Red Velvet Cupcakes - Recap

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The episode begins with team arriving at Roberts’s house, the latest crime scene. Rigsby acts coldly towards Grace. He goes inside and Cho updates him about the victim. The victim is Missy Roberts and she was shot to death. Rigsby calls Jane, but Jane tells him that he is slightly busy and cannot come to the crime scene. He decides to help them over the phone. Cho describes the crime scene ad tells Jane that the victim is wearing gym clothes, and there a couple of bullet shots, which prove that the killer is not a good marksman. Jane asks Rigsby to check the fridge.

There are a lot of diet and gourmet food. Red Velvet cupcakes are lying on the kitchen table. Rigsby looks at the pictures and tells Jane that the wife is already thin, whereas, the husband, Kip, is slightly plum. It seems that the husband has a personal trainer. Jane concludes that the marriage was having some trouble. Lisbon arrives at the loft and tells Jane that she found a picture that Kip sent Missy Roberts in which he is holding a paddle. Jane thinks that it is trick photography. Lisbon wants to go and meet Missy Roberts’ sister, and Jane goes along. The duo goes to meet Emma Cordry. Emma tells them that Missy was getting bored of sitting at home and that is why she started a place where she taught ex-cons things like baking, etc.

She also admits that her sister’s marriage was in trouble. She says that Missy and Kip had gone on a radio show once to meet the love doctor, and Emma is sure that the couple was seeing the love doctor outside as well. The love doctor is Buddy Hennings, and the duo goes to meet him. Grace calls Lisbon and tells her that one of the ex-cons at the bakery, Monica Suarez, was caught selling drugs and she was reported to the supervisor. Missy had said that after she reported Monica, her tiers were slashed and she also saw Monica following her couple of times. Jane and Lisbon go to the radio station, but the producer, Gary, tells them that they cannot interrupt Buddy because they are in the middle of a live show.

Elisabeth Hennings, Buddy’s wife and manager, tells the duo that Gary is always paranoid that someone is trying to ruin his show. The duo decides to wait for Buddy. Elsewhere, Rigsby and Grace arrest Monica and get her to the precinct. At the radio station, Buddy tells Jane that Missy really wanted help with the marriage. Initially, Kip was very distant and used to throw a lot of tantrums. Later, he warmed to the whole thing. Jane thinks that Kip was trying to hide his guilt for having an affair. Buddy tells Jane that he saw no signs of an affair. Lisbon arrives and tells Jane that they have a problem. It appears that Kip skipped town and the last he was seen is at a restaurant near the gas station with some woman.

Lisbon decides to put out a BOLO. Jane decides to use the radio to reach out to people. He describes Kip’s car and the license plate. Later, the team arrives at Montibello Spa and Resort. Jane and Lisbon go to Kip’s room and find him tied to the bed, as a part of some kinky foreplay. They take him to the precinct for interrogation. Kip tells Cho that Missy wanted to have children, but after a couple of miscarriage, things got worse between them. Kip tells Cho that Rosie is the only other woman in his life, and his sex life with Rosie is more fulfilling. He tells Cho that Missy called him and told him that she wants to make things work. He says that was the most intimate conversation they had in years.

He decided to break things off with Rosie, once they reach the hotel. But when he tried to break things up, Rosie hit him, and he got turned on. Next, Jane goes to the radio station and asks for the webcast for Missy’s and Kip’s episode. Jane looks at the webcast, notices Missy’s sandals and immediately calls Rigsby. He tells him to find Missy’s sexy sandals since he did not see this pair in the rack. Rigsby and Cho search Missy’s house, but they don’t find the shoe. Jane goes to a shoe store and picks up a pair for Grace. He arrives at the precinct and tells Grace that she has an assignment. Jane and Lisbon wait outside the radio station. Jane manages to convince a couple to cancel their appointment with Buddy.

Gary is really nervous about the cancellation. Buddy tells him that there is another couple who would like to go on air. Gary is relieved and goes to meet this new couple; it is Grace and Rigsby. Buddy begins the session with Rigsby and Grace. It looks like the session really worked for the both of them because they actually opened up their hearts to each other. Grace apologizes for all the times she hurt him. Rigsby tells her that his feelings for her never changed, he still feels for her the way when they first met. Jane calls and Rigsby leaves. Grace is in the studio with Buddy. Buddy suggests that they should take some private sessions and Grace readily agrees. On her way out, she hugs Buddy. In the hallway, Grace deliberately breaks the heel of her shoe and screams.

Buddy arrives to check on her and she tells him that she sprained her leg. Jane, Lisbon and Rigsby are listening in to the whole thing. Buddy takes her to his office and places a bag of ice on Grace’s leg. He caresses her foot. Lisbon realizes that Buddy has a fetish for feet and shoes. Lisbon is surprised that Jane knew it. Jane tells Lisbon that when he checked Missy’s shoe rack, her sexy sandals were missing and he thinks that Buddy has them. In his office, Buddy tells Grace that she has amazing feet. He feels that there is nothing sexier than a good pair of shoes. Grace pretends to be upset about her broken sandals, and Buddy tells her that he can help. He goes and gets a pair of sandals.

Grace at once realizes that those are Missy’s and she gives her team the cue. They are about to get out of the car when they hear some other noise. In the office, Elisabeth barges into Buddy’s office with a gun in her hand. She is pissed about the fact that her husband can tell other woman about his needs, but he cannot tell his wife. Grace tries to calm her down. Elisabeth tells Grace that she killed Buddy’s previous client, Missy. Buddy is shocked. At that moment, Lisbon arrives and tells Elisabeth to drop her weapon. They arrest her. At the precinct, Rigsby and Grace interrogate Elisabeth. She tells them that Buddy was sleeping with Missy and she couldn’t stand it.

She knows that she has grown old and cannot tolerate the fact that her husband is acting like some horny teenager. Buddy tells Cho that Missy called him to her house, wanting to end the affair. Buddy asked her to give him something to remember her by. That is when Missy gave him the shoes. Elisabeth sees this. She says that she only wanted to scare Missy, but when she bad mouthed Buddy, Elisabeth lost it and she shot Missy. Case Closed. Next, Grace arrives at Rigsby’s. They kiss. The episode ends.