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Behind the Red Curtain - Recap

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The episode begins at the launch party of Torch, the musical, at the Christopher Hotel. The stars are arriving, and we see the crowd cheering for them. At that moment, a dead body falls on top the car. The party has now turned into a crime scene, and the team arrives to investigate. Cho tells Lisbon that the driver was in the car when the body fell. He is in the hospital, but will survive. The victim is Sharon Warrick, and she fell from the balcony. Cho tells Lisbon that the bruises on her cheeks and ribs indicate murder. He also tells her that she was a part of the cast of the show, Torch. The producer was the one to identify the body.

Lisbon goes to talk to the producer, Warren Dodge. Dodge introduces her to the Director, Bran McTavish. They tell Lisbon that room 914 was supposed to be used as the dressing room. Jane is at the hospital, waiting for Jason Lennon to wake up, because Jason is the only lead to Red John. Lisbon calls and tells Jane to arrive at the crime scene. Kirkland and his partner arrive and tell Jane to leave. Lisbon is in room 914 and Sylvia Clare, the publicist, arrives. She asks Dodge if they have informed Hanover, the main investor, about the death. She mentions that they should be the first to tell him. Jane asks The Director why he hired Sharon. He points out that she doesn’t have much history in acting and, also, was very short. Dodge tells them that Sharon was very talented, and she wanted to be a part of something special.

At the precinct, Rigsby is glad to see that Grace is back. He tells her about the case. Rigsby tells Lisbon that Warrick was a local, while the team thought that Sharon was from NY. He also tells her that the room was left open and the star, Deandra Sunderland, who was drunk, left around half an hour after the murder. Polly Datch, victim’s foster mother, arrives at the precinct, and Lisbon goes to talk to her. Polly tells Lisbon that Sharon lived with her, since she was 12. Polly tells her that Sharon had a boyfriend, Billy Racine, and she has no doubt that, last week, Billy assaulted her. She says that Sharon brushed it off as a robbery, and did not report it.

Polly tells Lisbon that Billy is a thug and they should find him. Cho tells Grace about Billy Racine, and she says that Billy had purchased tickets for the show at the fundraiser. They track down Billy and Cho interrogates him. Billy tells Cho that Sharon was mugged last week, and she was pretty shaken up. He says she wasn't sure if someone from her team had set it up. She wouldn’t give a name, because she was sure Billy would hurt that person. Billy says that he loved Sharon, and would never do anything to harm her. He says he went to the fundraiser to protect her. Next, at the art center, Jane and Rigsby interrupt the rehearsals. He talks to Sharon’s replacements, Bridget and Mandy, and then turns his attention to the director, Bran.

After a brief conversation, Jane leaves. He then hangs around backstage, and tells one of the dancers that the director would fire the artist who added big hand movements. They watch the auditions, and Jane tells Rigsby that the troublemaker will shortly expose herself. He was right. Mandy did try to get Bridget fired. A cat-fight ensues and Jane leaves. At the hospital, Jane gets friendly with a nurse. He wants information on Jason. The nurse agrees to tell him if she learns anything new, from Jason or the Feds.

Rigsby interrogates Mandy. Mandy admits that she is the one who mugged Sharon, but she says that she only wanted to scare her. Her accomplice was a guy named Joe, from her salsa classes. Mandy says that Sharon had no great résumé and yet, she was starring beside Deandra. Mandy tells him that she did not kill Sharon. She also says that they should talk to Deandra, “the Queen of Mean”. She says that the director wanted to replace Deandra with Sharon, so she had a motive to kill Sharon. While Deandra is rehearsing, Lisbon arrives. Deandra does not want to talk. Jane arrives and tells Lisbon that Deandra is Sharon’s biological mother. Sharon had all her fame in NY. She came to Sacramento looking for her mother. Deandra is in tears and leaves.

Deandra tells them that she was very young when Sharon was born, so she had to give her away. Deandra’s director was Sharon’s father, but he was already married to someone else. Jane realizes that Deandra is hiding something else. Deandra says that, six month ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She knew that people would think she had started drinking again, which is why she did not tell anyone about the disease. Deandra says that she hadn’t touched alcohol in 14 years. On the night of the party, Deandra had an attack and Sharon had gone upstairs to get her medicines. Deandra says that Sharon did not want her to quit the show.

At the precinct, Grace goes through the security footage. She points out that the investor, Hanover, was seen entering the elevator and going up to the floor Sharon was on. He got off at that floor and then wasn’t seen again. Lisbon finds this strange because it is impossible that a man of Hanover’s size could get out of the building, without being seen. Jane smiles and asks Lisbon to meet him at the theater. Jane goes to meet La Roche and tells him he needs a favor. Lisbon arrives at the theater. Jane is driving with La Roche, and La Roche seems a bit tense about the “performance”. Jane assures him that he will be fine and that he should keep it simple. At the theater, Dodge and Sylvia are not too happy to see the Agents. Jane slips something into Dodge’s pockets. La Roche arrives, dressed as Hanover.

Hanover tells Sylvia that he wants to go on stage, and address to his fellow investors. Dodge realizes that this man is not Hanover. Jane tells the group that Hanover never existed. Dodge was the one playing Hanover all along. When Sylvia dials Hanover’s number, the cell phone in Dodge’s pocket begins to ring. Jane tells them that the reason Hanover wasn’t seen coming down the elevator is because he took off the disguise and, later, came down through the fire escape. Lisbon arrests Dodge. At the interrogation, Dodge tells Cho that, when he went into the room to change his “Hanover costume”, he saw Sharon in the room. He tried to explain to her that “Hanover” is very important, to give their investors some peace of mind. Sharon told him that she did not want to be a part of this, and said she would tell Deandra. Dodge couldn’t let that happen, so he killed Sharon.

The nurse from the hospital calls Jane and tells him that they are bringing Jason out of coma. She tells him to come to the hospital, as soon as possible. At the hospital, Kirkland waits by Jason’s bed until he wakes up. He asks Jason if he remembers seeing him. Jason tells him that he has never seen him before. Kirkland looks relieved, and he pulls out a syringe from his coat. He then injects something into the IV. Jason has an attack and his heart rate drops. Kirkland then calls the nurse. They try to revive Jason. Jane arrives and asks Kirkland what happened. Kirkland tells him that he just got here and he doesn’t know. Kirkland leaves. The episode ends.