Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a voiceover telling us about the first time she saw a dead body. She was a little girl then and the dead man was the neighborhood drunk, shot in the head in the South Side of Chicago. The kid wasn’t afraid and wanted to touch the body and even today, twenty years later, Dr. Grace Devlin remembers every dead body. Next, we see that Grace is at a vet’s and she is trying to remove a screwdriver from a thug’s forehead. Just then her phone rings, which means she has to get back to work. She manages to remove the screwdriver and heads off to the hospital. She arrives at the OR and she is late. The patient is an eight year old boy, who has a gunshot wound.

Grace successfully removes the bullet, but the body is going into shock and Grace’s supervisor, Dr. Flanigan calls for drugs. But Grace doesn’t agree with that and performs a surgery and little Kevin is back. Next, Nurse Rosa tells Grace that her mother Daniela is in the lobby. Just then the feds arrives with a 47 year old patient and DR. Stafford asks Grace to help him with the case. This man is all over the news. Daniela arrives and tells Grace that 14 year old Suzie; the girl Grace used to babysit, came looking for Grace and passed out right in front of her. So she got her to the hospital. Grace’s boyfriend, Dr. Brett is attending to Suzie and he tells Grace that despite being a virgin, she is pregnant.

Next, Grace is educated about her fed patient; Ralph Sevarino, a mobster, who was ready to testify against mob boss, Paul Moretti. He suffered a heart attack and according to Stafford, the surgery could lead to a memory loss. But Grace has another option; a new surgical procedure which has never been done at this hospital. Later, Grace receives a bunch of balloons and card that says “KILL HIM”. Next, Grace arrives at a body shop looking for Morretti. There she sees her ex-boyfriend, Franco. Morretti reminds her that she had agreed to do anything to keep him from killing her brother, Nate. But Grace tells him that she never agreed to kill anybody.

Morretti tells her that he is about to make millions and Ralph is about to mess it up for him. Later, Grace arrives at the hospital and she has brought a soft toy for Kevin. Grace assures Kevin’s mother that her son is doing great. Flanigan arrives to have a word with Grace. He tells her that he is handing over Kevin’s case to Dr. Watson as she is dealing with Ralph. Brett tries to explain to Suzie that she is pregnant. That is crazy. Suzie argues that she is a virgin. Grace arrives and Suzie is glad to see her. She also notices that there is something going on between Grace and Brett. Grace asks her if she is still dating Johnny. Suzie says a yes but she says that they never had sex. Grace explains the concept of fimbriated hymen and tells her that she got impregnated through outer-course.

Suzie fears that her dad is going to kill Johnny. She also tells her that she will lose her scholarship due to her pregnancy. Grace arrives home and her mother asks her about Suzie. But Grace doesn’t tell her anything. She then asks about Brett. Nate asks Grace what is wrong with her and that she needs to be a little more nice to their mother. he appreciates all that Grace is doing for him; but he also says that he had a foolproof system. But Grace is sure that Morretti would have killed him. Grace then receives a text. A former mob boss Constantine is watching the news report about his release from prison. Grace arrives and administers insulin to him. Constantine knows about Ralph and he feels that Grace likes feeling powerful. He reminds her of the saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

But Grace tells him that it is not about power. Constantine tells her that she is like family to him and that he would always be there if they needed any help. That she knows. Grace leaves and we see a man clicking pictures of Grace leaving from Constantine’s. next, Brett and Grace are making out and Grace’s phone rings; 2 missed calls from Morretti. She then asks Brett about Suzie. He tells her that the pregnancy is ectopic. He would perform the surgery as soon as he gets her father’s consent. But Grace says that she will lose her scholarship if the word gets out. But Brett tells her that surgery without the father’s consent would mean losing his license. Just then she hears a page from Kevin’s room. She rushes; only to find that Kevin passed away. She talks to Olivia Watson, the doctor in charge of Kevin.

Olivia tells her that Flanigan overruled the treatment Grace suggested. Grace is pissed and asks Olivia to report this. But Olivia refuses to do so. Grace then suggests that Olivia should ask her father to keep an eye on Flanigan. But Olivia feels offended as she doesn’t want to be called daddy’s girl. She leaves. Grace totally loses it and she pages for Flanigan to report to the OR where Stafford is performing a surgery. She then tells Stafford what happened and she asks Stafford to pen an investigation on Flanigan; else he will need to find someone else to perform the surgery on Ralph. Stafford asks Flanigan to report the case. Next, Suzie’s dad arrives and Grace tells him that Suzie has a ruptured ovarian cyst. But Brett seems totally uncomfortable with this lie.

Grace tells Brett that Rosa will do the paper work to cover up. Next, Morretti calls Grace and tells her that his man will leave a marked syringe in the OR which will contain a drug that will kill Ralph. Grace is worried. In the OR, Grace drops the marked syringe. The operation is successful. Olivia confronts Grace about Flanigan being written up. But Grace tells her that he didn’t. Olivia tells her that Flanigan thinks that she ratted him out and now he is angry with her. Brett too is angry with her. Grace then receives a call from her mom; but it isn’t her mom. It is an angry Morretti calling her and he has Daniela at gunpoint. He asks her to come get her mom. Grace arrives home. She then rams her car into Morretti’s. He rushes out and then chases Grace. Grace drives to Constantine’s house. Constantine shoots Morretti.

He asks her to go home and pretend as if she didn’t see anything. At home, Nate admits that all this was his fault. Grace is called to the hospital. Brett tells Grace that the operation was a success; “cyst removed! “ Next, Grace arrives to meet Constantine. She is shocked to see Franco there. Well, he is the one who got rid of the body! Constantine was the one who got Ralph to testify against Morretti. Constantine wanted a way in. he asks Grace to leave Chicago; but she refuses. She asks him to protect her. Constantine agrees; but her debt to Morretti now becomes a debt to him.

Well, we have a deal! But Constantine tells her that she had a choice. Grace then sees Constantine’s car parked nearby. Cut to the scene,where she saw her first dead body. The man wasn’t just any drunk, it was her father and she was relieved to see him dead as now he wouldn’t come back home and hit her mom, her brother and her. She then hears a car leave the scene; it is Constantine’s car! The episode ends.