Life and Death - Recap

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The episode begins with Grace’s mother and Constantine being rushed to the hospital. The whole staff is on their feet and Stafford assigns Grace’s mother to Brett and attends to Constantine. He asks Grace to stay out as this is the best way she could help her. Also, the cops too want to talk to her. Just then Grace sees Constantine’s phone ring; it is Nate. She flicks the phone from the personals and answers it. He tells her that the bakery is been fired and all of Constantine’s men are dead. Grace is shocked. She tells him that Constantine and their mother are at the hospital. There was a drive-by at the house and they both got hit.

Their mother is going into surgery and she asks him to come to the hospital. Agent York arrives at the hospital and he begins questioning Grace about Nate and how Constantine took Nate under his wings. Grace is in no mood to answer his questions and she leaves. Nate arrives and Grace tells Ro that their mother is still critical as the bleeding is a problem. Later, Brett arrives and tells Grace and Nate that he will be in the hospital till their mother is stable as in such cases the first 24 hours post surgery are very critical. Ian and Stafford are attending to Constantine and Ian states that it is ironical that they are doing all this work to save a known criminal. Ian also states that this shooting reflects badly on their hospital as Constantine was shot at Grace’s doorsteps.

Stafford cuts him short and tells him that he has done enough pondering for the day. He also suggests that if it is too much of a problem, Ian could find another hospital to his liking. Nate tells Grace about the cartel and Constantine’s son, Luke. Grace infers that the shooting was a way to get back at Constantine for shooting Diego, the cartel’s hired assassin. Grace wants to scrub in for Constantine’s surgery; but Stafford doesn’t authorize it. He knows about her mysterious disappearances and her unusual patients. But he thought it best not to ask questions. This time her personal life has found its way into Stafford’s OR and he is not pleased. He asks her to stay away from Constantine. Next, York approaches Nate. York tells him that the bullets found at both crime scenes are used by the Nogalas cartel.

Nate denies knowledge about the cartel. He tells Nate that he knows what he does for Constantine and that it can be proved; this means 20 years behind bars. But if Nate helps him, he can make it go away. Trapani pays Grace a visit to console her. Well not really. He ends up telling that Constantine is the one who killed her father. York corners Ro and she accidentally ends up telling him that Grace and Franco used to date. Ro then tells Grace what happened. Grace goes to talk to Constantine and she wants him to tell her the truth for once. He tells her that he did not kill her father as HE is her father! Stafford arrives and asks Grace why is she with Constantine and she tells him that she came to return his phone that fell off in the ER. She leaves. Grace’s world is reeling and she confronts her mother who has just regained consciousness.

Her mother admits to the fact that Constantine is her father. Nate is shocked. Stafford talks to Constantine about Grace. He asks Constantine to leave her alone; else he would end up ruining her career. Franco calls Grace and she tells him about Ro’s slip of tongue. Franco tells her that all she needs to tell York is “I don’t know”. Just then Franco receives a message from York asking him to meet immediately. Nate forgives his mother and he knows that Grace will too once she stops freaking out. Just then she has some sort of an attack. Later, when Grace arrives Ro tells her about her mother and she rushes to her mother’s bed. Brett tries to keep her away. He tells her that she suffered from lipid embolism and there was no rhythm; they could not do anything. She is gone.

Grace is shattered. She goes to Constantine and blames him for her mother’s death. She tells him that she is going to tell the FBI whatever she knows. He then makes her listen to Stavos’ message where he said that Trapani had lied to them about the truce and he is responsible for the shooting. Grace is furious. She is ready to do whatever it takes to bring Trapani down. Grace then tells Luke to use his Miami contacts to arrange a meeting between her and the lieutenant of the cartel, Tiago Enriquez. She then tells him that she knows that she is Constantine’s daughter. Luke agrees. York confronts Franco about his affair with Grace. He knows Franco lied to him and that Grace’s fingerprints were found everywhere in his motel room. He is going to report Franco to the Attorney General’s office and he takes away Franco’s badge and gun.

Luke manages to get Tiago come in front of the Chicago Police department. Grace chose this spot as she wanted them to be safe. She tells him that Constantine has agreed to grant him access to the Eisenhower highway which would fetch him millions. In return he wants the hit to on Trapani instead of Luke. Tiago agrees but if Constantine doesn’t keep his word, he would come for both his children. Grace then asks who shot her mother and she spits on his face. Now they are done! She then arrives at the hospital where a nurse injects a sedative into the IV. She tells Constantine that the talk went fine. Constantine tells her that they are ready to make the move now. She realizes that all this was just a charade. Constantine did not tell her as she wouldn’t have done it if he had told her. He tells her that all wars ask for some amount of deception. Grace is pissed.

She tells him that she does not want any of this. He tells her that she has no choice. He knows that it is his blood running through her veins and all this comes naturally to her. No one could have pulled of the meeting as well as she did. And there is no way out. Constantine dozes off under the effects of the sedative. Grace then picks up the insulin and injects a heavy dose into the IV. We then see that the monitors show a flat line. The King falls. Grace walks and finds Nate waiting to meet Constantine.

She tells him that he is resting and also that she is done. Nate finds it weird. She then walks towards the exit. She passes Ro, Stafford, Brett and York. Outside, Franco is waiting for Grace. She gets into the car and he asks her if she is ready to do this. She says that she is ready as now they are going to deal with this together. They kiss. Franco starts the car and drives away; to Mexico! The series ends.