Red Letter Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Cho telling Jane that they have a new case. Jane locks his loft. He places a broken piece of a toothpick in the door gap and puts the other half in his pocket. They arrive at Hollis Percy’s office. Jane finds the coroner, Deb Granger, examining the dead body. Rigsby tells Jane that the victim is Hollis Percy, a 61 year old man and he owns the whole town of Percy. His wife reported the dead body. Jane examines the crime scene and tells them that Hollis drank cheap gin. He also says that Hollis knew his attacker and they ended up in an argument.

They find an old gun next to the dead body and the gun hasn’t been fired in years. Deb tells them that the killer hit the victim with the gun and the cause of death is repeated blows to the back of the head. She also states that Hollis was killed approximately twelve hours ago. At that moment, they hear some gun shots and, Cho and Rigsby rush outside. It is some kind of a show and Cho asks the old guy to stop everything and leave. Elsewhere, Lisbon and Kirkland meet for coffee. They have a small chat and Kirkland asks her if there are any new leads on Red John. She tells him that there are none. He asks her if Jane had any, and she tells him that he doesn’t, else he would have told her. Lisbon leaves.

At the precinct, the team updates Lisbon about the latest case. Grace tells her about the Percy’s family business and Cho tells her that the town is nothing more than a tourist spot. They tell her that Hollis owned every building and people paid him the rent. The property belongs to Hollis’s wife, Joanna. They also tell her that the whole town is up for sale because the Percys hit on hard times. Lisbon tells them to check all the real estate transactions. Lisbon and Jane go to meet the Percy family. Outside the house, they meet Emmett Cook, Chief of Police. Jane wonders why Cook did not show up at the crime scene. He tells them that he was dealing with fire. He also tells them about some meth dealers, who set up empty cabins, and the cabins explode.

It is a common feature with meth cabins. He offers help, but Lisbon politely declines the offer. They go inside and meet Joanna, Hollis’s wife and Ian, Hollis’s son. They ask them about the sale. Ian and Joanna tell them that one of their family friends, Francisco Navarro, was against the sale. They tell Jane that Navarro ran a Wild West Show. Navarro is the same guy who Cho asked to leave when they were at the crime scene. Cho interrogates Navarro. Navarro tells him that he did not kill Hollis.

Cho points out that Hollis was planning to sell the town and this means that Navarro’s show was about to be shut. Navarro tells him that he only wanted Hollis to fight for the town. Moreover, the cabins in the woods were making things worse. He says that he has an alibi. He was at the bar, drinking with some of his actors. Jane and Lisbon go to the bar and talk to Lily, the bartender. She tells them that Hollis is a nice and generous man, and he overpaid his employees. She confirms that Navarro was at the bar at eight in the evening. Jane notices a security camera, but Lily tells him that it does not work. She tells them that a lot of people did not like the way Hollis ran the town. Jane and Lisbon leave.

Jane finds it odd that a man who was so generous got killed. Cho and Rigsby go to the cabin in the woods. Rigsby looks around at the burnt cabin and concludes that the cabin did not explode, it was set on fire. At the precinct, Rigsby tells Lisbon that the explosion could be connected to Hollis’s murder. He feels that someone set these places up and made them look like meth labs. Later, two men arrive at the precinct to fix the air conditioner. They sneak into Jane’s loft and click pictures of Jane’s findings on the Red John case. Rigsby and Cho tell the people that they are investigating the arson. Later, Cook walks into the burnt down cabin and tries to burn it down once again. Rigsby and Cho arrest him.

Cook realizes that he was tricked. During the interrogation, Cho and Rigsby figure out that Cook was building phony labs and setting them on fire so that he could scare people away and buy the land for cheap. Cook admits that he was planning to hold the land until the malls came up. He says that Hollis did not suspect a thing and he did not kill Hollis. He says that Hollis and Joanna were a weird couple. Few nights ago, the neighbors heard some screaming. Hollis was drunk and Joanna was shrieking. At the Homeland Security Field Office, the officers who sneaked into Jane’s office tell Kirkland that Jane made a lot of connections on the Red John case. They show him all the findings and pictures. Kirkland tells them that he will take it from here.

Grace interrogates Joanna and asks her if Hollis physically abused her. Joanna does not give any clear answers. She tells Grace that Hollis was sober for all these years, but he started drinking a month ago. The team discusses the case and they think that Cook cannot be the killer. Jane tells them that they need to find out why Hollis started drinking again. Jane goes to the bar and finds Ian talking to Lily. Lily gives Jane a drink and she tells him that she wants to see one of his tricks. He asks for a pen and paper and tells her to imagine what she would have for breakfast the next day. He puts the paper in an envelope and tells her not to check the paper until next day morning.

Navarro arrives, and Jane asks Cho to come to the bar. Jane tries to talk to Navarro, but it doesn’t go too well. It ends up in a bar fight. Later, Navarro is in the interrogation room and Cho asks him about Hollis’s past. Navarro tells him that Hollis impregnated a girl, despite being married to Joanna. Hollis paid off that girl to ‘deal’ with the pregnancy. The girl’s brother, Dominic Florez, found out and he roughed up Hollis. He was in prison for 12 years and got out a month ago. Hollis’s father practically disowned him after learning about the pregnancy. At the precinct, Grace tells Lisbon that Dominic has an alibi. Lisbon tells the team that Jane wants them to attend Navarro’s show.

At the show, Jane manages to trick Navarro and gets himself a gig. On the stage, Jane pulls one of his tricks and convinces the crowd that he is good at what he does. He then declares that Ian Percy killed his father, Hollis. He is also about to declare why Ian killed his father. Ian stops Jane and tells him that he would talk about it at the precinct. They arrest Ian. At the precinct, Ian tells Jane and Lisbon that he and Lily were having an affair. He says that on the night of the murder, Hollis called him to his office and Hollis was totally drunk. He told Ian that Lily was his sister and that he cannot marry her. He told him about the affair and also that Joanna knew about Lily.

Ian tells Jane that he was devastated and Hollis continued to mock and taunt him. He could not take it anymore and killed his father. Case closed. Next, Jane goes to his loft and finds the broken piece of toothpick lying on the floor. He realizes that someone entered the loft. He smiles. At home, Kirkland puts together all the data that they collected from Jane’s loft. The episode ends.