Complications - Recap

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The episode begins with Franco arriving to meet Grace in the parking lot. She is startled and she tells him that she is tired and that she cannot do it anymore. If there are any patients, she wants them to come to the ER like the rest. But he tells her that it is not about that. He tells her that he is sorry and just then Morretti grabs her by her neck. Cut to 6 hours earlier, Stafford and Grace are discussing about the presentation that would be done by the residents. Trauma pages her. A swimmer is brought in who was found in the lake with abdominal trauma. She is suffering from hypothermia and there was no pulse for 30 minutes. Brett says that the body temperature cannot be brought up.

They perform two incisions on her stomach and it is working. They get back a pulse and they are ready to shock her. And she is back! Next, Constantine is taking a walk in the neighborhood. Actually he is waiting for Alderman Taylor. He introduces Gio Penna to Taylor. Constantine wants to take Taylor for a ride. Taylor tells him that if this is about the gaming ordinance, then his hands are tied. All this while, we see that a bald man is keeping a watch on Constantine. He subtly threatens Taylor. He insists that they go for a ride. At the hospital Grace meets a guy who is at the hospital for the swimmer; Cassie Lambert. Actually, he is the guy who hit her with the speedboat. He tells Grace that he didn’t expect any swimmers to be on the lake at that hour and he didn’t see her.

He looks upset. Grace tells him that she is headed for Cassie’s surgery. He wants Grace to tell Cassie that he has her dog. He is in tears. The baldie then reports to Morretti that Constantine was meeting Taylor. Franco realizes that it is for the gaming ordinance. Morretti plans to take down Constantine when he is headed to the warehouse. Morretti senses that Franco is nervous and he knows it is because of Grace. Franco is not too happy that he isn’t told about the plans before hand. Brett and grace discuss Cassie’s case and Rosa tells her that Franco called for her. Cassie wakes up and tells them that she hasn’t swum for a very long time. She was walking her dog and she then worries for Barkley; her dog. Cassie wonders that the man first tells them about tan accident that never happened and now he has taken her dog!

Franco tries to call her again and she disconnects the call. Brett feels that Grace is trying to avoid him and tells her that she can tell him if there is something going on. Grace just tells him that she has got to go. Constantine arrives at the warehouse and declares to his men that Taylor has changed his vote; the gaming ordinance has passed. He also announces that Nate is officially a part of the team. He has also ordered some refreshments which are brought in by some gorgeous women. Constantine takes Nate aside and tells him that he is proud of him. He is now a part of the brotherhood. Next, Grace is in the parking lot and we see the first scene where Morretti grabs her by her neck. He then zip ties her and throws her in the trunk of his car. He gets her to an abandoned place and tells her that he wants back what is his.

He wants her to get Constantine to come out there and meet her. And he gives her ten minutes to figure out how she will do it. Else he is going to kill her and her family. Next, Brett is examining Cassie ad Seth arrives. He tells Cassie that she was swimming when he ran over her. Cassie cannot remember that she was swimming. Seth reassures her that Barkley is fine. Grace calls Constantine and tells her that she cannot treat his patients without proper equipment. She tells him that she knows a guy who has some stolen goods and is ready to unload for twenty grand. She wants him to come and meet her. Constantine is suspicious but he agrees to meet her at four. Constantine tells Nate that there is something wrong with his sister and wants to know when he last spoke to her.

He wants him to find out what is going on. Brett is looking at the slides Olivia made for the presentation. He then asks Rosa if she knows anything about Franco. But she says that she doesn’t know much. Olivia arrives as there is a code called in for Cassie; she is going into respiratory arrest. Stafford arrives. Brett manages to revive her this time as well. Stafford wants to find out what is going on with this woman. Franco tells Grace that whatever is happening is complicated. Grace notices her phone on the table. She walks up to the table and tries making a call. Franco sees that and he gets pissed. At the hospital, Stafford pumps worms out from Cassie and he realizes that they have been choking her. Grace asks Franco if he was the one who burnt Constantine’s car.

He tells her that it was Morretti. This means he knew about it! At the Grand Rounds, Olivia presents their slides and Brett is worried that Grace is late. Brett falter during his concluding remarks and Stafford is surprised that Grace isn’t in. He tells Brett to find her. Olivia is angry that Brett stalled the presentation for Grace and she tells him that he should quit trying to protect her every time. Brett calls Nate. Nate sees that Grace isn’t home. Grace scans the perimeter and then attacks Franco and escapes. But Morretti shoots her in her leg and she runs into a nearby factory. Franco tells him to leave her alone and he aims his gun at Franco thinking that Franco is playing games with him. His men check the building and don’t find Grace. Grace goes through some tools and picks up pliers and she then pulls out the bullet from her leg. At the hospital,

Stafford tells Cassie that there were tapeworms found in her lungs and that is what caused the arrest. He tells her that she probably got that from her dog when he licked her. Her hands begin trembling and Stafford orders a CT scan. Constantine figures out that something is not right as Grace isn’t home and Franco isn’t answering his calls. He decides to go meet Grace and that too with back up. The baldie tells Morretti that Constantine has left with Nate and Gio. The CT scan shows a large mass on the parietal lobe; that explains Cassie’s bizarre behavior. Stafford thinks it is filled with larva eggs from the tapeworms. Cassie will die if it ruptures. Morretti readies his men for Constantine.

Grace runs out of the building. She manages to get to a telephone and calls Constantine to warn him; but it is too late. She hears gun fire. He sees Franco. Grace tells him her location and Constantine tells her that they will be there. They get to her and put her in the car and leave. Stafford is trying to remove the cyst and he sees that it is leaking fluid; it must have ruptured. He successfully manages to get the cyst out. At home, Grace bandages her wound and Brett calls.

Constantine arrives at her house and she tells Brett that she will talk to him later. He is pissed and hangs up on her. He tells her that Franco and Morretti are dead men and he wants her to stay put till that is done. He tells her that he had promised that he will protect her and he will keep his promise. He has kept one of his men to watch the house. The episode ends.