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Bullies - Recap

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The episode begins with Will fumbling a number of times, while reading the news. Mackenzie later makes him take an eye exam, as a result of that. Turns out, his eyesight is fine. Will then tells her that he did not get much sleep last night. He further elaborates that, he has been recently battling insomnia. He then tells her that he is consulting a doctor, for his issue. He then admits to her that, he last saw the doctor 4 years ago, but has still been paying him for the last 4 years. Later, Will pays Dr. Habib a visit. At the doctor’s office he finds out that, Dr. Habib died 2 years ago, and now his son Dr. Jake Habib has taken over the practice. Jake tells Will “you have been paying me for 2 years” and asks him to come in.

Will agrees, hoping to quickly pick up a medicine for sleep and leave. But inside, the doctor tells him to sit and talk to him for a bit, as to why he isn’t getting sleep. The doctor discovers from Will’s file that he was taking anxiety medication till a few years back, but has now stopped. Will tells him he did, because he no more feels any anxiety. Jake then asks Will if he is under stress, Will assures him that he isn’t. Jake then asks Will how he can, not be under stress, when he has received a death threat. Will tells Jake that he is walking around with a bodyguard, because his insurance company thinks the threat is credible, although he himself doesn’t. He then tells Jake that, he is under threat because he changed the rules to his comments section.

It is then shown that, he made it mandatory to know the name, age, occupation and the level of education, of the person, who was commenting on his website, rather than it being anonymous. Will tells Mackenzie that anonymity is cowardice. Also, the information that is given by the person commenting would be verified by a third party verification service. Back in the present Jake asks Will “when did u get the death threat?” He tells Jake “the day after the mosque interview”. It is then shown that, he is talking to an activist on TV, who is protesting a mosque being built near Ground Zero. Will then sights examples to her, of how atrocities have been committed even in the name of Christianity. Hence blaming Islam for spreading terrorism isn’t right.

Will later receives a death threat in his comments section, from a person who is supposedly an English professor. Neal later tells Mackenzie and Charlie along with Will that, their system was hacked, and the information given by the person is false. Mackenzie is worried, but Will makes light of the issue. Charlie meanwhile tells Mackenzie to do an opposition research against Will, to find out everything negative that is out there against Will, so they ready to deal with it if they ever come up. Sloan is meanwhile asking a Japanese friend of hers in TEPCO, who is in Japan, about the Fukushima reactors that have become unstable. She finds out that, the catastrophe is far worse than expected. Will is meanwhile allotted a bodyguard by his insurance company.

Sloan is meanwhile informed by Don that, she would be hosting Elliot’s show in the night. Later, Sloan is given a few pointers by Will, on how she should question her guests to get the facts out of them. Back in the present, Will tells Jake how he was trying to motivate Sloan, when he gave her the pointers, but how he ended up scaring her instead, by being rude. Flash back to Sloan hosting Elliot’s show, and she is shown putting into practice the pointers given by Will. Don is shocked at Sloan directly talking to her friend from TEPCO on TV, in Japanese, and asking him to tell her the truth behind the state of the Fukushima reactors, like he did when she spoke to him on the phone. She then reveals on TV that her Japanese friend had told her the truth when they spoke on the phone earlier, and is now denying it.

Don is flabbergasted at what Sloan just did. Charlie later reprimands Sloan for what she just did. Charlie then tells her that, he has to suspend her, and she will be investigated to confirm if she pulled something of this sort earlier, where she made up things when a source didn’t admit to something on television. Back in the present, Will tells Jake “there is no way she does that, if I hadn’t given her my awesome pep talk”. Back in the past Mackenzie is shown finding out that, FOX had offered Will, a later night show. She confronts him about it. He tells her that he didn’t tell her about the offer because he was being used as leverage, and would have never gotten the job.

Sloan meanwhile finds out that her friend in Japan who is the TEPCO spokesperson has offered to resign, after giving out incorrect information to Sloan; according to a Japanese news channel. Sloan then asks Will to help her save her friend’s job. Back in the present Will later tells Jake, how he received a talking down from a guest, who he tried to bully. It could be one of the reasons why, he received the death threat. Then the issue of how Will yelled at a student, in a college a year ago, is brought up. He kind of admits that he might have been wrong in doing so. The scene then flashes back to the part where Will began fumbling. Sloan meanwhile tells Don that her story is right, and hence she doesn’t give a damn about “on the record, off the record”.

Suddenly Don asks her “am I losing Maggie?” Sloan tells him that she isn’t good at knowing these things. Charlie meanwhile comes in and tells Will that Sloan can be saved, as the Japanese word for 4 and 7 sounds alike, hence it can be reasoned that, when she was told 4 she assumed it to be 7. Later, Sloan is told to say that she isn’t fluent in Japanese and hence she mixed up the numbers. Charlie tells her that she will go on the air during Elliot’s show and admit that she made a mistake. This way she will save her own job, and her Japanese friend wouldn’t have to resign. She then asks Will, if he wants her to lie on television. Will says “I do” and assures her that if there is any fallout, he shall be standing right next to her. He also tells her “we fucked up, let’s just live with that”.

Back in the present Will tells Jake “we are the news and we are all going to know we lied, for the rest of our lives”. He then admits to Jake that he is good, and that the only reason he isn’t getting sleep is because he hadn’t talked to anyone about this incident. He then tells Will that it’s actually his eggs and bacon sandwich that he is eating, which is keeping him up all night. He then tells Will to come back, or see someone else if he doesn’t like him, as he has a lot going on, and hence should talk to someone about it. He then gives Will a prescription for the sleep medication. The episode ends at this point.