Fluid Dynamics - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman walking into a gallery and clicking pictures of the cameras installed around. The manager arrives to tell her that the auction is on Wednesday. She flirts with him a little and stealthily places a device under the table and leaves. At the hospital, Stafford assigns the doctors their departments. Grace’s mother arrives with cookies for the non-alcoholic eggnog party at the hospital. Just then a man named Smith pages for Grace. He wants help as there is a lot of lower back pain and he was referred to her by Morretti and knows that Grace sees patents off the grid.

Saying this, he collapses and they take him to the ER. Flanigan was Grace to keep him posted. Grace calls Constantine and tells him that it is not okay to send his men at the hospital. Constantine tells her that he did not send anybody. She gives him the description of the man with his tattoo and he tells her that his name is Russell King. He tells her that he will look into it. He then tells his guys that King is in town. King has a past with some jewelry burglary and Constantine is sure that King has showed up as he is here to do a job. Grace realizes it is Franco who sent King. She then meets Franco and he tells her that his seniors need him hooked up with a gang or else they will pull him out. So he needs her to fix his back. He tells her that the job is tonight.

She tells him that she informed Constantine about King as she thought he was the one who sent him. Franco thinks that he is going to be a dead man; but then seeing Grace all teary eyed he assures her that they will get through this. Amanda King comes to meet her father. She is the same woman from the store. Grace tells her that her father needs to be kept under observation as there is a cardiac issue. Amanda tells her father that she will get the job done tonight. The next, patient is a guy with an antler stuck to his cranium and he is unresponsive. His name is Kyle Bennett and Stafford is shocked to hear the name. He then tells Brett and Grace to attend to this patient and Grace notices that there is something wrong. Stafford leaves.

Next, Constantine arrives at the hospital to meet King. Grace tells him that she doesn’t like him coming to the hospital. He tells that he won’t create any problems. Constantine meets king and tells him that there are no independent contractors anymore and that he needs to join a syndicate. King refuses to do so and Constantine states that it is funny that some people just don’t learn. Franco meets Amanda and tells her that things are all set for tonight. He then tells her that they should wait for her father and she says that everything will go just fine. Grace meets King to ensure that he hasn’t told Constantine about Franco. Also she tells him that the chest x-ray shows a double shadow and she wants to keep him under observation.

Next, Stafford goes to meet Kyle and they learn that he is suffering from slight amnesia; it happens with these sorts of injuries. But just then Kyle starts seizing and they rush him to surgery. In the OR, Kyle is awake so that the doctors could probe his brain areas and check whether all his coordination and senses are working fine. When probed in on one area, he remembers his time spent with his father and Stafford seems lost. Grace snaps him back to the surgery. Stavos tells Constantine that Amanda was spotted at the back of the gallery where the auction is supposed to take place. So the news was right. They also tell him that King is planning to use the water mains to get the job done. Constantine tells them that he s going to talk to some friends to see if they can pop the tunnels and give King and his daughter a little Christmas surprise.

Brett notices Stafford doing bedside monitoring and that is unusual for the Chief of Surgery. Grace checks on him and he tells her that he had a step son with the same name and when Kyle talked about his father, it brought back memories. He tells her that his wife and step son died in a car crash. Ro arrives and tells Grace that King’s reports are back. Kyle wakes up and tells Stafford that he has no relatives as his mother died in an accident. Grace takes a look at the results and sees that King would require a bypass immediately; otherwise it could risk his life. But when she goes to his room, she sees that he is gone and has left her a heavy tip. Grace sets out to find him. Grace calls Franco and tells him that King’s major artery is about to rip open and he is going to die.

Grace goes to the truck and she sees Constantine around the area. She goes to the box truck and Amanda tells her that they have a problem. They are supposed to have a five hour window as the water supply was going to be cut. But something has happened and now they are flooding the chambers one by one. Grace tells her that Constantine might be trying to drown. She radios Franco and she tells him that Constantine must have figured out what they were doing and so they need to get out as they are opening the valves. Franco tells her that King is in a bad shape. Grace loses signal; all the chambers are flooded. Amanda looks at the monitor and is tensed. Franco gets in touch with Grace saying that they are coming in. King is unconscious. Grace sends the rest of them outside and she and Franco attend to King.

She sees that King doesn’t have enough time and she tears open his chest and asks Franco to help her. She manages the initial part and she then tells Franco to call the hospital. Flanigan picks up the call. A while later Grace arrives with King at the hospital. Later, she tells Ro that King made it through fine. They then discuss about Brett and Franco. At the eggnog party, Flanigan tries to question Grace about the day’s incidents and Stafford comes to e rescue. Grace thanks him. Stafford then goes to met Kyle and throws a ball at him and sees that his reflexes are working fine. It is a ball autographed by famous players and he wants Kyle to have it. They then watch a Cary Grant movie together. Grace arrives at Franco’s place and she kisses him at the door.

They then have sex. After the mass, Constantine meets Stavos and Gio. They tell him that King and his guys got away. They then tell him that Franco was also there and that if he crewed up with King, then it could make this very challenging for them. Constantine likes a challenge. But the real problem is that Grace too was with him and she was helping him with King. So, they ask Constantine if they need to pick Grace up and have her meet him. Constantine tells them that he will deal with Grace on his on time. It is Christmas boys; everyone deserves one night of peace!! The episode ends.