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The Nate Berkus Show

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Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
171 2x01 29/Aug/2011 Nate's Design Star Challenge N/A
172 2x02 31/Aug/2011 Home Makeover: Transform Your Home From the Ground Up N/A
173 2x03 06/Sep/2011 New Beginnings: Simple Fixes to Revitalize Your Home and Your Relationships N/A
174 2x04 08/Sep/2011 Ultimate Style Quiz: Know Your Style Type & How to Express It in Your Home & Your Closet N/A
175 2x05 09/Sep/2011 Nate's Best Before & Afters N/A
176 2x06 12/Sep/2011 Nate's Ultimate Viewer Surprise Home Makeover! N/A
177 2x07 13/Sep/2011 Exclusive First Look Inside Nate's New Home! How to Get His Look for Less N/A
178 2x08 14/Sep/2011 Extreme Makeovers & Fashion Takeovers With Special Co-Host Carson Kressley N/A
179 2x09 15/Sep/2011 Renovation Tricks Revealed! Plus, Big Styles for Less N/A
180 2x10 16/Sep/2011 Nate's 40th Birthday Blowout! A Full Hour of Fashion, Food, Fun & Giveaways for You! N/A
181 2x11 19/Sep/2011 Style at Every Age N/A
182 2x12 20/Sep/2011 Move Out to Move In! N/A
183 2x13 21/Sep/2011 Ultimate Surprise Office Makeover, Plus Style Must Do's & How To's N/A
184 2x14 22/Sep/2011 Nate's Crate Weekend Design Challenge! Two-Day Transformations for Your Home & Wardrobe N/A
185 2x15 23/Sep/2011 Nate's Big Surprise Bedroom Makeover & Paycheck-to-Paycheck Budget Solutions N/A
186 2x16 26/Sep/2011 Take Back Your Life! Simple Steps to Decluttering Your Life, Shopping Smarter & Saving Money N/A
187 2x17 27/Sep/2011 Nate's Biggest Reveal Ever: A Home Built From the Ground Up, Plus Make the Ultimate Italian Sunday Supper! N/A
188 2x18 28/Sep/2011 Go Big or Go Home! Nate & Carson Kressley's Biggest Hour of Makeovers, State Fair Foods & Surprises N/A
189 2x19 29/Sep/2011 Nate Wants You to Take Charge!: Be Your Own Designer & Handyman, Plus Nate Talks Sex With Jackie Collins! N/A
190 2x20 30/Sep/2011 Nate's Neighborhood Makeover: Instant Upgrades for Your Home, Plus How to Eat to Be the Biggest Loser N/A
191 2x21 03/Oct/2011 Nate's Design Color Cures for Any Room & a Head-to-Head Chore-Off With Glee's Jane Lynch N/A
192 2x22 04/Oct/2011 Increase the Value of Your Home! Plus, Designer Looks for Less N/A
193 2x23 05/Oct/2011 Nate's Best Design Fake Outs! Secrets to Living Large on a Small Budget N/A
194 2x24 06/Oct/2011 Get Schooled! Nate's Design 101 & Cristina Ferrare's Cooking School N/A
195 2x25 07/Oct/2011 World's Longest Yard Sale Challenge With Tag Sale Money Makers N/A
196 2x26 10/Oct/2011 Nate's 200th Episode Celebration With Special Co-Host Guy Fieri: Ultimate Inside Kitchen & Dining Secrets N/A
197 2x27 11/Oct/2011 Transform Your Bedroom & Relationship With Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger! Plus, Avoiding Contracting Nightmares N/A
198 2x28 12/Oct/2011 Viewer Cook-Off Challenge With Celeb Chef Curtis Stone! Plus, High-End Halloween Decorating & Brooke Shields N/A
199 2x29 13/Oct/2011 Nate's Behind the Scenes at Days Of Our Lives! Plus, Deidre Hall & DIY Design From a Pro N/A
200 2x30 14/Oct/2011 Downsize Your Debt, Diet & Wardrobe to Live Your Best! Plus, Design Dilemmas Solved N/A
201 2x31 17/Oct/2011 Transform a Room for Under $300 & Throw a Fiesta for Pennies! Plus, the Hottest Trends for Every Body Type N/A
202 2x32 18/Oct/2011 Design Indulgences: Bedroom Sanctuary Must-Haves & Decadent Dessert Recipes! Plus, an Exclusive Shopping Discount Just for You! N/A
203 2x33 19/Oct/2011 Best-Ever Easy Upgrades for Your Home & Wardrobe! Plus, $25 Design Fixes & a Drugstore Beauty Makeover! N/A
204 2x34 20/Oct/2011 Design Gone Wild: Designing With Animal Prints & Fierce Fashion With Stacy London; Plus, Halloween Dog Costumes! N/A
205 2x35 21/Oct/2011 Nate's Guide to High-End Design for Less! Plus, Actress Julianne Moore Reveals Her Inner Designer! N/A
206 2x36 24/Oct/2011 Nate's Guide to High-End Design for Less! Plus, Surprising Design & Fashion 101s! And, Actress Julianne Moore Reveals Her Inner Designer! N/A
207 2x37 25/Oct/2011 Take Back Your Life! N/A
208 2x38 26/Oct/2011 Nate's Crate 24-Hour Live Challenge! Plus, Nate's Viewers' Best Design Tips & Tricks for Your Home! N/A
209 2x39 27/Oct/2011 Nate's Shocking Surprise Dallas Home Makeover! Plus, Redo a Room for Under $100! And, How to Dress a Party the Way You Dress Yourself N/A
210 2x40 28/Oct/2011 Lifestyle Do's & Don'ts: Must-Do Design, Dinner on a Dime, Plus Shop & Save Like a Pro! N/A
211 2x41 31/Oct/2011 Nate's Ultimate Halloween Show N/A
212 2x42 01/Nov/2011 Nate's BIG Kitchen Overhaul! N/A
213 2x43 02/Nov/2011 Special Co-Host Guy Fieri Returns! N/A
214 2x44 03/Nov/2011 Revolutionary Insider Secrets to Designing Small Spaces: Change Your Small Space Forever! Plus, High Fashions for Small Budgets N/A
215 2x45 04/Nov/2011 Design & Finance Solutions for Families Living Paycheck to Paycheck N/A
216 2x46 07/Nov/2011 Nate's Exclusive Visit With First Lady Michelle Obama N/A
217 2x47 08/Nov/2011 Southern Cooking With Paula Deen N/A
218 2x48 09/Nov/2011 Sherri Shepherd Joins Nate as Special Co-Host for the Day N/A
219 2x49 10/Nov/2011 Nate's Jaw-Dropping $45,000 Kitchen Makeover N/A
220 2x50 11/Nov/2011 An Hour of Thrifting With the Pros N/A
221 2x51 14/Nov/2011 Holly Robinson Peete Joins Nate as a Special Co-Host for the Day! N/A
222 2x52 15/Nov/2011 The Self-Starter Hour: Insider Tips N/A
223 2x53 16/Nov/2011 Nate Heads to Dallas to Surprise a Hardworking Nurse With the Bedroom She's Always Dreamed Of N/A
224 2x54 17/Nov/2011 Nate's Solution for Family Workspaces N/A
225 2x55 18/Nov/2011 Nate's Stunning Dining Room Makeover & A BBQ-Style Thanksgiving With the Neelys N/A
226 2x56 21/Nov/2011 Nate's in Tampa to Surprise One Woman With the Makeover of Her Dreams N/A
227 2x57 22/Nov/2011 Made in America N/A
228 2x58 23/Nov/2011 Rethink, Redo & Restyle N/A
229 2x59 30/Nov/2011 Nate's 911 N/A
230 2x60 01/Dec/2011 Holiday Survival Guide N/A
231 2x61 05/Dec/2011 Sleep by Design: Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary N/A
232 2x62 06/Dec/2011 Top 25 Tips to Improve Your Life N/A
233 2x63 07/Dec/2011 Collector's Edition: Molly Sims' Must-Have Accessories N/A
234 2x64 08/Dec/2011 Three Ways to Better Living N/A
235 2x65 09/Dec/2011 The Cures: How to Quickly Revive Your Home, Body & Mind! N/A
236 2x66 12/Dec/2011 Tyra Banks & Nate's Secrets to Dressing With Confidence N/A
237 2x67 13/Dec/2011 Hot in Cleveland's Valerie Bertinelli & Jane Leeves N/A
238 2x68 14/Dec/2011 A Surprise Family Room Makeover for a Deserving Military Family! N/A
239 2x69 15/Dec/2011 Cash Challenge Hour! N/A
240 2x70 16/Dec/2011 Nate's Holiday Fashion Makeover! N/A
241 2x71 19/Dec/2011 Jamie Oliver Beats the Clock With a Meal in Minutes N/A
242 2x72 20/Dec/2011 Nate's Best Holiday Tips: From Happy Hour at Home to Great Gift-Wrapping N/A
243 2x73 21/Dec/2011 Nate's Holiday Celebration N/A
244 2x74 22/Dec/2011 Nate's Room & Fashion Makeover for a Deserving U.S. Veteran N/A
245 2x75 23/Dec/2011 Decorating Tips for Every Room & How to Revamp Your Holiday Clutter N/A
246 2x76 04/Jan/2012 Turn Your Home Into a House Proud N/A
247 2x77 13/Jan/2012 Nate's Cake Challenge With Marcia Cross N/A
248 2x78 26/Jan/2012 Sherri Shepherd Battles Nate in a Chore-Off Challenge! N/A
249 2x79 01/Feb/2012 Celebrity Style & Decorating Steals With Housewife Kyle Richards! N/A
250 2x80 02/Feb/2012 Dumpster-Diving for Dining Rooms & Salvaging for Living Rooms N/A
251 2x81 03/Feb/2012 Katherine Heigl Talks Motherhood & Hollywood N/A
252 2x82 06/Feb/2012 Jessica Alba's Curbside Pickups; Fake It Like You Baked It; Home Made Simple Decor N/A
253 2x83 07/Feb/2012 Nate's Surprise Nursery Delivery With Tiffani Thiessen; Hair Makeover Tips That Will Transform Your Look N/A
254 2x84 08/Feb/2012 Suze Orman's Finance Fixes for 2012; Easy Home Glamifications N/A
255 2x85 09/Feb/2012 Ambush Design & Hair Makeovers; Affordable High-End Furniture N/A
256 2x86 10/Feb/2012 Nate's Surprise Living Room Makeover; Delicious Mexican Meals With Chef Marcela Valladolid N/A
257 2x87 13/Feb/2012 Floorplan Fixes, Chocolate Dishes & Colin Cowie's Party-Planning Secrets N/A
258 2x88 14/Feb/2012 Nate Designs the Perfect Valentine's Day! N/A
259 2x89 15/Feb/2012 Nate's Family Room Surprise! Upgrade Your Wardrobe & Home With Color N/A
260 2x90 16/Feb/2012 Download & Design: Design Plans for Any Room in Your Home & Easy Weekend Wardrobe Updates N/A
261 2x91 20/Feb/2012 Try It Before You Buy It! N/A
262 2x92 21/Feb/2012 Beat the Winter Blues N/A
263 2x93 22/Feb/2012 Dream By Design N/A
264 2x94 23/Feb/2012 Small Space Bedroom Makeover! N/A
265 2x95 27/Feb/2012 Nate's Three-Step De-Cluttering Plan; DIY Secrets From a Pro N/A
266 2x96 28/Feb/2012 A Dramatic Weight-Loss Transformation N/A
267 2x97 29/Feb/2012 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates N/A
268 2x98 05/Mar/2012 Nate's Nursery Surprise! N/A
269 2x99 13/Mar/2012 An Atlanta Curbside Surprise Makeover N/A
270 2x100 19/Mar/2012 Nate Rescues a Viewer From a Home-Improvement Disaster! N/A
271 2x101 27/Mar/2012 Nate's Best Reveals Ever! N/A
272 2x102 02/Apr/2012 Spring Fever: The Must-Have Color for Spring Revealed N/A
273 2x103 10/Apr/2012 Nate's Best Outdoor Spaces N/A
274 2x104 16/Apr/2012 Color Solutions for Every Room! Plus, How to Customize Your Look at Home & in Your Wardrobe! N/A
275 2x105 24/Apr/2012 Nate's Celebrity All-Stars N/A
276 2x106 26/Apr/2012 Nate's Solution for an Empty Dining Room N/A
277 2x107 27/Apr/2012 Nate's Ultimate Living & Dining Room Makeover N/A
278 2x108 30/Apr/2012 Nate's Surprise Design Makeover! N/A
279 2x109 01/May/2012 Nate Reveals One of His Biggest Makeovers Ever for Harlem's Gospel for Teens Choir! N/A
280 2x110 02/May/2012 Community's Yvette Nicole Brown Co-Hosts With Nate! N/A
281 2x111 03/May/2012 Nate's 24-Hour Room Makeover! N/A
282 2x112 07/May/2012 Nate's Surprise Family Room Makeover & Dinner Ideas From Eden Grinshpan N/A
283 2x113 08/May/2012 Nate Surprises One of His Deserving Crew Members! N/A
284 2x114 09/May/2012 Nate's Ultimate Living Room Makeover! N/A
285 2x115 14/May/2012 Nate's All-Star DIY Showdown! N/A
286 2x116 15/May/2012 Nate's Surprise Bedroom Makeover N/A
287 2x117 16/May/2012 Design an Outdoor Space for Under $200! N/A
288 2x118 21/May/2012 Nate Helps a Community Hero N/A
289 2x119 23/May/2012 Extreme Living N/A
290 2x120 24/May/2012 House Proud All-Stars N/A

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 2010
Ended: May 24, 2012
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