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The Monkees: The Success Story

The group, which is determined to make Davy look like a star, gives Jones' visiting grandfather the Monkee treatment.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 4710
Airdate: Monday October 17th, 1966

Guest Stars
Ceil CabotCeil Cabot
As Old Woman
Ben WrightBen Wright
As Grandfather
Ben WrightBen Wright
As Grandfather
Ray BallardRay Ballard
As Messenger
Ray BallardRay Ballard
As Messenger
Charlie CallasCharlie Callas
As Ice Cream Man
Charlie CallasCharlie Callas
As Ice Cream Man
Main Cast
Davy JonesDavy Jones
As Himself
Micky DolenzMicky Dolenz
As Himself
Micky DolenzMicky Dolenz
As Himself
Michael NesmithMichael Nesmith
As Himself
Michael NesmithMichael Nesmith
As Himself
Peter TorkPeter Tork
As Himself
Peter TorkPeter Tork
As Himself
Episode Notes
The writing and directing credits appear at the very beginning of this segment's teaser.

Also in the teaser, you may recognize those gnarly beach threads The Monkees are guessed it! The boys donned this beach gear in Episode 31, "The Monkees At The Movies," which, naturally, was shot prior to "The Success Story."

Incidentally, a couple of brief snippets from the original unaired pilot of "Here Come The Monkees," those which feature Davy sitting by the beach and Peter wearing a black wet-suit carrying his surfboard onto the beach, are adapted into "The Success Story."

During the dinner scene, when Davy says, "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse!" Mike replies "Well, Why didn't you say so?" and a clip from Episode 8, "Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth," where in Micky, Mike and Peter try to tug Jeremy the black stallion, is seen.

In the kitchen scene of the Italian Restaurant, Mike is seen covered in spaghetti. This clip, of course is from Episode 11, "Monkees A La Carte." A brief Italian musical dirge hear during this sorid scene was reused twice: in the final seconds of the teaser sequence of Episode 37, "Art For Monkee's Sake," and in the scene where Micky himelf gets deluged with spaghetti in Episode 51, "Monkees Paw."

At the end of the one-minute short interview, Micky turns to the camera and say, "Tune in next week, ladies and gentlemen, when we're another minute short." ironically, in the next episode, "The Monkees In A Ghost Town," they were!

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The MonkeesI Wanna Be Free 
The MonkeesSweet Young Thing 
The MonkeesShades Of Grey (in syndication) 

Episode Quotes
Peter: Why am I the dummy? The dummy should be the dummy.
Davy: (points at the dummy, Mr. Schneider) They're his cards, don't antagonize him.
Micky: What do you have to say about this Mr. Schneider? (pulls on Schneider's tie)
Mr. Schneider: It's-a-shame-to-waste-youth-on-children.
Telegram Deliveryman: OK, which one of these bums gets the telegram?
Mike: Ohhh!, I'd like you to meet the General.
(all stand at attention)
Telegram Deliveryman: I ain't no General.
Micky: At ease.
(all sit back down)
Telegram Deliveryman: What's a matter with him, don't he talk? (points at Mr. Schneider)
Mike: No that's Mr. Schneider, he's our adviser.
Telegram Deliveryman: Which one of you guys is Davy Jones?
(all point at themselves)
Together: I am!
Telegram Deliveryman: I got a wire, collect.
(all point at each other)
Together: He is!
Davy: I'll take it.
Telegram Deliveryman: That'll be a buck eighty!
Mike: Oh, Mr. Schneider will pay you, he's the only one that's... uh working.
(all run out of the room)

Rolls Owner: Young man?
Micky: Sir, I was just examining your car. Do you drive it often?
Rolls Owner: Don't drive it, just polish it.
Micky: Oh sir, a Rolls is like a world champion. You have to keep it in shape.
Rolls Owner: My car is in perfect condition!
Micky: Oh really? (opens hood as birds fly out from under)
Rolls Owner: Well...maybe he was right, I should get someone to exercise her.
Micky: (rolls out from under the car on a dolly) Monkee Car your service

Ice Cream Man: Ice cream, get your ice cream (Peter walks up and points at the ice cream man) You want vanilla? (Pete shakes his head no) You want chocolate? (Still shaking head no) Pistachio? (shakes head no) How about tutti-fruity? (still shakes head no) Hey, that's all I got...unless you want the shirt off my back? (Pete shakes his head yes)

Episode Goofs
Davy's grandfather leaves Micky's counter with an armfull of clothes- in the next shot he is running away and the clothes are nowhere to be seen.

Continuity goof: in the scene where the owners of the uniforms and the Rolls Royce arrive to reclaim their property from Micky, Mike and Peter, the Ice Cream Man barges in and demands his jacket back from Peter, despite his already wearing another jacket.

"The Success Story" is yet another unsung episode of The Monkees TV series to miscredit a Monkees song in the end titles: here, "I Wanna Be Free" was billed as "I Want To Be Free." A correction was finally made, in the end titles of Episode 10, "Here Come The Monkee," the second episode of The Monkees to feature the Boyce-Hart tune (in 2 different versions). The song itself appears here in an alternate version, with no zither section.

The horse scene is reversed (the sign print is backwards).

Mr. Schneider misquotes George Bernard Shaw.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperPaul Mazursky  |  Larry Tucker
ProducerBert Schneider (1)  |  Bob Rafelson
Associate ProducerWard Sylvester
MusicStu Phillips
Music SupervisorDon Kirshner
GafferPat Blymyer
Director of PhotographyIrving Lippman
Story EditorGerald Gardner  |  Dee Caruso
Art DirectorMalcolm C. Bert  |  Ross Bellah
Script EditorDee Caruso  |  Gerald Gardner
Main Title Theme Written ByBobby Hart  |  Tommy Boyce
Film EditorStanley Frazen
StylingDean Jeffries
Assistant DirectorJon C. Andersen
Music CoordinatorIgo Kantor
Post Production ExecutiveLawrence Werner
Make-up SupervisorBen Lane
Main Title Theme Performed ByThe Monkees
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