Family Secrets - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s voiceover telling us as to how her mother lied to her on her sixth birthday by telling her that her father couldn’t come because of work. But we see that little Grace sees her father pass out drunk in front of their house. Cut to the present, their mother asks Nate to be back home early as Grace’s boyfriend is coming home for dinner. Nate asks Grace if she has heard from Morretti and she says a no. he feels that something isn’t right. Next, Constantine arrives at a house to meet a man named Dante; they are old acquaintances. Dante’s wife Gemma and brother, Titus is also there. Dante knows that Constantine wants to be back and also wants to take over the deal Morretti had with him.

But they want a higher cut than Morretti; that is 15% for the distribution of the video poker games shipment that is arriving. Just then Dante has a coughing fit. At the hospital, a 92 year old man is rushed in. He is from the rest home and has no relatives. He fell off the bed and now needs to have few tests run immediately. Grace and Brett are discussing about tonight’s dinner when a bride dressed in her wedding gown arrives with bleeding eyes and nose. She collapses. Constantine calls Grace but she doesn’t pick up. She then receives a message from Franco and Brett tells her to attend her phone as he will take care of the girl. Franco is waiting for Grace and she is upset with him. Franco says it is important.

He then drives Grace to the farmhouse where Dante is hiding. Constantine tells her that Dante can’t be seen in public. So she collects his urine sample and takes it to get it tested. Nate is at the city college, getting himself registered. But he doesn’t know what course he wants to apply for. He changes his mind and leaves. Grace learns that Dante is suffering from renal failure. Ro also tells her that the 92 year old man would live only for few minutes. Grace asks Ro to stall the death pronouncement. She then calls Franco. Next, the bride with the bleeding eyes tell her doctors that she was getting ready for the wedding when she suddenly felt as if some wave hit her and then she ran. Later she saw the blood and came to the hospital.

Grace tells her that she breathes too hard and exhales too much carbon dioxide and that changes the acid balance in the blood; a symptom associated with severe panic attack. Nate arrives at the hospital and pages for Grace. He is to frustrated with Grace behaving like a mother. in the parking lot, Nate sees Grace and Franco taking Dante into the hospital on a wheel chair. Grace then tells Ro to keep her secret as she is going to run some tests under the old man’s name. Franco then goes into a bar where Constantine is waiting for him. Nate is keeping a watch on Franco. At the hospital, Brett is about to run some tests on the bride; an echo-cardiogram.

Meanwhile, Grace is running some tests on Dante and she learns that Dante knew her father. She asks him if he knows who killed her father. He tells her to ask Constantine. Brett is still performing the echo-cardiogram and he sees a shadow on the posterior end of the kidney. He doesn’t know what it is. But then suddenly the bride begins to scream and she pushes Brett away and runs. She has a similar attack like the one she had during her wedding and her eyes begin to bleed. Grace traps the bride and Brett takes her back. Stafford then explains to the bride’s sister that the bride has a renal tumor and Brett pushing it triggered the same reaction during the wedding.

But then that was due to the pressure of the corset of her wedding dress. The tumor seems to be causing bleeding around the kidney. So it needs to be operated and Stafford tells the sister that they will need her consent. Flanigan wants to know why Grace is running so many tests for a 92 year old man. He says that he is taking over this case. just then Franco arrives and tells Flanigan that the old man is his grandfather and he loves him a lot and if Flanigan has a problem with the tests, then he knows a good lawyer too. Dante doesn’t want to stay in the hospital any longer. He tells Grace that he is leaving. She tells them to take the service elevator. Grace then goes to the OR for the bride’s surgery. Stafford knows about the dinner plans. He also knows that Grace’s mother is cooking duck.

Next, Grace goes to meet Constantine and asks him about her father’s murder. She wants to know if he killed her father. Constantine swears that he did not kill her father. Just then Franco tells him that Titus just called; Dante passed out. They go to the farm house. Grace calls the hospital and asks Ro for the results. But Ro tells her that the results haven’t arrived. Brett is already at Grace’s house and Grace is running late. Ro tells Grace that Dante’s test results show acidosis. Grace analyzes the symptoms and concludes that he has severe lactic acidosis. Dante stops breathing and Gemma tells Grace that Dante sniffed poppers as he felt like iron man after that. Grace makes him sniff the poppers and Dante starts breathing. Grace declares that Dante is being poisoned with cyanide which causes lactic acidosis.

Just then we see Gemma driving away. Grace heads for home and Nate stops her on her way. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him. At home, dinner is over and Brett is ready to leave. Nate and Grace arrive and Nate gives some ridiculous story. Brett sees through his lie. Grace tells Brett that Nate got into some trouble and she had to bail him out. She is sorry for arriving late. Brett leaves. Next, Constantine tells Titus that he wants 15% and Titus refuses telling him that he isn’t getting more than 10% and it is okay with him if Constantine doesn’t take the deal. Constantine leaves. Later, we see that Constantine’s men hijack a truck carrying the gaming machines. Constantine checks the manifest and figures out that something is not right. He sees that half of the load has duplicate serial numbers.

He then meets Titus. He tells him that all his machines have twins; so half the money goes tax- free and wouldn’t come under the radar. So now the price has gone up; 25% of all the machines. Titus agrees; no other option! Brett is still upset about the dinner. He wants to know what is going on; but whenever Grace is ready to tell him. Just then a patient is rushed into the hospital. But Brett declares her dead. It is Gemma. Her ring finger is cut off and Brett feels that someone must have really wanted her ring. Indeed! Grace says that the nails beds are pink, so they need to check for cyanide poisoning in the autopsy.

Next, Grace remembers the wish she made on her sixth birthday; she wished her father never came home again. And the wish came true that afternoon when two men carry him away. Nate meets Constantine and tells him that he knows everything. He wants Constantine to hire him. The episode ends.