Red and Itchy - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon telling Jane about their new case. A dead body has been found in JJ La Rigsby tells them that JJ arrived home from NY and saw two masked intruders breaking into the safe. A gun fight ensued. One of the intruders is lying dead on the floor but the other escaped. It was too dark and JJ could not see much. Jane notices that the intruders broke the Hummel figurines. Rigsby tells them that there is no identification found on the victim. Roche’s house and JJ has specifically asked for Jane in on this case. They arrive at the crime scene.

Jane examines the intruders body and pulls out a bottle of ibuprofen. He thinks that the victim had rheumatoid arthritis. Jane goes to talk to JJ. JJ admits that he wasn’t very forthcoming with Rigsby. He tells Jane that the intruder stole the Tupperware box that he has been hiding for nine years. Jane knew about the box and its contents, and that is why JJ wanted Jane to solve the case and find the box. The intruder has left a note about some case. JJ tells Jane that he is investigating a leak in the CBI and the intruder wants JJ to back off. Otherwise he would hand over the box to the department. JJ is really upset and wants Jane to find the box.

Jane tells Lisbon about the box. She says that if they find out what is in it, it could lead them to the leak. Lisbon tells him that they need to find the intruder that got away, not try and protect some corrupt CBI agent. Lisbon briefs her team about JJ’s Tupperware. She tells them not to let JJ know what they have learned about the box. She also tells them to find out more about JJ’s mother. Cho arrives with information on their dead guy, Will Parsons. He tells them that Parsons has a clean record, owns a locksmith’s shop, and is a family man. Lisbon decides to talk to Parson’s wife, Joanne Parsons.

Joanne is not ready to accept the fact that her husband could be involved in some criminal activity. JJ and Jane talk about the case. JJ tells her that he was investigating Miguel Lever, who was involved with some drug cartels. When they searched his warehouse, 3 tons of cocaine disappeared. That is the first time JJ suspected a leak. He confirmed his suspicions during Volker’s arrest. He found out that the leak used a number in the precinct to call Volker and tip him off about the departments movements. Jane thinks that the intruder who got away, is the leak. At the precinct, Grace finds out that JJ’s mother was sexually assaulted by a guy named, Scott Saynay nine years ago. He’s now in prison. He was sentenced for 12 years.

Grace and Rigsby discuss what could be in the box. They wonder if JJ planted evidence on Scott to ensure the conviction. In the morgue, the coroner tells Jane and Lisbon that Parson suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome. In all practicality he couldn’t use his hands. Also, he had a severe cardiac problem. Lisbon wonders why someone would hire a disabled thief to break into a safe. Jane wants to talk to Joanne. Joanne tells them that her husband loved to collect safes. Jane figures out the safe that was the first one to make it to Parson’s collection. Joanne doesn’t want the CBI to tell her daughter, Sarah, that her father was involved in a robbery.

Lisbon asks Joanne why she didn’t tell them about Parsons’ condition. She tells them that she was too shocked to hear about her husband’s death and totally forgot about it. Jane pulls one of his tricks and proves that Joanne was Parson’s accomplice. Cho interrogates Joanne. She tells him that she does not know who hired them. She says that her husband was offered a lot of money for opening a residential lock. Later, she dropped the box at Woodley Park and she never looked at what was inside. Jane decides to go and check the drop site. JJ and Jane check the spot and find that the box has already been taken. Rigsby and Grace go to Folsom prison to check on Scott Saynay.

The administrator tells them that Scot had an early release six weeks ago. The administrator tells them that Scott’s parole file has been forwarded. It might take her some time to track down the file. They talk to Scott’s cellmate. He tells them that Scott was a quiet guy and mostly kept to himself. They tell him about the plastic container. The cellmate appears shocked and tells them that he doesn’t want to answer their question.

At the precinct, Brenda calls Lisbon to attend an interview. Bertram wants to put a face on JJ’s case so that the public doesn’t feel the department was rattled after an attack on one of their officers. Mason Braverman questions Lisbon. Brenda warns Mason not to ask about JJ’s investigation. In her office, Brenda pulls out a Tupperware box from her bag and places it in her drawer. Later, Lisbon tells Jane that there was a call made to Parsons from a CBI number. Cho arrives and shows them a copy of the Sacramento Weekly from seven years ago. There is an article on Parson where he stood seventh in a National Safe-Breaking competition.

Jane goes through the article and points out that Brenda Shetterick, was the editor of the weekly seven years ago. Jane updates JJ about their recent findings. He also tells JJ that the team knows about the existence about the box. JJ is upset. Jane tells Lisbon that they need to act fast. Later, Jane arrives and tells Brenda that Lisbon needs some help with handling the press. They tell her that they got some intel on Miguel, and Lisbon asked Mason to ride along with the team as they are planning to raid Miguel’s house. She is now having a tough time dealing with him. The team decides to take Brenda along with them to raid Miguel’s house.

Brenda calls Miguel and tips him about the raid. This is caught on camera. Brenda realizes that this was a trap. So, JJ was right about the leak. At the precinct, Jane tells Brenda that they know everything about her. He tells relays her story about how she came to the state capital to write, fall in love, and to catch frauds and fakes. He says that she became the editor of the weekly and she realized the allure of power, but no one fell in love with her. So, she got into a position of power by trading secrets with whoever who would have her. Brenda is in tears. Rigsby and Cho find the Tupperware and Rigsby is about to take a peek, when Jane stops him. He takes the box to JJ. JJ thanks him and Jane for their help. He fears that Brenda could tell the world about the contents of the box. Jane assures him that she wouldn’t because she is cutting a deal with the DA, wherein she has agreed to forget about the box if they meet her demands.

Next, Jane walks into his loft and tells Lisbon that he doesn’t want to be disturbed or interrupted. Lisbon is upset that Jane wouldn’t tell her what was in JJ’s box. Lisbon is about to leave when Grace arrives, asking for Jane. Jane had told her to tell him if she tracks down Scott Sanay. Grace tells her that the weird thing is that Scott lives with his mother. Lisbon is slightly curious and decides to pay Scott a visit. Scott’s mother, Judith, calls Scott and Lisbon tells him that she wants to ask him some questions. She notices that Scott had a problem in one of his legs.

Judith tells Lisbon that Scott hasn’t spoken in the last nine years. She says that on the night before his trial, somebody broke into Scott’s apartment while he was sleeping, injected him with a sedative, and cut off his tongue. Judith says that Scott’s tongue was never found. Lisbon is stunned. She now has a clue about the contents of the box. The episode ends.