Turf War - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s voiceover telling us about a forbidden drawer in her living room that she wasn’t allowed to open. But one day she did and pulled out a gun from it. Cut to the present, Grace is dressing her wound and she calls Ro and asks her to get her some pain killers. She agrees to get them when she has the time. She then puts the bullet inside one of the pills bottle. Gio tells Constantine that Morretti and Franco are not to be seen. Meanwhile, Morretti and Franco meet Titus. Morretti tells him that he wants his business back. But Titus tells him that he has given the deal to Constantine and there is no going back.

Titus tells him that he is not wanted and to go back wherever he crawled out from. Titus calls someone and says that they have a problem. Gio has got lots of pizza for Nate and Grace. Nate says that he is sorry as she got into all this because of him. Franco and some men are watching Constantine’s warehouse and they are going to trash it. They enter the warehouse and find that the gaming machines are gone. They realize it is a set up and just as they are about to retreat, Constantine’s men emerge from the shadows and open fire. Franco and the baldie manage to run out of the building and Franco shoots Gio in his leg. The other guy then shoots at the escaping duo but ends up shooting at a passing car. Franco checks on the car and finds two women in it; a girl named Paige and her mother who have been injured.

Ro arrives with the meds and is stumped on seeing the gunshot wound. She wants to know what is going on. Ro gets a call from the hospital, multiple gunshot victims. Grace decides to report to work. Stafford and Brett are surprised to see Grace and ask her if she is feeling better now. Stafford briefs them about the victims. Gio is brought in and she is shocked. Paige is brought in and she has a bullet in her head. Stafford assigns her to Grace. Paige’s mother is brought in with lacerations on her forearm. Brett is attending to Gio. Paige has a seizure and Grace asks the OR to be prepared. Franco tells Morretti that the gaming machines were not there. The men ask Morretti to leave Chicago before Constantine hunts them down.

At the hospital, Grace goes to meet Paige’s mother and she tells her that they have removed the bullet from her abdomen but the one in the brain needs to be removed. She tells her that the procedure could leave Paige with major motor and speech deficits. The other option is putting her on meds which help in clotting and this could stop the bleeding but if it isn’t stopped then Paige would die. The old woman is lost and she asks Grace what she would do in her situation and Grace says that she cannot answer that question. She chooses the second option. Brett meets Gio and tells him that his tibia is put back in place with plates and screws. But the bullet hasn’t been removed as it could cause more damage than it is worth. Gio is fine with it.

Next, Fed agent York meets Constantine and asks him if he was expecting trouble as he had increased the security in his warehouse. He says that he wasn’t expecting trouble and that he has no idea about anyone trying to hurt him. York tells him that both men found on his premises are Morretti’s men. He stands by what he says that he doesn’t know anything. York meets Gio at the hospital but Gio says that he cannot remember a thing. He then meets Grace and he tells her to inform him if he learns anything as many a time patients tell their doctors a lot of things. Grace confronts Gio and just then Ro walks in. She finds something is wrong. She confronts Grace and she says that she can’t say anything. Ro is pissed and tells her that this is no way to live. Nate tells Constantine that they have got eyes on Morretti.

Brett meets Grace in the cafeteria and she tells him that she went missing as Nate got into some trouble again and she needed to fix it. Just then she gets a page; they have called in a code. It is for Paige. She couldn’t make it to the OR and she dies. Grace goes to inform Paige’s mother about her loss. The old woman blames Grace saying that she didn’t give her any options. Constantine and his men arrive at a café and Morretti is caught off guard. Constantine tells him that he wants Franco. Constantine pins Morretti’s palm on the table with the fork and warns him to get out of Chicago and give him Franco. Morretti meets his men and tells them that they are going to take Constantine down.

Stafford tells Brett that the bullet in Gio’s leg has gone rogue; it is moving inside the body. They need to operate it. Franco arrives at the hospital and tells Grace to stay in the hospital and stay safe. Grace asks him to leave and never come back. Paige’s mother apologizes to her for her earlier behavior. Later, Brett gives Grace a chance in the cafeteria to confide in him but she says that she cannot tell him. She thinks that he might not like her for what she is doing. He tells her that either she has to talk to him or he cannot do this anymore. He leaves. Stafford tells Grace that the coroner might be able to extract the bullet from Paige’s body and tell them about her shooter. She then calls Franco and asks him if he still wants to make things right.

She then meets Ro and tells her about her involvement with the mob. Grace wants her help again and it is not legal. Ro agrees to help her friend. Grace and Ro then remove the bullet from Paige’s body and replace it with the bullet that Grace was shot with. This would implicate Morretti and she tells Ro that she wants the coroner to find it. Franco and Morretti leave to attack Constantine. But the cops arrive and arrest Morretti and his men for Paige’s murder. Grace arrives to meet Constantine and he thanks her for helping. She wants him to take care of Paige’s mother. He agrees. He tells her that she is a real natural at all this. Cut to the flashback, Grace’s voiceover tells us that the gun actually belonged to her mother. That she learned that never make assumptions about anything or anyone.

Back to the present, York meets Franco and thanks him for his help. Franco thanks him to not letting his cover blow. York tells him that Constantine wants him dead. But Franco is not worried about that. He tells York that he wants to finish what he started. York tells him that he is done and it is time for him to disappear. The episode ends.