Resurrection - Recap

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The episode begins with a man walking into a parking lot and gets inside his car. He then pulls out a gun and attaches a silencer to it. He then takes a look at the picture of his target; Constantine’s son. Next, Constantine talks to his son and learns that he is into real estate and that he had borrowed money from the Nordalas Cartel, who is now calling in their private loan. Luke tells Constantine that someone broke into his house. Constantine asks Luke to stay at his place till all this settles down. But Luke tells him that he is not looking for a father; he is just looking for help. Luke leaves and Constantine asks Gio to keep an eye on him.

Stavos warns Constantine of the dangers of messing with the Nordalas cartel. Constantine wants him to set up a meeting with Trapani. At the hospital, Wilcox and Grace attend to a man who fainted in the lamas classes. His wife Bethany tells the doctors that they were learning baby CPR and then he fainted. Wilcox checks the heart rate and finds that Stuart, the husband has highly unstable heart rate. Grace suggests a treatment but Wilcox overwrites it and gives Stuart an electric shock to reset his heart rhythm. But that leads to a flat line. They lose him and Wilcox admits that this was her fault. Meanwhile, Constantine meets Trapani. He asks Trapani for a favor by helping Luke. Trapani agrees. Constantine learns that Trapani’s girl is down with some flu and he offers to help by bringing in Grace.

Trapani agrees. The doctors break the news to Bethany. She is upset and tells them that she wants to meet Stuart. They tells her that Stuart had an extremely unstable heart rhythm and they could not do anything. Just then Stuart wakes up asking where he is. Wow, back from the dead! Stafford arrives and Grace educates him about the case where there are no signs of infarction; the only thing is the cold that he has been constantly having. Stafford explains this as the Lazarus syndrome. Grace gets a text from Constantine and she arrives to meet him. Constantine takes Grace to Trapani’s place. She goes in to check on Chloe. Trapani tells Tino that he did talk to the cartel; but they have already ordered a hit on Luke and they have given this assignment to Diego, a man who never messes with his work.

Trapani assures him that he would do whatever he can. Grace checks Chloe and finds out that Chloe had breast implants and one is smaller than the other. She states that if there is a silicone leak there could be some immune disorders. She tells Chloe that they will have to remove them and that she would ready the OR for the surgery. Next, Diego is following Luke through GPS and he is about to pull his trigger, when Gio arrives and hustles him into the car. Diego retracts. Constantine takes Luke’s phone and throws it out. He then tells Luke that he will be staying at some place safe. Stafford and Wilcox explain Stuart about his condition and also tell him that they are not able to pinpoint the real reason or cure to his erratic heart rhythms. He might have to stay little longer. Chloe’s surgery is over and Grace tells Brett that it was not the implants.

Grace points out that they are missing something as Chloe’s condition is not improving. Just then the nurse tells the doctors that she is bleeding. Her urinary tract is hemorrhaging. They take her to the ICU. Next, Luke is taken to a safe place. But Trapani tells him that there is nothing that can be done as there is no cancelling of this job. These guys don’t play nice. Luke is worried and he says that he wants to get out. Constantine stops him and tells him that he would save his life. Luke is not convinced. At the hospital, Wilcox tells Grace that she tried every test and everything looks normal. Just then the cardio machine starts beeping and they do an ultrasound. They find that there is blood accumulated around the heart due to excessive CPR.

They remove the blood. Next, Gio is at Eddie’s magazine store as Luke wanted some skin magazines. Constantine calls Gio and asks him to go back and not leave Luke alone. Gio leaves and Eddie picks up the phone to make a call. At the hospital, Brett tells Grace that Chloe has a tumor in her prostate. What? Well, looks like Chloe was a transgender kid and she went through multiple surgeries to hide that fact. Grace goes and talks to Chloe and tells her about the cancer. Chloe is upset; looks like secret cannot be kept for long. Chloe doesn’t want Trapani to know about this as she feels that she will kill both of them. Later, after the surgery, Grace tells Trapani that they removed the abdominal tumor and also that since it had spread to the uterus; they had to remove the uterus as well. Chloe is thankful to Grace for handling this well.

Trapani tells Chloe that if at all they decide to have kids, they can adopt one. Chloe is happy. Meanwhile, Stuart’s condition is worsening. He is finding it difficult to breathe. Bethany thinks that Wilcox has managed to make him worse again. Stuart tells them that he is seeing lights; just like people talk. But Stafford thinks that the halos could be some sign of toxicity. Wilcox asks Bethany if they took something herbal for the pregnancy. She says that they did take something and she has it with her. The doctors recognize the herbal pills, which is actually a chemical that causes heart arrhythmia, nightmare and disturbed vision. They inject a contra for that drug and it works immediately; his heart stabilizes. But it is not over with this couple; Bethany’s water breaks and now they are once again going to need a bed!!

Next, Trapani tells Grace that he knows about Chloe and that he has known about her condition for a while now. He doesn’t want Grace to tell anyone; not even Constantine. He threatens her. He tells her that he loves Chloe the way she is and will tell her when he is ready. Grace tells her that she can definitely keep a secret; else she would have been dead by now. Next, Diego who is keeping a watch outside Luke’s hide out sees Gio leave the room and he enters it. He then goes into the bathroom and shoots in the shower. But when he moves the sheet to confirm Luke’s death, he finds it empty. Constantine is standing behind him and he shoots Diego to death.

Later, we learn that Gio make a drop at Eddie’s shop was a part of Constantine’s plan. He knew that Eddie was a big mouth and rest followed. Luke thanks Constantine for his help. But he doesn’t want to stay with him in his house; he is going to check into a hotel. Constantine is glad that Luke is at least planning to stick around. Constantine leaves to take care of some business; he says he is going to the Devlin’s. Stavos hears for the cartel’s lawyer and looks like it is not good news. Constantine walks into a bar and leaves his phone in the car. Stavos tries to call him but is unable to reach Constantine. He leaves a voice message in which he tells Constantine that Trapani did not talk to the cartel and there was no truce that was supposed to take place.

The cartel is now pissed that Constantine took down their man without even trying to negotiate. And now things are going to get ugly. The guys from the cartel arrive at the bakery and open fire. Gio and two others are killed. They catch hold of Stavos and ask him about Constantine’s whereabouts. They shoot his leg and press down on the wound real bad. Constantine reaches Grace’s house and he talks to her mother.

He tells her that they should tell Grace everything before she finds out on her own. Just then a van passes by and opens fire on both of them and drives by. Grace rushes to the door and finds Constantine and her mother lying on the doorstep; both shot and both of them are not moving. She cries for help. The episode ends.