Game Changers - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace administering a dose of insulin to Constantine. She is amused by the fact that a diabetic has bought a bakery. Franco tells York that with Morretti gone, Constantine is the boss of Southside once again. He wants to stay back so that he can take down the whole operation; not just Constantine. York tells him that Constantine wants him dead and that he wouldn’t last a week. Franco tries to tell York that there is something big going to happen in Chicago next week; but York tells him that he would be in Miami with a new identity. York wants to know about Grace’s role in this whole thing and Franco tells him that she gives Constantine insulin shots.

Grace gets a call and she hurries out. Stavos arrives and tells Constantine that the person they are expecting at the sit down will not e coming. Constantine tells him that he will go and pay his respects. Grace arrives at Sue’s place; it is Kate and Kate is in a bad shape. She thinks it is drugs. Grace sees that Sue has handcuffed Kate to the bed and Sue tells her that Kate asked her to do that. Grace learns that Kate is on heroin and the withdrawal symptoms are terrible. She sedates Kate and calls for an ambulance. At the hospital, Brett is attending to Parker who parachuted off a skyscraper and has ended up with a fracture. He is going to need an ortho. Grace had Kate admitted and wonders if something has gone wrong as the last time she met Kate, she was a bright student with straight As.

Sue tells her that she got a new job and she was never around for Kate and Kate fell for an older guy who was a dealer. Grace is paged to go to radiology and on her way, Franco grabs her aside. She asks him to leave; else she will scream for a cop. He tells her that he is a cop. He tells her that he has been under cover for six years and he is telling her now as he is being pulled off the case. He tells her that the FBI has a file on her and that he has been constantly warning her to stay away from Constantine. Dr. Sanjay Chopra is going to perform a surgery on Parker and Grace will be assisting him. Brett and Grace have broken up. Constantine arrives at a mansion and meets Celeste La Pree; his old flame who is now married to Seamus O’Connell. He is a hypochondriac old mafia boss of the North side.

Constantine tells him that they should join forces and that he should attend the sit down. Seamus tells him that he hasn’t left the house for a month. Constantine tells him that he can get a doctor to visit him and check on his condition. In the OR, Chopra asks Grace if Brett was husband material. He then tells Brett that he has a daughter and that he should meet her. He asks him to come over to his place for dinner. They then see that Parker’s lymph nodes are way too bigger. Grace suggests lymphoma. So, the Daredevil comes in with a pelvic fracture and ends up with cancer; not a good day. Gary, Kate’s dealer boyfriend arrives to take her with him and Kate tells them that she wants to go with him. Constantine calls Grace and she keeps disconnecting the call.

Ro tells her that she could use her connections to get the dealer boyfriend whacked. Grace tells her that she wants out but Ro tells her that before she does that she could use her connections. Grace calls Nate. Later, Grace and Brett tell parker about hi scancer and parker already knows about it. Base jumping was on his bucket list. They try to tell him to go for chemo but he doesn’t want to do that as he saw his mother suffer from cancer and undergo treatments and it was a nightmare. He doesn’t intend to live through that one. Constantine meets Celeste and she tells him that she will try to convince Seamus but she tells him that the joint syndicate is like a Pandora’s Box; he would either end in jail or it could be worse. Stavos feels that Grace is not doing the right thing by blowing Constantine off.

Grace then arrives to meet Constantine and tells him that she wants out and wants to have her life back. Constantine is disappointed. Stavos tells her that Constantine might have a soft spot for her but he doesn’t. He has kept record of every law she has broken and that walking out is not that easy. Grace leaves and she breaks down in her car. Franco is keeping a watch on her. Nate arrives to meet Grace at the hospital. He meets Ro and asks her out. Grace then tells him about Kate. Nate is more than happy to help Grace as he always wanted to repay her for all that she has done for him. Well, he has no clue that he could never be able to repay her! Parker has lost vision and Stafford notices scarring on his retina. He then inserts a needle into his eyeball and collects some liquid from behind his eyeball.

Now that was definitely not on his bucket list!! Constantine arrives at the place where the sit down is supposed to be held. He tells Stavos to change the table and put a round table instead and also work on the seating arrangement. Grace and Nate find Kate in an unconscious state with a needle in her arm. Nate “deals” with her boyfriend and he warns him to stay off Kate. Kate is admitted at the hospital and Sue arrives. Grace tells Sue that Gary is now out of the picture and there is a method called rapid detoxification where in a coma will be induced; but since Kate is 18, it is her decision. But then guess she needs to badly get out of her addiction as she had asked Sue to handcuff her.

At the sit down, Celeste arrives instead of Seamus as he has sent her to speak for him and to earn her place on the table, she places her black book in front of them which enlists her high contacts (thanks to her high profile escort service). These contacts can help a lot of them with their problems they are facing today. Well, she is welcome to take her seat! Grace and Brett have good news for Parker; his condition of the eyes which is caused due to a parasite can alter biopsy results and present itself as cancer. But actually he doesn’t have cancer. And he is going to live. Parker is ecstatic. Franco is taking pictures of all those who attended the sit down. Grace has managed to get Kate admitted in a State funded rehab. Sue thanks Grace for her help. Franco shows York the pictures of all the different mafia heads who arrived for the sit down.

York is surprised as there has not been a sit down since decades. Franco tells him that there is something bigger than what he imagined. He convinces York to let him stay. Later, Grace arrives to meet Franco and tells him about Stavos’ threat. She tells him that her getting out won’t solve her problems. So, the only way for both of them to get out is to get back in! The episode ends.