Change of Heart - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s voiceover telling us about a strange man who moved into the neighborhood and even the cops could not get rid of him. But then one man showed up who could get rid of him and Grace knew that she is always going to see him. Cut to the present, Grace and Brett playing pool and she is good at it. She then tells him that there is a cardiac transplant case and so Dr. Baylor would be coming to the hospital. Just then Jimmy walks in with a couple of guys; her high school friends. One of the guys, Tony, stands on a table and greets Grace. He is drunk and he falls of the table; managing to crack his skull open.

Brett and Grace tend the wound and offer to take him to the hospital; but Tony ignores their advice and he walks out with his friend. Grace receives a text from Franco and leaves. She lies to Brett saying that it is her mother. Franco’s text was about a pregnant woman, so Grace picks some things from the hospital. Franco tells her to put her family in the car and get out of Chicago. Grace meets the pregnant girl, Tracy. Tracy tells her that the baby hasn’t moved for two days and she is due in three weeks. Franco leaves saying that he has something to take care of. Grace does an ultrasound and tells Traci that her baby is a breach and so she needs to set him right. Tracy agrees. Tracy tells her that she is not a bad person. After the check up, Grace asks Constantine about what is going on.

He tells her that Tracy got knocked up by a politician and he cut in a deal to keep her quiet. Next, Morretti is shooting bottles and Franco arrives. Franco tells Morretti that he found Ralph Severino. Franco tells Morretti that Ralph is under FBI protection. They are keeping Ralph alive so that he can testify against Morretti. He tells Franco that there is a way to get to Ralph and he hands over the picture of a girl named Peggy to Franco and asks him to find her. Morretti says that Peggy is his ticket back to Chicago. In the bar, Stavos and Constantine watch the news which talks about the upcoming trial on Morretti which will put him on the most wanted list. David arrives; he is the politician who knocked up Tracy.

He tells Constantine that he isn’t going to pass the gaming ordinance for him as he did not do it for Morretti. Constantine tries to blackmail him about Tracy. David says that prison didn’t seem to knock the edge off Constantine. He dismisses Constantine’s threat and walks away. At the hospital, Tony arrives to meet Grace as his head wouldn’t stop bleeding. He needs to rush and asks Grace to help him. She takes him to a vacant room. She then staples his head with a surgical stapler. He is ready to leave when Rosa notices his jacket. There is a halo sign from the blood. But this means that he is leaking spinal fluid.

She tells him to take a day off from work and rushes him for a CT scan. Grace is in radiology when Brett arrives and tells her that Baylor is giving the doctor a pre-op brief. During the brief, Grace makes a point and Baylor declares that Grace just saved her patient’s life. She then tells Grace that she is giving the assist on this one to Olivia and this does not mean that she doubts Grace’s abilities. Later, Brett and Grace arrive to meet Tony and Tony asks Grace about Franco. It appears as if Brett doesn’t know about Franco. Tony then asks them about his head. Grace tells him that the spinal fluid isn’t his. She then asks Tony if he got into a fight and he tells her that he was out with the other guys last night.

Brett and Grace rush to the waiting room and they find spinal fluid running down Jimmy’s nose. They rush Jimmy to the OR. Elaine, Jimmy’s wife, arrives and Grace introduces her to Stafford. They try to tell her that there is a hematoma around his brain. But Elaine doesn’t understand and so Stafford tells her that he is going to remove the blood collected outside his brain and if all goes well, Jimmy would be fine. Constantine calls Grace and tells her that Tracy’s water broke and she is goes to check on Tracy. Meanwhile, Constantine gifts Stavos a gold watch worth $20,000, for his 15 years of loyalty. Franco manages to track down Peggy who works at a restaurant.

Grace asks Rosa to get her some equipment which is used for delivering babies. She takes Rosa along with her to deliver Tracy’s baby. The baby is out and Tracy asks them to take the baby aw3ay. She asks Grace to tell Constantine that she wants her money. Grace calls Constantine and wants to know that truth. He tells her to stay out and that the baby is going to a nice Canadian couple. Rosa arrives and tells her that Tracy is bleeding. Tracy is unconscious and Grace says that they need to operate now. At the hospital, Olivia thanks Baylor for taking her as the assist. It is time to close the heart and Olivia says that she can do it.

But Baylor notices that the angle is off and Olivia makes a mistake. Baylor asks her to step away and takes over. Meanwhile, Grace waits for Tracy to wake up. She tells Tracy that she had to perform a hysterectomy and that she wouldn’t be able to conceive anymore. Tracy now wants her kid back. She asks Grace to help her. Grace goes to Constantine and tells him about the situation. He tells her that Tracy is a call girl who got knocked up by a politician and she is getting her money. He says that she is playing her like she played the politician. Stavos appears worried.

Next, Franco calls Morretti and tells him that he found out that Peggy is Ralph’s daughter and now he wants to know the truth. He wants to know the end game. At the hospital, Grace learns that there is an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) in Jimmy’s brain; it is sort of a time bomb inside his head which has a 10% chance of rupturing. Elaine is rude with Grace but she says that they don’t want to operate as the surgery could cause a stroke, loss of speech or blindness. So they decide to go with the remaining 90%. Baylor tells Grace that thanks to Olivia, her patient would never speak again. Grace then goes to check on Tracy. She also hands her a plane ticket and asks her to leave with her baby and never come back.

Next, Constantine meets David and hands over an envelope with the baby’s hair in it. He asks David to change his mind; else he will call a press conference and invite David’s wife. Grace puts Tracy in a car and the car leaves. Franco arrives and sees that he is a little late. Next, Morretti enters Peggy’s apartment and holds a gun at her. He asks her to call Ralph through her laptop. Ralph is shocked to see Morretti and Morretti tells him about the gun he placed in his drawer. He tells Ralph to take the gun and shoot himself; else he would kill his daughter in front of him. Ralph shoots himself.

Morretti leaves. Constantine arrives to meet Grace. He gives her the money she spent for the plane ticket. After all, he is not that bad a person! Next, the news says that David has changed his stance on the ordinance. But Stavos and Constantine don’t believe the report that says Ralph killed himself. All charges against Morretti have been dropped. Morretti tells Franco that it is time to reclaim what is his. The episode ends.