The Blackout, Part 2: Mock Debate - Recap

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The episode begins in the dark, with Mackenzie questioning as to why the backup generator isn’t up yet. Will comes in and informs her that they have lost power in the studio. Mackenzie then goes out and informs everyone, maintenance is on their way and the power should be up in some time. Will asks Mackenzie if they have a contingency for if the power doesn’t go on by show time. Mackenzie though looks at it in a totally different way and says the whole thing is a miracle, as everyone involved with the show hated the fact that the Anthony Weiner piece was to be aired, in order to save the ratings. She feels the power outage is godsend, as she felt all along, they were about to do the wrong thing.

Mackenzie suggests they do the show outside, with all the necessary equipment that is required to air the show moved outside. The whole team seems to think it’s a great idea, except Will who is incredulous. She feels the power going out was the best thing to happen to them, as it will help them come together as a team. Suddenly in the middle of her speech, the power comes back on, much to her chagrin. Things then go back to as they were. Will then does the Anthony Weiner piece, as scheduled. Brian on the other hand is busy interviewing Mac, about Will, while she is busy working. Later Brian and Mac meet up at a bar, where Brian brings up the relationship they had in the past. In the end he asks Mac to stick to the story on Will, that he there to do. Brian during their conversation comments how lonely Will is.

Mac on hearing this is visibly affected and leaves in the middle of their conversation, using the excuse that she needs to talk to Sloan. She before leaving admits to Brian that Will is a lonely guy. She then sees her team rehearsing for the debate, in the bar. Maggie calls out Sloan from the rehearsal, asking to speak to her in private. She tells Sloan she needs to find a Casey Anthony guest no one has found yet. Later Mac sees some flowers in Will’s office and asks him about them. He though doesn’t give her a straight answer and reminds her that they have work to do. The team is meanwhile busy readying themselves for the debate, which is to take place the next day. Mac tells Will and her team how they need a Casey Anthony guest no one else has. She then asks her team if there is anyone there who knows Casey Anthony.

Maggie reveals that her roommate Lisa went to high school with her. Will asks Maggie to get her on the show, but Maggie says “she doesn’t want to talk”. Will though coaxes Maggie, and in the end she relents and assures him that she shall try convincing her. Jim and Maggie later meet with Lisa, in order to convince her. Maggie’s friend Lisa in the end gives in and agrees to come on the show, but makes it clear to her that she doesn’t have anything much to say. Will in the meanwhile tells Don about the flowers in his office and how they had actually arrived for him. Turns out, they were sent by some girl named Jena. Don then admits to Will that he has cheated on Maggie, and justifies himself by saying how he had Maggie have broken up a number of times in the past one year, and those were the times when he went out on a date or two, with other women.

Will feels Don isn’t doing right by Maggie or Jenna. Later, Will’s shrink tells him that he shouldn’t blame himself for Brian and Mac breaking up, in the past. The reason for this is that, he wasn’t even “a part of the equation”. Will, in turn asks him, as to why he can’t forgive Mac, although he realizes he has punished her enough, for her cheating on him with Brian. The shrink in reply says “because you weren’t rejected, you were betrayed”. Jim later tells Charlie, Will and Mac that their NSA source isn’t “rock solid”, as he did not do well on his latest psych assessment, hence his security clearance has been lowered. He also has a court restraining order for stalking his ex-wife. Mac feels, despite all the revelations, it doesn’t mean their source was lying.

Charlie though feels otherwise and is visibly disappointed. Lisa later joins Will on the show. She on the show tells Will how neither she, nor the so many other people who claimed to know Casey Anthony, actually knew Casey Anthony well. Lisa then voices the number of such similar cases, which did not get the same kind of coverage that the Casey
Anthony case is getting. She was handed over the statistics by Maggie, right before she went on air. She then at some level justifies Casey’s actions, but is stopped by Will before she goes any further. Later someone spray paints ‘Baby Killer’ on the shop window in which Lisa works. The police look into it. Jim, Will and Maggie too are there to offer Lisa their support.

Next day Will, Mac and Charlie meet with Adam Roth and his partner Tate, in order to discuss about the debate. Charlie and Will present to them a mock debate that Will’s team has prepared. Will before the debate tells the two how each one of his team members, has done a detailed research in order to prepare for this debate. The whole debate is then enacted in front of the two, with Will acting as the debate coordinator, and asking the questions. Tate suddenly asks them to stop halfway and asks to speak to Adam in private. Will tells his team they did a good job. Will then enters in on the private meeting that Tate and Adam are having. Turns out, Tate isn’t happy with the whole thing. Will though argues with Tate, saying that his logic behind presenting the kind of debate that he did, is correct.

Tate basically feels nobody could stand up to Will’s kind of questioning. He also feels that Will wants to look tough by making the candidates look like idiots. Adam though doesn’t feel the same way, and supports Will’s point of view on this matter. Tate though will hear none of it, and tells Will he doesn’t want Mac producing the debate. He then says that, he wants the old Will and not the one she turned him into. Will though is unrelenting and asks Tate to “get out”. Will later apologizes to everyone for losing the debate. Will later tells Mac and his team that, they would be leading tonight’s segment with the debt ceiling, and asks Sloan to join him on the show for the same purpose. Later Mac gives Jim some relationship advice, on how he should pursue Lisa if he really likes her and not give up on, so easily.

Jim in the night pays Lisa a visit. Jim is then surprised to know that Maggie has talked her into going out with him. Don who is present in the apartment figures out that Jim hadn’t come to talk to Lisa, but had actually come to talk to Maggie. He then confesses to Maggie that he has cheated on her. Neal meanwhile finds out on the internet that Will’s life might be in danger and calls up his bodyguard to warn him about it. Will in the meanwhile is busy surfing the net for some relationship advice. The episode ends at this point.