Legacy - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s voice over recounting the weekend she and her brother spent with their father. She thought it would be awful, but she says that he didn’t take a single drink that time and made her fly. She hoped that things would never change. Cut to the present, Grace is examining her patient Sara and she tells Sara that her transplant heart will be here soon. Brett is looking at a scan of his patient Will Jamison and he sees that there is an intestinal blockage; the problem is he doesn’t know what is causing it. Olivia seems to know his patient’s history. She says that she had some downtime and so she took a look at the reports that were there in surgery.

Brett tells her that she is trying to impress Stafford with her diagnostic skills after a botched surgery. Grace is about to perform the transplant when Sara is stricken with fever. Stafford says that they cannot perform the transplant till the time they rule out infection. Grace tells them that this is Sara’s last chance but the seniors don’t give a go ahead for the operation. The heart then is rerouted to someone else. Brett is attending to Will and he suggests that they need to operate on Will. His parents are troubled on hearing about another operation. Will’s younger brother, Ethan tries to plug a cord and he gets a shock. Brett puts him under Olivia’s care. Sara wakes up and Grace tells her that they will find her another heart.

Grace then sees that she has three missed calls from Constantine. She calls him and he tells her to visit a friend in prison who has a unique medical situation. She goes to meet Eddie Nolan and he says that he knows everything about her as he was Constantine’s cell mate. He says that he faked a chest pain. He tells her that Sara Anderson is his daughter. He wants Grace to kill him so that Sara can get his heart. No way is she doing this. She fights with Constantine. Olivia notices that there is something not right about Ethan’s leg and she wants to take his parent’s permission to run some tests. Grace tells Sara that ALVAD is the next best option till the time they get a new heart.

Grace then asks her if there is someone she could call, but Sara tells her that her parents are dead. Olivia readies Ethan for a CT scan. But he refuses to let her touch his foot as it has been paining terribly since the time he got zapped. She removes his shoe and they are shocked to see that Ethan’s foot is completely twisted. Next, Constantine asks Nate to step up and ask to convince the bar owners in the neighborhood to buy the video poker machines he is selling. Next we see that Eddie gets himself admitted in the hospital by faking chest pains. He has been assigned to Grace. Grave goes to examine him. He once again tells her to kill him by slipping a particular drug so that he can kill himself.

He tells her that Sara was an excellent student and he wants to do something for her. Next, Grace is operating on Sara and getting the ALVAD to activate. But the aorta tears and there is bleeding. Sara is crashing and they need to go on by-pass. But Grace suggests a pericardial graft. Nate manages to convince two bar owners to take the poker machines by reminding them of their debts they owe Constantine. Sara is out of surgery but the left ventricle is over powering the right causing fluids to accumulate around the heart. There is nothing much Grace can do. She goes to meet Eddie and tells him that his daughter is dying and she can’t stop it. But she can let him meet her. She also tells him that she is not going to play God.

Sara knows that she is going to die and Grace tells her that she knows the truth about her father. Sara doesn’t want to see him. Meanwhile, Olivia notices that Will’s intestine and Ethan’s body are twisting in a similar manner and she feels that it could be related and caused due to some genetic defect. Brett leaves to get a chromosome mapping done. Nate goes to the third bar owner but he ends up calling policeman, Sergeant Tavares, who badly beats up Nate. Tavares tells him that he wants Constantine. But Nate doesn’t talk. Next, Grace ditches the cop and takes Eddie to meet Sara. Eddie says that he would do anything to trade places with her.

She reminds him that he was a bad father. He apologizes but she doesn’t have any forgiveness to give him. She tells Grace to take him away. Sara is in pain. Next, Brett and Olivia go to Stafford and tell him that the DYT1 gene in both guys is mutated. Stafford allows them to treat the boys. Constantine tells Grace to meet him in the ambulance bay as he is not feeling well. She comes out and sees that Eddie is being taken away to the prison. And just then Eddie is shot in the head. Graces rushes to Eddie and tries to pump his heart. Eddie is dead but his organs aren’t. She asks them to prep the transplant. Tavares arrives to meet Constantine. He tells him that Nate has a lot to learn but he didn’t break.

He feels that Constantine found himself a warrior. Constantine pays Tavares for his business. Stafford finds the whole shooting thing strange. But how does it matter? When Sara is told who the heart belongs to, she declines the heart. Grace tries to talk to Sara but she still refuses. Grace ups the dose of morphine enough to render Sara unconscious and tells Lauren that Sara agreed. Next, Brett, Stafford and Olivia tell the boys’ parents that Will is responding to the new treatment but Ethan isn’t responding as the electric shock accelerated his symptoms. They tell them that they need to implant a device in Ethan’s brains which will control his movements.

They wouldn’t have suggested it if it weren’t the best option. The parents agree. Sara wakes up and learns that her father’s heart is beating inside her. She tells Grace that she will turn her in for this and Grace says that she will accept the consequences. She wants to know why Grace didn’t listen to her. Grace says that after all that Eddie did, he came through for his daughter. At home, Grace tends to Nate’s wounds. Grace has an idea how this could have happened. She knows that all this might be freaking out their mother. Next, we are taken to the flashback where Grace’s voiceover tells us that when her mother returned from her weekend away, he father started drinking again.

Grace knew that her father chose not to be a good father. As much as Grace hated the man, she never stopped wishing that he would reach down to her, pick her up and make her fly. Cut to the present, Grace arrives to meet Constantine and says that he missed their meeting today. He says that he felt better. She knows that Constantine set up Eddie’s shooting. But he points out that all ended well for everyone. The episode ends.