Season 6

41 :06x01 - Season 6, Episode 1

Twelve players who have never met each other before are blindfolded and driven to three separate locations. They have no clue that every decision affects the overall pot of money. They end up having to scale new heights after they must relay across a high wire twenty-stories above ground in a gully in the Blue Mountains.

42 :06x02 - Season 6, Episode 2

The show is back at the point where the last episode finished 20 stories high above a gully in the Blue Mountains. The ontestants meets Shura near Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains and split into two teams for Money Bags.

43 :06x03 - Season 6, Episode 3

After a night under the stars, friendships end up being tested and nerves are frayed especially after they find out what is in store.

44 :06x04 - Season 6, Episode 4

A new week gets underway and one team have to line obscure parts of Sydney Harbour and communicate clues to another team in a speed boat to spot an answer. The other contestants have to then decipher the code, which has been written at high speed. A surprise elimination then takes place.

45 :06x05 - Season 6, Episode 5

The contestants are on Melbourne's Brighton Beach, with its iconic colourful Bathing Boxes to take part in a treasure hunt.

46 :06x06 - Season 6, Episode 6

The contestants make their way to Wreck Beach, a desolate beach on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, for their next game called The Steps. At the end of the show there is another elimination.

47 :06x07 - Season 6, Episode 7

The day in Lorne begins with a surprise for two of the contestants as they're driven away to play a game of hide and seek. The rest of the group are given just three hours to find them.

48 :06x08 - Season 6, Episode 8

As the time the contestants least expect it, a past challenge comes back to haunt them. One of them holds all the power before somebody is eliminated.

49 :06x09 - Season 6, Episode 9

The latest challenge sees the remaining contestants feeling sky-high, and also a little dizzy, as they take the ride of their life in Aeroplane at an airfield near Geelong.

50 :06x10 - Season 6, Episode 10

The eight remaining contestants meet at Sydney's Cronulla beach not on the famous stretch of sand, but on an outdoor ice rink where they take part in a game called Mole on Ice.

51 :06x11 - Season 6, Episode 11

The contestants are in Sydney's western suburbs where they take part in a game of archery called Right on Target.

52 :06x12 - Season 6, Episode 12

The contestants are called to Sydney's National Art School where they take part in a game of Domino Effect. Just like the dominoes, one contestant will fall in a termination as eight contestants become seven.

53 :06x13 - Season 6, Episode 13

The contestants make their way to Shura on the famous stretch of sand on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They then take part in 'Mole Lifesaver', inspired by the Gold Coast's surf lifesavers.

54 :06x14 - Season 6, Episode 14

The remaining hopefuls meet at the Peppers Broadbeach Skyhome where they play the highstakes gambling game of Let It Ride.

55 :06x15 - Season 6, Episode 15

The contestants gather close to Surfers Paradise to play the most devastatingly psychological game yet called Silent Auction.

56 :06x16 - Season 6, Episode 16

The sharks are starting to circle in the Quiz and the Termination, with the exemptions in full play, leaving a small number of contestants to battle it out yo avoid being the next person eliminated from the competiton.

57 :06x17 - Season 6, Episode 17

The contestants meet up in the Bombo quarry near Kiama for their next challenge called Writing With Jeeps.

58 :06x18 - Season 6, Episode 18

The contestants meet up with Shura in the seaside hamlet of Kiama to play a game of Catapult.

59 :06x19 - Season 6, Episode 19

The five remaining contestants meet Shura at a scenic bush location to play a game called Cash Waterfall.

60 :06x20 - Season 6, Episode 20

The final four remaining contestants meet at an oval in Camden to play agame called game Hourglass Maze.

61 :06x21 - Season 6, Episode 21

The contestants take part in a game of deceit, and secrets are closely guarded.