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Season 2

25 :02x01 - Back to School

Frankie comes up with a plan to stay on top of her kids' schedules; Brick's new teacher (Doris Roberts) accuses Frankie of being overprotective.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Mrs. Rinsky |
Guest Stars: Peter Breitmayer as Pete Miller | Patrick Y. Malone as Mr. Rasmussen | Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert
Director: Wendey Stanzler

26 :02x02 - Homecoming

Axl has just made the varsity football team, much to Frankie's delight, and she looks forward to a life-long dream of dressing up and walking him out on the field with Mike during homecoming. However, when she learns that Sue's first cross-country meet is the same day, Frankie and Mike must each make a Sophie's Choice-like decision on which kid's activity to attend. Meanwhile, Mike gets Brick to rake up the leaves in the yard but is thrown when, instead of taking them to the dump, Brick wants to set them free in the forest.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: John Gammon as Darrin | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | Greg Cromer as Coach Emerson | Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert |
Co-Guest Stars: Susie Geiser as TBD
Director: Ken Whittingham
Writer: Rob Ulin

27 :02x03 - The Diaper Incident

While shopping for baby diapers for Sue, who has run out of them on a baby-sitting job, Frankie is completely humiliated when a clerk assumes she's shopping for adult diapers. Meanwhile, after getting on Mike's case to get a physical exam because she thinks men tend to fall apart faster than women as they age, Frankie proceeds to throw out her back and hides it from Mike, who tells her he received a clean bill of health from the doctor; a clueless Sue falls for Axl's friend, Sean, who barely notices her existence; and Brick begins to test all of the age-old urban legends parents tell their kids - such as not to swallow a watermelon seed for fear one will grow in their belly - after discovering Frankie has used these white lies on him in the past.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Blaine Saunders as Carly | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig |
Co-Guest Stars: Judith Drake as old lady | Victor Herminio Lopez as stock boy
Director: Wendey Stanzler

28 :02x04 - The Quarry

When Axl is suspended for skipping school, Mike decides it's time to teach his son a lesson about life and makes him go to work with him at the quarry. But Mike's master plan backfires when Axl likes the job so much that he wants to quit school and lead the life of a quarryman. Meanwhile, Frankie is devastated when she fears that she accidentally prayed away Sue's cross-country team after it's cut by the school; and while practicing a magic trick, Brick makes the main TV remote disappear - and can't figure out how to make it reappear.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert | Greg Cipes as Chuck | Ethan Phillips as Mr. Stanford | Victoria Kelleher as gifted mom | Chanet Johnson as chess mom |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Lewis (1) as male customer | Travis Guba as angry dad
Writer: Alex Reid

29 :02x05 - Foreign Exchange

Frankie convinces the family to host a Japanese foreign exchange student.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Matthew Moy as Takayuki | Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Toshi Toda as Takayuki's dad | Laura Ann Kesling as Dotty Donahue | Steven Krueger as Esteban | Dierk Torsek as Reverend Hayver
Director: Paul Lazarus

30 :02x06 - Halloween

Frankie is excited over being invited to an adult neighborhood Halloween party. But will she be able to get Mike to dress up in a costume, or will he have his own idea of fun? Meanwhile, a melancholy Sue's spirits are lifted when she discovers that Reverend TimTom is back in town and hosting a Halloween church event; things don't go quite as planned for Axl, his friends or their dates as they head out to an exclusive haunted house party; and Brick chooses a unique Halloween costume that is not easily defined.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Julie Brown (3) as Mrs. Norwood | Lise Simms as woman | Kelly Heyer as Michelle | Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie | Blaine Saunders as Carly | Paul Hipp as Reverend TimTom | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | John Gammon as Darrin |
Co-Guest Stars: Hunter Allan as Wylie | Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny | Kody Batchelor as older kid | Justin Prentice as teenage boy | Terrence Beasor as Mr. Johnson | Nicholas McDonald as Joe | Elle McLemore as Denise
Director: Jamie Babbit
Writer: Roy Brown

31 :02x07 - A Birthday Story

Frankie and Mike are speechless when, on his ninth birthday, Brick demands to hear the true story about the day he was born, which has remained a mysterious Heck family secret. Meanwhile, Axl's new manager at the movie theater turns out to be a conundrum - hot and dumb - which leaves a confused Axl wondering if her hotness trumps her incompetence.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | John Gammon as Darrin |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Montgomery (1) as librarian | Jason Boegh as ticket buyer | Treisa Gary as customer | Malena Hougen as nurse
Director: Ken Whittingham

32 :02x08 - Errand Boy

Brick is sick and tired of being forced to accompany Frankie on her weekend errands and pleads with her to let him stay home alone. Meanwhile, Mike is torn over how to deal with Sue's friend when he overhears her diss his daughter, and with his fellow teammates all growing beards for the football playoffs, Axl tries to grow one of his own - with mixed results.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie | Kevin Carolan as Steve | Jillian Rose Reed as Shannon | Julie Brown (3) as Paula Norwood | Blaine Saunders as Carly | John Gammon as Darrin | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny
Writer: Tim Hobert

33 :02x09 - Thanksgiving II

Mike begrudgingly invites his brother, Rusty, who is temporarily living in a tent, and his father, Big Mike, who has recently broken his hip, to join him for the annual Heck family Thanksgiving. But when Frankie observes the macho Heck men's non-communicative nature, she encourages a not-so-receptive Mike to engage them in a real conversation and express their feelings. Meanwhile, Brick is ecstatic when he discovers that Bob is bringing his girlfriend, Linda - the local librarian who loves books as much as Brick does - to Thanksgiving; and Sue wants to start a mother-daughter tradition of baking a pie for the holiday, but ends up getting more sliced up than the crust.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Norm MacDonald as Rusty Heck |
Guest Stars: Laura Heisler as Lisa | John Cullum as Mike Heck |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie | Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny | Mike Muscat as mailman
Director: Ken Whittingham
Writer: Rob Ulin

34 :02x10 - A Simple Christmas

The Hecks count down the 12 days of Christmas with Frankie's parents, Pat and Tag, when they come to town to spend the holiday with the family - much to Mike's dismay. But when Frankie decides that she wants to take the focus off of the gifts and make it a simple Christmas, Pat and Tag have other ideas.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Marsha Mason as Pat Spence | Jerry Van Dyke as Tag Spence |
Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie |
Co-Guest Stars: David R. Chandler as Derrick Glossner | Kurtis Bedford as Kevin | Gibson Sjobeck as littlest Glossner | Parker James Bolek as Wade Glossner | Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny
Director: Elliot Hegarty

35 :02x11 - Taking Back the House

After years of being at their kids' beck-and-call and never having time for themselves, Frankie and Mike decide to take charge of their lives and regain control over the Heck household. But Axl, Sue and Brick don't plan on going down without a fight.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Blaine Saunders as Carly | Sean O'Bryan as Ron Donahue | Pat Finn (1) as Bill Norwood | Julie Brown (3) as Paula Norwood | Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Kamala Jones as New Mom
Director: Barnet Kellman

36 :02x12 - The Big Chill

Mike gets mad at Frankie when she inadvertently pays $200 for eye cream; Axl cares for a mechanical doll for health class; Sue and Brick try to repair a hole in the wall.
Guest Stars: Rick Overton as Obadiah | Carolyn Wilson as woman visitor |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Pascarella as Starbucks manager | Drake Kemper as Best Buy manager | America Young as Gap manager | Rebecca Ann Johnson as Peggy
Writer: Rob Ulin

37 :02x13 - Super Sunday

As the Super Bowl approaches, Mike is thrilled when Brick takes his advice and studies up on football in order to understand and talk the sport. But Axl thinks his little brother is taking over his turf by being Mike's football buddy - a position Axl used to cherish. Meanwhile, Frankie thinks her professional career is looking up when Mr. Ehlert chooses her to accompany him to a managerial seminar, and ex-boyfriend Brad asks Sue to be his dance partner for the school's annual Square Dancing with the Stars.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert | Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig | Peter Breitmayer as Pete Miller | Pat Finn (1) as Bill Norwood |
Co-Guest Stars: J.J. Boone as nurse | Potsch Boyd as Vice-Principal Doyle | Troy Metcalf as Jim | Malcolm Foster Smith as Dave
Director: Paul Lazarus

38 :02x14 - Valentine's Day II

As Valentine's Day approaches, Frankie becomes elated when elusive son Axl asks her to accompany him to help pick out a present and choose a restaurant to impress his mysterious new girlfriend - who may be way out of his league. Meanwhile, Mike inadvertently spills the beans about Brick's crush on fellow student Autumn, which totally humiliates his extremely shy son; and having neglected to get a name or email address, Sue begins a diligent search for the boy she kissed during a Halloween hayride.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Isabella Acres as Autumn Wagner | Delaina Mitchell as Janice Wagner | Blaine Saunders as Carly |
Co-Guest Stars: Dierk Torsek as Reverend Hayver | Raymond Ochoa as Danny | Jacob Bertrand as Jake | Elle Labadie as Heather | Bryce Hurless as Dale | Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Megan | Bob Rumnock as man | Alison Sieke as Vanessa | Chelsea Royce Tavares as cheerleader | Nicholas McDonald as Joe
Writer: Roy Brown

39 :02x15 - Friends, Lies And Videotape

Fearing that a friendless Brick could be missing out on his childhood, Frankie makes it her mission to find a suitable friend for him. Meanwhile, after Mike forbids Sue from seeing an R-rated film, she goes against her father's wishes and sneaks into a movie theater with her friend, Carly; and Axl and his band need a hot chick to appear in their online music video and try to shoot footage of their sexy biology teacher, Ms. Devereaux without her knowledge or consent

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Alex Stamm as ticket seller | Kristin Cavalleri as Ms. Devereaux (as Kristin Cavallari) | Krista Braun as Mrs. Tompkins | Blaine Saunders as Carly | John Gammon as Darrin | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Scotty Noyd Jr. as Sidewalk Boy | Ginny McMath as Darrin's mom (as Ginny McMath) | Kevin M. Horton as student | Andrew J. Fishman as Zack | Nick Shafer as Arlo | Andrew Astor as Gerald | Susan Leslie as Dawn
Director: Alex Reid
Writer: Tim Hobert

40 :02x16 - Hecks On A Plane

After Sue wins a family trip to New York, Murphy's Law goes into full effect when the Hecks board a plane and fly to the Big Apple.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jessica Wright as flight attendant | Luenell as security woman | Charles Emmett as security guy | John M. Keating as business traveler |
Co-Guest Stars: Catherine Kresge as first class attendant | Ayumi Iizuka as airline official | Marcy Goldman as lady passenger
Director: Elliot Hegarty

41 :02x17 - The Math Class

Frankie once again goes head to head with Brick's third grade teacher, Ms. Rinsky, when Brick gets a D on his math test and Frankie thinks poor teaching skills are to blame. But Frankie wonders whether or not she can make the grade when Ms. Rinsky requires that she and Mike attend a class to test their own math skills. Meanwhile, while begrudgingly watching over their crusty, old aunts, Axl and Sue mull over a plan to accompany Aunt Edie on a search for a time capsule she buried when she was young.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Ms. Rinsky |
Guest Stars: Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie | Mary-Pat Green as Principal Larimer |
Co-Guest Stars: Ron E. Dickinson as homeowner | Eva Simone Fisher as secretary | Jessica Randle as receptionist | Frances Bay as Aunt Ginny
Director: Alex Reid

42 :02x18 - Spring Cleaning

Spring Break turns out to be anything but peaceful when the Hecks try to clean up 20 years of junk accumulated throughout the house. But digging through the past leads to some things that were better left forgotten. Meanwhile, Brick opens up a lucrative neighborhood information stand, giving advice on everything for a dollar per query.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Chang (1) as Teen Driver | Zachary Conneen as kid | Jerry Hauck as driver | Terrell Ransom Jr. as boy | Maurice G. Smith as cop No. 2 | Michael Patrick McGill as cop No. 1
Director: Barnet Kellman

43 :02x19 - The Legacy

After receiving multiple warnings about leaving his dirty, smelly socks lying around the house, Mike has finally had enough and punishes Axl by forbidding him to play in the final school basketball game of the season. But everyone assumes that Mike is being petty when they discover that Axl could end up beating his father's record for most free throws landed in a season if he does play in the game. Meanwhile, Sue is ecstatic - but Frankie and Mike are suspicious -- when she wins an MVP trophy for cross-country, and Brick is humiliated when he's forced to wear hand-me-down clothes from his rebellious cousin.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Thomas F. Duffy as Jack Meenahan | Greg Cromer as Coach Emerson | Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Rush as Sally Meenahan | Parker James Bolek as Wade Glossner | Gibson Sjobeck as diaper Glossner | David R. Chandler as Derrick Glossner |
Featuring: Austin Ryan Lahmon as four-year-old Axl | Noah Lomax as eight-year-old Axl | Jake Watkins as 12-year-old Axl
Director: Adam Davidson
Writer: Rob Ulin

44 :02x20 - Royal Wedding

Obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding, Frankie shocks her family when she treats the event like the Super Bowl and begins purchasing commemorative chotchkies - as well as an expensive HDTV - to enjoy the festivities. Meanwhile, Brick tries to teach Sue how to become an on-air reporter when she decides to try out as an anchor for the school's Shucker News Team, and Mike has a mutiny on his hands at the quarry when he's forced to make cutbacks and takes away the one thing his workers care about - free pretzels.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Shanley Caswell as Samantha | Brian Palermo as Phil | Troy Metcalf as Jim | Malcolm Foster Smith as Dave | Greg Cipes as Chuck |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Blanchette as customer | Lamorne Morris as salesman | Mark Daugherty as Matt | Dyllan Christopher as Andy
Director: Ken Whittingham

45 :02x21 - Mother’s Day II

Mike and the kids present Frankie with the perfect Mother's Day gift - a day to herself. But when her day off goes awry, Mike offers a do-over with the family, which comes with its own set of glitches.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert | Hal Landon, Jr. as photographer | Celia Finkelstein as Colleen |
Co-Guest Stars: Ashley L. Clark as ferris wheel guy | Nick Shafer as Arlo | Lauren Lapkus as cashier | Rusty Burns as Sandy | Floyd Van Buskirk as carny
Writer: Tim Hobert

46 :02x22 - The Prom

After learning that Axl text-invited the wrong girl to prom and plans to solve the situation by standing her up, Frankie and Mike demand that he meet the girl face-to-face in a timely manner to gently break off the date - or face the music and take her to the big event. Meanwhile, Sue and her friend, Carly, try in earnest to fit in with the school's "B" crowd during lunch, and after a successful first show, Brick begins to bore Frankie and Mike with his impromptu one-man plays.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Shanley Caswell as Samantha | Blaine Saunders as Carly | John Gammon as Darrin | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | Paul Hipp as Reverend TimTom |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Daugherty as Matt | Nick Shafer as Arlo | Katlin Mastandrea as Ashley
Director: Ken Whittingham

47 :02x23 - The Bridge

Frankie and Mike attempt to cure Brick of his irrational fear of crossing over bridges. Meanwhile, Axl is pitted against nemesis Sean Donahue when a lifeguard position opens up at the local public pool, and Frankie is ready to pull her hair out when she tries to help an indecisive and emotional Sue pick out a two-piece bathing suit to wear on the pool's opening day.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn (2) as Lifeguard | Blaine Saunders as Carly | Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue | Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue |
Co-Guest Stars: Nakia Burrise as saleswoman | Aedin Mincks as boy | Hayley Holmes as girl | Steffani Brass as daughter | Dawn Joyal as mom
Writer: Roy Brown

48 :02x24 - Back To Summer

With only three days left until summer vacation, Frankie is ecstatic that she's made it through another school year with the family. But her happiness turns to panic when she and Mike learn that Brick needs to write a daily journal and turn it in to Ms. Rinsky or risk not moving up to the fourth grade; that Axl hasn't fulfilled his required 30 days of community service; and that, because of an error, Sue must prove that she never took a sick day from school in order to receive a perfect attendance award at her middle school graduation ceremony.

Source: ABC
Special Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Ms. Rinsky |
Guest Stars: Andy Milder as Mr. Sholin | Patrika Darbo as Ms. Jacobs | Jan Hoag as Nurse Fahler |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Beyer as Mr. Stevenson
Director: Ken Whittingham
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2009
Episode Order: 24
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