We Just Decided To - Recap

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The episode begins with a political debate, being held in front of a live audience. Will McAvoy who is one of the panelists, seems completely distracted and uninterested in the proceedings. He is then asked by a member of the audience about his political allegiance, but desists from giving an answer, possibly because he is a news anchor and hence can’t pick sides. He is then asked why America is the greatest country in the world, and he tells everyone that it’s not, much to everyone’s shock. He then mouths statistics to prove his point. He then tells everyone that America used to be the greatest country at one time, and there was a time when it fought for what was right, but no more. He then mouths the great things that America did and has achieved in the past.

Three weeks later, Will is shown walking into the office of ACN Television Network, where he works as a news anchor. Will is shocked to see that there is nobody at the office, except one or two employees. He is then told to meet Charlie Skinner the network head, who would explain the whole situation to him. Charlie tells him that, his staff along with his executive producer Don has joined Elliot his co-anchor and who, Will had recommended to the network. An enraged Will then confronts Elliot and Don about this issue. Don tells Will that he left because he couldn’t handle Will’s personality, which was also, reflected when he said Un-American things at the debate. Don is also hurt about the fact that, Will yelled at him in front of his crew. Don then promises Will that he will find him a good replacement EP. Later, Will tells Charlie that, he didn’t know people didn’t like working for him.

Charlie then tells Will that he has hired a new EP for Will. Will is outraged by this, as the new EP was hired by Charlie without Will even meeting her. Charlie assures Will that the new EP is quite competent, and reveals to him that it’s his ex-flame Mackenzie MacHale. Will is outraged on hearing this and storms out. Later, Mackenzie arrives at Will’s office and waits for hem, while he is out meeting his agent. Mackenzie while waiting for Will gives Maggie some relationship advice. Will later comes in and Mackenzie and he come face to face. She introduces him to Jim who she has brought along with her. Will doesn’t seem interested and asks her to step into his office. She tells Will that she did try to get in touch with him, but he was on vacation, so she couldn’t.

She then confesses to him that she tried to get in touch with him a lot of times in the last 3 years. Will though isn’t in a forgiving mood and threatens to fire her at the end of each week, and blasts her when she tells him to think about the people who followed her to the network. Mackenzie tells Will how sorry she is, and how many times she tried to explain herself by sending him emails. Jim and Don in the meanwhile don’t seem to be getting along too well. Will and Mackenzie meanwhile have a debate about what Will has become, and how he is playing it safe. Mackenzie wants Will to give people the news, with integrity. Will seems visibly impressed by Mackenzie’s enthusiasm and spirit. Jim meanwhile has information about a BP oil spill that he got from his source, he tries telling Don about it, but Don isn’t interested.

Mackenzie in the meanwhile tells Will that her and him together can make a difference and bring about a change. Jim meanwhile rushes into Will’s cabin to inform him of the oil spill details, as Don doesn’t seem receptive. Will hears Jim out and confirms this news with one of his staffer named Neal. Charlie too comes in and is informed about the oil spill. Neal tells everyone present that this oil spill could be one of the biggest oil spill disasters in history. The oil spill has happened in the Gulf of Mexico, and the spill would reach Louisiana shores very soon. Mackenzie then tells Jim to reveal Will his sources, so Will can trust him. Later in Will’s office Jim reveals his sources to Will, Charlie and Don, but Don doesn’t believe him. Jim also tells them that BP and Halliburton the two companies involved, knew about the impending oil spill, but did nothing about it.

Don then warns Will that Jim is accusing some big oil companies of negligent homicide, and if this news turns out to be false, Will’s career would be over. Will, despite Don’s warning, plans to go ahead, based on Jim’s information and also tells Mackenzie to start early. Will’s team then gets to work on acquiring all the information they can about the oil spill. Will, then based on all the information that has been acquired by his team, proceeds to present an hour segment on the oil spill. Will does a great job of the presenting the facts thanks to his team. Maggie too in the meanwhile finds some relevant and crucial information which highlights the negligence of the authorities and the oil companies. Based on the information given by Maggie, Will manages to highlight the apathy of the regulating authorities, and questions the concerned employees who were responsible for monitoring the safety of the rigs.

After he has finished presenting the news, he is given applause and cheered by his staff, for doing such a great job of presenting such important news. Later Will tells Charlie that he knew Don would go with Elliot, and he deliberately brought in Mackenzie because he wanted to overhaul everything. Charlie admits to Will that for a long time he wanted to watch the news, and now he might want to once again, with things having changed for the better. Will tells Charlie that Mackenzie has no regard for sponsors or corporate concerns, but Charlie tells him that it’s a good thing. He then tells Will what a great job he just now did, much like the old days. Charlie then tells Will that he loved what Will said on the debate earlier, and that is why he brought in Mackenzie. Jim meanwhile congratulates everyone on Will’s team for putting together a great show. He then congratulates Maggie for the great job that she did.

Maggie in turn tells Jim how amazing he was, just like batman. Don too comes in and tells Jim what a great job he did. Don admits to Jim that he got his ass kicked by him. Don also tells Will that he presented a great show. Don also informs Will that no other network ran the oil spill story besides them. Later, Mackenzie tries talking to Will while he is leaving, but he isn’t interested. She, despite him shrugging her off reminds Will what all he did, when he met her parents the first time for dinner. Turns out, Will remembers the details better than Mackenzie does, and recounts them back to her. He also recounts how, her father disapproved of him, but accepted him only because Mackenzie loved him.

She then tells Will that, she is glad to be back in his newsroom. He then tells her that he said all those things at the debate because he thought he saw her in the audience, and shuts the lift door. Mackenzie contemplates telling him that she was actually there in the audience and it wasn’t his imagination, but in the end decides not to. The episode ends at this point.