Sibling Rivalry - Recap

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The episode begins with Constantine as his baker to order the best chocolate for the rolls in his bakery. Stavos reminds him that the bakery is just a front for laundering money. Just then Celeste enters demanding an explanation about as to what is Constantine’s plan behind offering her and Trapani 50% each of the downtown cut. Constantine tells her that downtown is not about money; it is about making history. He then asks her if she would like to drink the wine that she sent him this morning. But Celeste tells him that she did not send anything. Constantine is suspicious and he discovers a bomb hidden in the case and thanks to his presence of mind, he is not hurt.

At the hospital, the doctors are being handed over a “new script”; and obviously they find it ridiculous. Just then Stafford announces the arrival of a VIP and the patient has asked for Brett. Brett is curious to learn as to who the patient is. The patient Jack Hansen, the US Attorney’s son, was in a cycling accident and has head injuries with altered mental state. Turns out that he is Brett’s brother! At the bakery, Constantine manages to disarm the bomb. Celeste tells him that someone she knows works in the bomb squad and that he could look at the device and tell them who sent it. Constantine wants that to be quick. At the hospital, Brett tells Grace that Jack is his brother and Mark Hansen is his father and that Brett’s last name is his mother’s maiden name.

Flannigan arrives and pulls Grace out for a surgical consult. But it turns out that he asks her to attend to Miss Evans, who keeps coming back to the hospital for drugs. Grace attends to her and we learn that she has come to the hospital 81 times and Grace recommends her to a de-addiction center. Nate calls Grace as he has an emergency. Grace arrives to meet Nate and she learns that Nate and his friend Victor are holding a pure bred race horse for his sperm, which could fetch them a hundred grand. So they fed the horse with couple of Viagra and now the erection wouldn’t come down. To top it all, the horse has to race the next day and the horse actually belongs to Tommy; a man one wouldn’t mess with. Ro gets some meds from the hospital and Grace feeds them to the horse.

Next, Titus arrives to meet Constantine and tells him that there are some manufacturing delays and that he would get the remaining gaming machines to him by the end of the week. Somehow, Constantine is not too convinced. Brett tells Grace that he hadn’t seen his brother since his mother’s funeral and that he and his father don’t see eye to eye. Grace heads for Jack’s surgery. After the surgery, Stafford is unsure about Jack’s progress and so he wants Brett and Grace to talk to Caral, Jack’s boss, who witnessed the accident and learn what exactly happened. Flannigan assigns Miss Evans to Wilcox and Wilcox prescribes the drug Evans asks for. Later, Grace and Brett meet Caral Goodman, the woman who saw the accident, Mark, Brett’s father and Annabelle, Jack’s wife.

Goodman tells them that she did not actually witness it; she heard the noise and came running out. Brett tells them that since the accident took place outside the courthouse, they could take a look at the security footage. Celeste tells Constantine that the bomb used to attack Constantine was used to blow up a diner couple of years back. Stavos knows about the case as he consulted on the same. He tells Constantine that their old friend, Jimmy Niggles made that bomb. Next, Grace, Brett and Stafford watch the security footage and Grace points out that Jack lost consciousness before he met with the accident and not the other way around. They ask the family if Jack had been travelling and Caral Goodman tells Brett about one recent trip that Jack made.

Nate calls Grace and tells her that the horse has gone violent after the meds and he cannot be controlled. Grace hurries to meet Nate. Brett tells Annabelle that Jack’s condition is deteriorating and that if they don’t find out the actual cause, he could die. Grace goes to check on the horse. She is about to inject the horse with some meds but Nate and Victor stop her as the horse is going to be tested for drugs and they don’t want any trouble. She asks for ice; a non-invasive way to bring down the erection. Wilcox performs the abdominal CT on Evan and finds out that this time she really is having acute thrombosis and might need surgery. Grace missed it and she caught it; that’s all that matters. Constantine has Jimmy tied to a table.

Jimmy is badly beaten up and he tells Constantine that the Amato brothers are the ones who hired him. Nate and Victor get into a tiff and Victor draws his gun at him. Grace intervenes and Victor backs off and leaves. Grace reprimands Nate for his foolishness and tells him that instead of attending to Jack, she is here dealing with his mess; once again! At the hospital, Grace notices something weird on Jack’s chest and Brett sees that it is a tattoo; and it says “Caral”. Brett confronts Caral and asks if she was having an affair with his brother. She admits to it and Brett finds it weird as she has been seeing Jack since the time he was a kid. It is a UV tattoo and she tells him that Jack got the tattoo done in Barbados.

The tattoo is infected. Caral wants Brett to save Jack and tells him that Jack never wanted to marry Annabelle. Also, after Brett left, everything that Mark wanted for Brett is now on Jack and so Jack pulls the strings on Jack’s decisions. Next, Constantine pays the Amato brothers a visit. Titus tells him that he did not do anything as he needs Constantine for his business. It turns out that his brother Dante, hired Jimmy to build the bomb. Constantine shoots Dante and Titus assures him that he did not know about this. Constantine tells him that he is going to absorb Dante’s shares and also that they would continue doing business together. Titus agrees. At the hospital, Brett suggests that Jack could be suffering from botulism and his diagnosis turn out to be right.

And later, Stafford tells Brett that Jack is responding to the antidotes. Brett tells Grace that his mother had a lump in her breast and it was cancerous. But his father told her to delay her chemo for five weeks for his work purposes, so that the media wouldn’t accuse him of being distracted. This killed his mother as the cancer spread to the lymph nodes. Brett continues to tell her that his father cried at the funeral and then made it to the cover page of Times, which is now framed in his office. Grace now knows the reason for Brett’s resentment towards his father. Later, Brett meets Jack and tells him that he knows the truth. He asks his brother what he wants him to do. Brett then tells the family that Jack’s condition was due to some kind of corn infection.

Caral is relieved and so is Annabelle. Mark thanks his son for doing this for him. He knows about Jack’s affair. Brett tells him that he did not lie “for” him but he lied “because” of him. Next, Celeste arrives to meet Constantine with a bottle of wine. Gio arrives and tells him that there is someone here to meet him. A guy enters and Constantine does not recognize him. He is sure as he tells the guy that he never forgets a face. The guy asks him to look closer; he tells Constantine that he is his son. The episode ends.