Protect and Serve - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s childhood memories of her parents fighting and her deciding to run away from home. Cut to the present, Grace rushes to attend to a family of four being rushed into the hospital. They are the Kelton family; parents and two children, a son and a daughter.. Grace, Brett, Stafford, Olivia, and Flannigan attend to the family members. The father says that they were in a hit and run by a red SUV. Stafford drills the mother’s skull and lets some blood flow out and she is back to normal. The son is being attended by Olivia. Grace attends to the daughter and asks for a chest x-ray. The girl tells her that her chest feels.

She doesn’t complete the sentence. Her pulse runs flat. Grace calls for help. But she is gone. Olivia suggests a surgery for educational benefit; but Grace doesn’t want to rip open a small girl for educational benefits. She declares the TOD. Grace looks upset and just then her phone ring; it is Constantine. She arrives to meet him. Constantine wants her to fix a guy lying on the table. She notices a mark across his body caused by the seat belt and she asks Franco what car he was driving. Franco forbids her from going into that territory. She learns that the man was driving a Red SUV; he just killed her patient! Grace confronts Constantine. He doesn’t want her asking any questions. He then tells her that the man is a cop.

Grace performs a quick fix; but actually she leaves him with an internal bleeding. On her way out, she sees Nate and learns that he is now working for Constantine. Grace reaches the hospital. She asks Brett how long it will take an abdominal bleeding to turn south; he says 24 hours. So; our wounded killer cop has 24hours after which he will require immediate medical attention. The mother still has cerebral edema. In a bar, Constantine is with his lawyer, Stavos and they are discussing his cash flow issues. Grace is still upset about the girl’s death. Next, we see that Nate and Franco are about to torch the red SUV and Franco asks Nate about the doctor Grace is dating. Nate tells him that Grace was waiting for him to pop the question and he just left and was gone for a year. Grace thought it was because of her.

Franco tells him that cops were breathing down Moretti’s neck and so he had to leave and he then got stuck. He was unaware of grace’s thoughts. Franco then tells Nate that working for Constantine is a bad choice. But Nate tells him that he has made his. Franco then asks him to torch the car alone. He then congratulates him on turning into a felon. Next, Brett attends to Max, the son and Max tells him that his leg doesn’t hurt. There seems to be a problem. Grace’s mother arrives at the hospital and Grace tells her about Nate’s new job. Grace wants her to tell him the truth about their father; that he was a drunk. And if Nate doesn’t know the truth, he is going to go down the same path. But she tells Grace that she has no control over Nate.

Next, Constantine is with Nate and he points out to a neighborhood that used to be under his control. It is now under Marcellus Coyne. He tells Nate that Coyne did not have the guts to take it directly from him; so he set him up and ratted him out to the cops. He now wants to take it all back and asks Nate if he wants to be a part of that. Nate wants to be. At the hospital, Ro tells Grace that she cannot fix everything and so she needs to stop feeling bad about the girl’s death. Brett tells Stafford that Max’s angiogram is back. Brett suggests a surgery that could improve Max’s leg. But Stafford disagrees and says that it is a long shot and that they need to concentrate on saving his life. Stafford suggests that they should get the father’s consent for amputation.

Grace meets Franco outside the hospital. She tells him that she cannot do this anymore as she feels guilty for covering up a girls’ murder. Franco tells her that Shaw is busting a drug deal in the old neighborhood and, this needs to be done. He also reminds him the good things Constantine has done for them. He asks her to let it go. Grace tells him that she did not actually fix Shaw up and that she needs to see him. Franco tells her that he might not always be there to cover up for her. Franco gets Shaw to the hospital. Flannigan questions her about the new patient. Grace deals with him and tells Ro that this is messed up and she needs to trust her. Brett meets max’s father and tells him that the hospital needs his consent for amputation.

But he also tells him about the surgery where they can bypass the injury and save his leg. But there is a risk for an infection and that could risk his life. At home, Nate’s mother tells him his father’s truth. He realizes that Grace put her up to this. Brett is in the OR for surgery and Stafford is furious. Brett tells him that he did inform the father about the risks the surgery poses. Stafford has no option but allow it. Next, Danielle meets Constantine and it appears that they have a history together. She asks him to cut Nate loose. He refuses. Later he tells Nate to take a TV home to his mother. At the hospital, complications arise and Max’s leg begins to get infected. Brett and Grace cut open the wound. Later, Stafford and Brett save Max.

Stafford is still pissed but he is glad that Brett took this chance. Max’s mother is conscious and she enquires about her daughter. Grace then gets Shaw to take a look at the grieving Kelton family. She tells him that the little girl’s aorta was torn out of her heart; he killed her. Max was about to lose his leg and the mother would require years of occupational therapy. Shaw single handedly destroyed the whole family. He tells her that it was an accident. But she tells him that he was drunk and so he killed her. Grace arrives home and she sees the television and wants Nate to return the television. Next, we hear news broadcast, that talks about Shaw’s raid and Coyne’s arrest. Constantine shares a toast with his friends in a bar.

Grace then confronts Franco. She now knows that the whole raid thing wasn’t about cleaning up the neighborhood but it was about revenge. It wasn’t about drugs; it was about Coyne. She warns him never to lie to her again. Cut to the flashback, we see that little Grace who had decided to run away, changes her decision as she feels that she has a home and a purpose. She returns home. Cut to the present, Grace confronts Constantine. She tells him that she will have Shaw arrested for the little girl’s murder. She tells him that her mother doesn’t need the gift but he says that she liked it. He then walks to his car; it explodes. Grace rushes to check on Constantine’s driver. He asks her to walk away. We then see Franco getting a deep dish for Moretti.

He is alive! And Franco has been hiding this from Constantine. Moretti is upset that the bomb missed and the people who he helped are now rattling around Constantine. Franco assures him that they will come around. Moretti decides that he will kill Constantine. The episode ends.