlight and, by the time his eyes adjusted, the man was gone. Pete notes this down so that he doesn’t forget.

Cho interrogates Lewis. Lewis tells Cho that, at the time of the murder, he was at a surprise birthday party. He says thirty people saw him there. Cho tells Rigsby that Lewis’ alibi checked out. Rigsby tells Cho that, on the night of the murder, Jacob had made a bunch of calls to Lucy. This means that he lied because, earlier, he told Cho that he did not speak to Lucy in the past week. Cho goes to meet Hawkins, and tells him to reopen the investigation. Cho tells him that he abandoned Lucy, and asks him not to do the same with Rose.

Lisbon interrogates Jacob. Jacob tells them that he was talking to Lucy about his medication, because Lucy thought that he had messed with one of his meds. If the hospital finds out that he messed with the meds, he wouldn’t be allowed to live his life on his own. He talked to Lucy, to convince her that he was ready to move on. Jacob also has an alibi and it checks out.

Jane meets Pete in his room. He hypnotizes him and puts him to sleep. He then picks up Pete’s PDA and types something. The next day, Jane and Lisbon arrive at the health center, and everybody related to the case is present there. Pete arrives and tells them that he remembered something last night. He reads his PDA and tells them that, while she was dying, Lucy gave him a key. It is a key to a medic’s locker. Lisbon wants to search it, but Lewis asks for a warrant. Lisbon goes to get one. Outside, Rigsby turns on the fire alarm. Rose leaves. Jane tells everyone that they will gather, once the warrant arrives. We see that Bowman walks into the locker room and tries to break open the locker. Jane and Lisbon are already present in the room. Bowman knows that there is no escape. Later, during the interrogation, we learn that Bowman was writing fake prescriptions, and selling the drugs under the table for cash. Lucy found out about the prescriptions, when she looked into Jacob’s prescription records. She didn’t know that Bowman was behind it, and she wanted to launch a big investigation. Bowman tells Rigsby that he waited for Lucy outside the Blues club, and slit her throat. He says that he did this because he had to pay his ex-wife for child support and alimony, and Lucy’s investigation could have destroyed his plans. The case is closed.

Next, Hawkins tells Lewis that they need to discuss a code violation. Lewis sees Rose standing at the door. Cho salutes Hawkins for doing the right thing. Pete arrives to meet Jane, and Jane apologizes for using the trick on him. Pete wants him to help him restore his memory. Jane asks him to take a seat. The episode ends.