Red John's Rules - Recap

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The episode begins with Lisbon arriving at the loft. She is shocked to see Jane burning the ‘Red John’ evidence. Jane tells her that he is very close to finding Red John, and hence he doesn’t need them anymore. Lisbon is curious to know more, but Jane tells her that he hasn’t slept for a week and needs to take some rest. He goes off to sleep. The next day, Lisbon wakes up Jane and tells him about the homicide in the Torchlite motel, East Sacramento. She also tells him that the first responder told them that the murderer could be Red John. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the crime scene. Jane looks at the victim and he feels that she looks familiar.

Lisbon tells him that she is a Jane Doe, who checked into the motel five days ago, under fake name and paid in cash. It looks like she had a baby who was taken. Jane looks around and he tells her that this Red John’s doing. He dials the number scribbled on the wall. It is for the Child Protective Services (CPS) at Carson City. Jane tells her that he too was at the same center for a while, when he was a kid. On their way back, Lisbon finds it strange that the moment Jane got close to finding Red John, Red John appears again and kills somebody. Jane tells Lisbon that he has a list of seven suspects. Lisbon is surprised. At the motel, Cho and Rigsby interrogate the motel manager. The manager tells them that couple of nights before, a big white guy came looking for a woman with a baby.

Since he did not tell the guy about the woman staying at the motel, the woman thanked him. Rigsby asks the manager about the maid, Sandra Guzman, who found the body. The manager tells him that she did not come to work today. They ask him for Sandra’s address. Jane and Lisbon go to the Child Protective Services and talk to the lady in charge. The woman identifies the victim as Aileen Turner. She then asks them about the baby, Katelyn. Lisbon tells her that the man who killed Aileen has also taken the baby. The woman tells them that the man they are looking for is Rody Turner, Aileen’s husband. She shows them a picture of Aileen, Rody and the baby. She also tells them that Rody used to torture Aileen, and they were helping Aileen in getting a restraining order against him.

She is about to give them the address when Jane tells them that he knows where it is. Outside, Jane tells Lisbon that Stony Ridge is practically his home town. He feels that Red John is deliberately bringing him home. They arrive at a trailer. The Turner couple, Pete and Samantha, living in that trailer knows Jane very well. Lisbon tells them about the murder. Pete tells them that Rody is their nephew, and that Aileen left a week ago. He also says that there were no problems between Aileen and Rody because they loved each other a lot. A few nights ago, they had a fight, and the cops made a huge deal about it. They ask him about the car Rody is driving. He tells them that Rody must have borrowed it from a friend. Jane feels that Pete is hiding something from them.

Pete and Samantha tell Jane that they don’t know where Rody is. Jane and Lisbon leave. Jane knows that the man will call Rody to inform him, and also that Rody will go to the crime scene to check things out. Later, as expected, Rody shows up at the crime scene, and Cho and Rigsby arrest him. In the interrogation room, Rody tells Grace that he doesn’t know anything. He wants her to let him go because he needs to find his baby. Lisbon feels that Rody is hiding something. Jane tells her that it could be the same thing Pete and Samantha were hiding. Jane asks Lisbon about Aileen. Lisbon tells him that Aileen is Kevin and Suzan Barlow’s daughter. Jane knows this family. He tells Lisbon that after Aileen’s parents died, she was raised by her uncle, Shawn.

Shawn was his (Jane’s) father’s close friend, but they fell apart due some business deal that went wrong. Lisbon notices that something about Aileen is bothering Jane. Jane admits that Aileen is a part of the happy memories he has from his childhood, but now it seems like Red John has reached into his head and taken away the happy memory. Jane decides to go and meet Pete. Jane asks Pete as to why he didn’t tell him that Aileen was a Barlow. He knows that Pete thinks that Shawn murdered his own niece. He also wants to know if Shawn is helping Red John. He tells Pete not to lie to him. Pete tells him that Shawn disliked Rody. He also abandoned Aileen and called her a hoar. When Shawn asked Rody for some money, Rody refused to pay him. This made Shawn angry and he swore vengeance.

Pete also thinks that it is possible that Shawn is Red John. He gives Jane, Shawn’s address. Later, Jane and Lisbon arrive to meet Shawn, who claims the he has the real ‘psychic powers’. He tells Jane that he had nothing to do with the murder. He tells him that Aileen was dead for him, the day she decided to marry Rody. However, he tells Jane that he wants the baby and she will be brought up as a Barlow. Jane is unable to read Shawn. Shawn tells Jane that Red John is always one step ahead of him because it is very easy to read his mind and mess with him. Jane and Lisbon leave. Later, Jane comes up with a plan. He and Lisbon go to the CPS, and tell the lady that they need her help to identify the killer.

He tells her that the Turners and Barlows are pointing fingers at each other. The plan is that they will declare that CPS has Katelyn. The innocent one will show up to pick up the baby, but the killer, who actually has the baby won’t show up because he knows that it is a false alarm. The lady readily agrees. A while later, Shawn and Rody show up at CPS. So, neither of them have the baby. At that moment, Grace calls Jane, and Jane pretends that a baby, whose description fits Katelyn’s, is found at a hospital. Jane notices that the woman from the CPS is calling someone. Jane tells her that his phone ran out of charge. He calls Grace from this woman’s phone and tells Grace to track the last call she made. He quietly dips the woman’s phone in water.

After, making sure that it is dead, he coolly hands it back to her. Jane then gives the name of a hospital and leaves. Outside, Jane tells Shawn and Rody that all this was a lie, but he assures them that he will find the baby. They leave. Grace gives Jane the address of the last call made by the woman from CPS. At CPS, the woman is trying to get in touch with the person who has Katelyn, but she learns that her phone is dead. Lisbon and Jane arrive at the address and find the baby. Moments later, the woman from the CPS arrives. She sees the duo and realizes that her game is over. Jane is sure that this woman is Red John’s accomplice. He noticed that the milk carton and the diapers were taken from the motel, and this proved that the accomplice was a woman.

The woman admits that she told Aileen that her baby will be taken away by Child Services if she doesn’t completely separate from Rody. That is why Aileen moved into the motel. She says that she desperately wanted to have a baby. By targeting Aileen, she was helping Red John as well. She tells them that Red John had some particular interest in Aileen. She also tells them that Red John had predicted this situation. She hands Jane a CD and tells Jane that Red John wanted her to hand this to him. On her way to the precinct, the woman swallows a pill and kills herself. Next, the cops return Katelyn to Roby.

At the loft, Lisbon and Jane watch the CD, where they see Lorelei talking to the camera. The message is for Jane from Red John. She tells him that she got caught and Red John said that he would make her suffer less if she reads the message to Jane. Through the message, Red John tells Jane that he is not as smart as he thinks he is. He tells Jane that he knows that he has prepared a list. Not only that, he also knows the names on the list: Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Raymond Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Bret Partridge.

Lisbon checks the names and is shocked to see that Red John is right about the seven names Jane shortlisted. Red John thinks that “this is smart”. He also tells Jane that he is going to kill a happy memory of his, and when he investigates, it will lead him to this video. He tells him that the rules of the game have changed. He says that he will start killing again, and it won’t stop until they find each other. The season ends.